J's 1545W CFL Test Grow - Multi Strain - Wilma

i did have a look at that, seemed bit complicated but i only took a quick look at it, ill have another look now, cuz i really need a way of having the info their without having to read back through pages and pages of my journal, your not the only person i have heard from that uses it so it must be ok, ill download it again and take a look, possibly to late to use it for this grow now, but when i pop the next round of seeds or flip the clones to 12-12 then it will be a good thing to use
It's never too late, you just read your journal and add the dates.

It took me about a hour and a half to add my lights/plants/seeds/fans/res etc but you only need to add the plants to be honest mate. Once you've set it up it's easy to keep up to date and add/track clones.
ive downloaded it, it said i needed to download net framework 4.0 what ever that is, ill have a look at the app again tomorrow, i think it will be brilliant to use when i pop my next seeds or flip my clones to flower, it seemed confusing a while back but looking at all the options on their now its pretty easy, but it does hold a lot of info,
got my new phone and camera pretty decent. I gonna play with it some and work out how to use the depth of field and stuff.

but here my first results on auto mode.

I like it a lot, I'm sure when i work out the 50 diffrent settings it'll look even better. i'm sure it looks cleaner then my kodak 10mp
pictures are a lot better mate, im suffering with major tooth ache at minute and look like the elephant man,

ill get onto the herb iq when i get chance, ive looked through it and it all seems pretty strait forward to me
All running smoothly, but I did notice that my ''LA Diva'' Has seeds growing, only on one bud. I can only think it's a result of the male CH being near it with fans blowing and what not. It also has a few orange hairs now. It's a scrappy plant, I don't think Auto strains like the way I treat them, maybe they would have been more successful in my veg room.

a few orange hairs popping up on the white berry, What make sense since today is day 30 of flower, leaving me 3 weeks of flower for this strain (7 weeks flowering total).

The critical is still ugly but looks a lot more normal since I removed half the leafs last week, It has normal sized leafs now not 100's or tiny ones.

everyone else is very happily growing and I'll report again some point next week after our long weekend here.

Small update.

I won't add pics since theres no real change, the buds are just getting more dense now.

1. gnats, Had a small outbreak of about 50 gnats, found them all stuck to my fly paper and didn't see any flying so I think problem solved.
2.Mites, Saw one red mite, squashed it. only one i saw, then found 2 two-spotted mites, again squashed and haven't seen any since. No evidence of infestations, most likey roaming pests from my pets.
3. one plant is yellowing earlier then the rest, It also seems so have slighty smaller buds then the other plants, oh well with less then 2 weeks including flush nothing I can do now.

Other then that no other problems, the LA Diva seems almost done. It has very few white hairs left and is the smallest/fasting flowering plant I've ever owned. Auto plants don't seem to like 12/12 and large amounts of nutes.

Then next plants to finish after the LA diva will be the white berry, there looking soooooo yummy and will get the last weeks nutes in 3-5 days depending how much time i get. not sure on the other plants they are filling out still and look no where near done.

The good thing about a wilma is I can hand feed plants that need to be flushed so I won't be messing the feeds up when it comes to different finishing times.

I'll post pics of the plants just before I start my flush process, and detail how I flush,trim,dry,cure etc

Oh and i'll be starting a new journal, CFL's Maximum yield. I'll be growing just 16 plants, clones of my current mother family and they will be vegged for about a month or so. I'm going away for a few weeks and it seems like a good time to grow some trees, I'll also be using what I've learnt about height levels with CFL's and most likey LST before flower.

The next journal will be large plants and I'll expect no less then 3oz per plant. It'll be a longer journey then this one but I have improvements lined up for my wilma and think I know what to do with these CFLs. It'll be my last CFL journal if it doesn't work out. I'm happy with my results but I know I messed up keeping the lights close.
Hopping on for the end of the ride here. Nice work with CFL's. Mine got way too hot, so I pulled them out..
A couple of questions, comments:

I think your oldest plants are 10-11 weeks from seed (from you journal) mine are 7wk from seed (3week from seed vegging then 4 week flower) and 4wk from clones.

So the real nugs are growing on the 4 week flowered clones, very impressive strain really, these are clones of clones from over 10 years ago. fast nug growth lots of bud sites, mite be because it's genetically a very old plant. takes about 7 days to root in the aero cloner but i'm not keeping the strain going.
Sounds like an awesome strain... why let her go? 10 years running? Your other ones are that much better?

Cleaned/changed res today, while I was in there took a few snaps give you idea of size. the pics with my hand is holding a 20pack cigarettes.
Awesome how you can't even see the pack.

+Reps for the awesome grow
Hopping on for the end of the ride here. Nice work with CFL's. Mine got way too hot, so I pulled them out..
A couple of questions, comments:

Sounds like an awesome strain... why let her go? 10 years running? Your other ones are that much better?

Awesome how you can't even see the pack.

+Reps for the awesome grow

Thank you, The white berry is a friends strain and I'm not a massive fan of the smoke. It's tastes great but is a very head high and tha'ts not what I'm after really. I can get clones again from him at any point. I think the bud growth is from it's age.

Also the buds, although they cover a whole pack should look slightly smaller then a pack once trimmed.

I'm going to try and upload a video (lights out) showing all the plants so everyone can see the small LA diva nearly done, the smaller white berry that has yellowed and the other few plants sizes.
Personally I see nothing wrong with yellowing leafs, as far as I'm concerned it's normal this late into flower unless someone knows better. It's just one plant has more yellow then the rest and just seems that little bit smaller.

can the site host videos or do i need to upload somewhere else?
Sorry about my shaky hands, the first plant you see is cheese then white berrys, then the yellow white berry, then pineapple, then critical and finally the LA Diva that's small but has a ok sized cola I guess for it's size. I didn't seem to get the chocolate haze on the video directly.

Hope this works.
Well it did go for 9 days without checking PH, that would of helped with the yellowing. also I'm not sure where the gnats came from so for all I know that one plant is where the larve were hiding.

It's not that I don't care it's just not gonna help with one week of nutes left then I flush for almost a week with flushing mix. at that point most leafs will fall or completely yellow. If it was all the plants yellowing not just the late flowering one I would be really worried but since it's only the ones almost done it just seems normal.

Thanks for the links tho I haven't seen the first one on the site before.
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