Donpaul.p's Latest 400 Watt HPS Grow

Re: Donpaul.p's latest 400watt hps grow,

its been a while people, but im in a new place and got my grow room set back up,
i just harvested a ak47 cross uk cherry cheese,
i got several plants left to harvets over the next few weeks so got plenty going on plus got lots in veg ready to go into flower,

i had a go at making some fem seeds and so far it turned out ok and all plants turned out fem with no hermie traits, i read an interesting way of making fem seeds without using that silver solution, i was speaking with someone who used this method below,
1 when plant has flowered leave a few buds on the plant and keep it under 12-12 so it goes past the harvest date by a couple of weeks, the plant then starts growing little bananas, when these are opening i collected them in a small paper bag and left them to dry so i could collect the pollen,
2, i then put this pollen on 3 plants, i did not cover the plant in pollen i selected several buds on 3 of my best fem plants, i put pollen on these bud sites and harvested the seeds, so far all seeds have turned out fem and the buds look amazing, i got 3 plants from these seeds that are coming up to harvest, no hermie traits in none of them, i was told using hermie pollen would give me hermie seeds, but letting the plants go past harvest resulted in these banana type pollen sacs instead of the usual male pollen sacs, so buy using the pollen from these it has given me fem seeds, well so far all have been fem but only time will tell,

i get some pics up tomorrow so you can see the buds, their covered in thc goodness, much better than the buds i got from the mother plant,

so this is what i got going on,
i got 3 plants in late flower that are from the fem seeds,
i got a huge kc45 auto in late flower, i had 10 seeds of this strain and none got as big as this plant, the branches on this one grew strait upwards and not out, so i got 4 long branches growing strait up as the main buds, all 4 are over 1ft long and will be easily 1 foot buds on each branch, again ill show in pics tomorrow so you can see for yourself,
i got a big buddha auto cheese growing, not in flower but showing sex,
i got ken estes gdp growing but its male so will use for breeding purposes, pulled all branches off it and just left top branch to collect pollen from, growing in different location to prevent contamination,

i got several clones growing from the fem plants i got in flower, due to the quality of the buds i decided to take clones to keep the strain growing, you will see from the pics why i decided to do this,

also got a jack flash growing, my all time fav strain, how ever its suppose to be fem seed but im starting to think its male but will no for sure over next few days,

i got more but best to wait till i get some pics up so you can all see whats what,

im using 400dual spec hps
bpn for nutrients,
all grown in soil but i do have 1 2ltr dwc hempie growing as well,

ill do my best to get caught up with everyones journals but will take some time, so if their are some good journals or new growers i need to catch up with then please post link to their journals so i can get caught up with everyone, the people that know me know im very active on here and was all over everyones journals but due to my flat getting flooded i had to move out then was told i could not go back to my old place so finally got a new flat/apartment after spending couple of months living on moms sofa,

so im back growing and will do all i can to get caught up with you all,

look forward to hearing from you all and post a comment and ill get caught up on your journals over the next few days, ill be on here on a daily basis again,

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hey Kushmeister,

plenty my friend,
ill get some pics up tomorrow, its 1am now but thought id get my new journal started so all my old friends can see im back, ill take plenty of pics when i get back tomorrow and get them posted on here with descriptions, got a lot going on so ill do a big update in about 16 hours,

i been busy with making fem seeds and think i managed to pull it off,
got some nice looking buds on my plants in flower, took clones to keep the strain around for a future grow,

welcome to my journal
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@TaylorMade420, indeed it has, but now im settled in my new place i have got time to grow and keep a journal up and running,ill do a big update tomorrow, got the camera charging as we speak so when i get back tomorrow ill take plenty of pics and you can see what i got going on,

been busy and got plants well into flower so will be harvesting a few plants over the next week or 2, even got a nice auto growing, its the 1st big auto i have managed to grow, for some reason they always end up small but the buds on this auto will be over 1ft long and should have at least 4 of them that long,
ill get caught up with your journal today and tomorrow, got lots to catch up on
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no rush mate my first hydro run is pretty much over, should end up with 15 oz from 2 plants in 1 aqua farm and hope i can double it next grow with 2 farms just smoke reports and final weights then journal done

catch up later mate

some reps :D
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Yall move over a little will yas! Howdy DP! reckon its been said but welcome back from me too:)
waiting for the magic show:popcorn: hopefully it wont be you disappearing again:)
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hi all,

its good to see so many people still on here from the last time i was on here, a big welcome to the new members and members i dont know, the ones that know me know i started this site knowing nothing and asking lots of questions, but i learned that much from the amazing group of members this site has so now im able to pass what i have learned onto others, so im back and ill get caught up with everyones journals over the next few days,

camera is charging so pictures will follow in then next hour,

thanks for coming to my journal, its good to be back, always looking to learn and pass on as much info as i can,

the first thing i will say is if anyone is after seeds then go to herbies head shop, even if you buy just 1 seed for less than £1.50 to $2.50 then herbie sends you free seeds, he sends 3 seeds 1 will be fem or fem auto and the other 2 will be regular seeds, the more often you buy the more he looks after you, their have been many times when he has sent me extra seeds to try or promotional items from other seed suppliers, herbies is by far the best service i have had,

anyways back to the grow, give me an hour or their abouts and ill have my pics up, camera charging then ill get taking some pics and get you all caught up to where i am now, i got plants in flower and new plants growing so ill explain more with the pics,

its good to see you all still here, so glad their are many growers who was on here before, im sure their are many new growers on here whos journals i should be following so drop me their links and ill get caught up over next few days,

thanks for checking in, give me an hour and ill have the pics,

welcome and enjoy, feel free to ask any questions you like no matter how basic, i started growing with nothing, i started with cfls and get brilliant results but switched to dual spec hps as i was using around 400watts in cfls so made sense to switch to hps,
so take a sit and enjoy the show,
thanks everyone, its good to be back,
Re: Donpaul.p's latest 400watt hps grow,

Re: Donpaul.p's latest 400watt hps grow,

just uploading pics now, ill explain what each one is under each picture, lots of pics so give me chance to get them uploaded,
good to see you hear miwa, give me chance to get these uploaded then you can all see what i got going on,

their all uploading now, so they will be up in a few minutes once i wrote description for each photo, ill get caught up on all your journals over the next few days, ive missed out on loads of amazing grows by the looks of it,
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