Well a man is worth his word. I intend on keeping mine. This journal will document my use of Blue Planet Nutrients organic Farmers Pride package. I know I said I'd start it later but umm Clones anyone?

To start it off I decided to clone my Lucy and one of the Mendo bag seed (it turned out nice and I want to keep growing it). dipped each in root tone before planting.

Medium : Soil, from my back yard , size of container 1 gallon

Strains will include, Lucy, Mendo Bag seed, Super lemon Haze (soon to be cloned) Durban Poison, Fairy Hash, Fairy Pussy, Blue Dream, and others TBA
Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids OH MY!

Lighting, currently under a 40 watt cfl will be adding another 60 watt cfl in a few days. 18 hours of light 4 hours of dark.

Nutrients: Blue Planet Nutrients Farmers Pride.
Farmers Pride Grow
Farmers Pride Bloom
Farmers Pride Micro
Farmers Pride K-Bud
Farmers Pride Bio-Juice Soil Activator
Farmers Pride Dark Matter Humate Tea
Root Magic Mycorrhizae

I used 1 tbls of Root Magic per gallon container of soil by mistake. Hope it does not hurt the clones. I also used 1 ml of Bio Juice per clone.
The water from my tap has a ph of 5.9


My plan is to use these clones as mothers for next years outdoor season.
I will also try to keep alive one plant outside after harvest this year, as well as bringing a potted plant in after harvest and putting it under 18 hours of light.
I hope to return the potted one to the outdoors in spring.
Off and Running!:peace:

P.S I wish I had a smaller vocabulary, cause I have to many ways of saying thanks running though my mind! Wait no I don't. Thanks Blue Planet Nutrients !Big Up to BPN! :morenutes:
Re: Smoke2Js Magic Garden :Cloneville Featuring Blue Planet Nutrients

Welcome Mr Krip, , plenty of ice tea ,fresh squeezed lemonade, and nugs. I am honored to have you aboard. pull up a chair, have a drink and a toke and tell me the secrets of the omni-verse. Omni-verse?...... damn good harvest. I hope I can keep these girls going.

To all, any advice, jokes, words of wisdom, warning, peace and love are always welcome. Pull up a chair, relax and have a toke. I am intrigued myself.:peace:
Re: Smoke2Js Magic Garden :Cloneville Featuring Blue Planet Nutrients

Big up to BPN indeed! Congrats again on being part of the crew. We're all in this together testing out the BPN. Have seen a lot of success already especially ones from 420fied with his clone army. With your outdoor grows it's going to be a blast!
Re: Smoke2Js Magic Garden :Cloneville Featuring Blue Planet Nutrients

Whats good S2J!!!
Glad to see you went with Organics!!! and even more glad to see you went with BPN!!! I hope you have a great experience with them!!! as they are wrapping up my Afgoo's as we speak and also I have to Indoor clones going as well!!! now in the 5th week

well I am subbed now!!! look forward on comparing notes with you buddy!!! WELCOME TO BPN!!!

Re: Smoke2Js Magic Garden :Cloneville Featuring Blue Planet Nutrients

well shit i feel so welcomed that i feel im going to go get my roll away and just post up!!! LOL

thanks for the warm welcome my friend!!!

Re: Smoke2Js Magic Garden :Cloneville Featuring Blue Planet Nutrients

watching this one, I have the same nute line on the way. Can't wait to taste the buds this organic magic produces. I'll be running it with SLH clones also :bong:
Re: Smoke2Js Magic Garden :Cloneville Featuring Blue Planet Nutrients

sorry S2js I have to do, sponsor obligations!!! LOL hope you don't mind!!!

Hey everybody!!! If you are as interested in Smoke2js grow journal with BPN! I have a BPN blog up that has everybody listed that is doing a BPN grow, it ranges from the 3 part Elite that is offered to contest winners in the 420 contests!!! to the Farmer's Pride Organics that S2js and myself are using!!! we also have 1 using the BlueMax!!! I hope to see you all around the BPN journals!!!

Let's show em how we do s2js!!! :morenutes:ORGANICS ORGANICS ORGANICS!!!:morenutes:

Re: Smoke2Js Magic Garden :Cloneville Featuring Blue Planet Nutrients

After consulting with an experienced grower, I have decided to give my Lucy and SLH a boost, with BPNs Organics. Since both are budding nicely and have been for 2 months , I think the feeding schedule "monster bloom" reflects where they are. My consultant likes the product, and the smell. Seriously organic smell, its unique. I have also added a Blue Dream clone, cut from my roomies clones growing out back. He has 8 clones , he wants to see if they will make it through the winter w/o supplemental light or warmth ( I asked for one to see what the BPNs will do with it in my closet, another mother on the way!) I gave her some of the soil activator I had pre mixed. This clone is already rooted and should grow faster than the rest.
Um BPNs, how long can I store after mixing? I don' have fridge space so it will be outside in a bucket with closed lid.:thanks::thanks:
Re: Smoke2Js Magic Garden :Cloneville Featuring Blue Planet Nutrients

yes you may feel free to spread the good word of BPN with me!!!

with your Monster Bloom thing I am doing the exact same thing right now with my outdoors Afgoo's, I estimate that they are at about 6 weeks flowering right now, so about 2 more weeks til harvest but I have them using the Monster Bloom as well!!! Major RESULTS!!! Good luck to you my friend!!!

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