medical cannibis grow

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    Hello Mi growers , I have a Grow room for rent

    Hello , I live in flatrock Mi . Been growing for few years . I first started growing in a house and had 12 plants . I loved it so much I bought house with 2 acres and 30 x30 pullbarn which I turned into a bud room . I have 20 ,1000 watts bulbs which I we’ll never have enough plants to fill...
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    Sativa and indica hybrid grow week 3 to 4 of the flowering period.
  3. M

    Grand Masters Welcome

    :welcome: I'm new here and have found wonderful info/ pics. I'm running a new setup and welcome any help from experience, not what u heard! Check it out; I wanna do a granulated rockwool(as soil) grow... Double tube florescent for mom/ babies, SunLeaves Nova 21" 6.5k spectrum 8k lumens 1000...
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    Washington State MMJ new laws (Draft) takes too much away

    Here in Washington State the Liquor control board and the Department of Health are about ready to make radical changes to the medical marijuana laws. The problem is the experts are now attacking the medical rules and putting them under most of the same regulations. This will take away the...
  5. K

    Blue Lemon Thai - 100% LED Grown

    Hello everyone, I had promised myself that I wouldn't post another late journal, BUT When I saw how well this beautiful lady was doing while posting pics on a different social media site I figured I would be remiss if I didn't share it with y'all as well. as usual I run a perpetual garden and...
  6. Smoke2Js

    Smoke2Js Magic Garden

    Well a man is worth his word. I intend on keeping mine. This journal will document my use of Blue Planet Nutrients organic Farmers Pride package. I know I said I'd start it later but umm Clones anyone? To start it off I decided to clone my Lucy and one of the Mendo bag seed (it turned out nice...
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