J's 1545W CFL Test Grow - Multi Strain - Wilma

unwanted males / hermies / clones go in my garden on my tomato patch, even tho the rain we had lately isn't helping them lol.

Because the chocolate haze is my own mix I want to find the best plant to get stable mother, so the male pollen will be kept for back crossing later on to try and stablize it if ch#3/2 dont work out (got clones of both) and the hermie pollen to make fem seeds if I like the end crop. the seeds throw up 3 phenos atm. CH4 and CH3 were the same height, They both had single colas. skinny leafs. CH#1 was short and bushy, fat leafs with multi brunches. CH#2 is skinny and branchy small leafs. I gave 4 away, again his have a mix of short bushy multi branch/tall single cola plants.

So far I think CH#3 is gonna be the #1 for growth, It's gonna grow a large single cola and flowered much earlier then the rest(and didn't hermie).

No wonder breeders charge a premium for stabilized strains, F1 crosses seem to grow what they want. I just can't wait to try it, you being in the uk you should know what chocolate thai is (even tho it's always brink weed when u get it) and it's crossed with SS haze. Is it gonna be chocolate or pepper? maybe even fruity. should name it ''chocolate chilly'' since I looked on the net and chocolate haze is taken ''Chocolate OG x Super Silver Haze''
i sure had chocolate tie a few times, seems to come in very big batches then vanishes for a few months. takes me back to a time when their was loads of just thai weed, it was all brown and twiggy, sometimes was nice but most time you dreaded getting it and only got it as a last resort, used to be full of seeds, their was another one as well full of seeds and pure brown, cant think of the name of it, but that was nasty as well
Thats normally the problem it comes seedy, but when it's sensi it's unreal couch lock stuff, a lot like purple strains weak as hell when seedy but knock out when sensi.

My friend grow out a lot of seeds he got from thai land, it's just grown field after field there, after trying real thai bud I was shocked, the only thing close is true thai stick with no seeds. add the super silver haze and i'm sure it's gonna be a knock out!
Oh and I forgot to say my smallest auto plant ''LA Diva'' is in full flower!! I didn't bother looking at it when I done my trim up the other day but moving them today had a close look and she has hairs everywhere! that's 2 weeks from seed to flower! it's only 5-6 inches tall lol. yet the critical auto is a lot older and bigger and show no sign of flower?
Been a manic week so I haven't had time to document the plants or check res ect. every calming down now so I'll be back at it.

Finally got rid of the 15 clones I made for my friend (they deserved more then my 110w flo's with the weather we've had), got 5 more in the cloner and that's him sorted out.

But I opened the tent today to have a quick nose inside at the plants and all look fine. I didn't have time to take alot of good pics but grabs a few canopy shoots.


Soon I will do a real update for you guys, I've got a few plans on modifying my wilma system and the parts arrived a few days ago. I've also got my 3L Airpots for my mothers final homes and of coarse some up and coming bud shoots. gimme a few days for things to settle and I'll get going.
9 days, plants must be doing ok if they went that long or the set up is working really well, i know its more critical with the ph for your type of grow and needs checking and adjusting all the time, iive got a plant in my aerogarden but i had to turn the pump off as it was flooding the grow medium and turning the stem slimy, so i turned the pump off and added 2 air pumps and stones into the res and the plant got better the slime dried up and rubbed off and the air stones are making the water splash onto the under side of the grow medium plus their is loads of roots in the nutrient solution so im thinking just the air stones will be ok
mine are loving the swim, both in the 2ltr dwc and the aerogarden, as soon as the roots hit the juice they went crazy and started growing really quick, now ive got loads of roots swimming in bpn goodness
Small update.

Still haven't go round to sorting out my res, I checked the PH and it's 5.6 so I must have nice bacterial growth, when I mixed up and filled the res last I set at 5.8.

Some point I'll move onto my next stage of nutes/additives this week and I've decided to wait until this crop is done before modding the wilma.
also I'm going away after this crop so I'm going to put a clone per pot before I go and leave them vegging for the 2 weeks I'll be away. should make some nice bushes by the time I'm back and I want to improve my cfl growing, this grow I've learnt not to try keeping them small, CFL's will keep them short/bushy if your not careful anyway, so a few weeks vegging with the lights high should do it.

My semi-bonsai mothers are almost ready, the pineapple express has given up 5 clones already and the cheese 2. the rest are getting topped/shaped as they get big enough for each step.

Here's the 5 mothers I've chosen for this season. 1.Chocolate Haze (Cloned from the best/only female left) 2. Cheese 3. Pineapple Express 4. Super Haze 5. Sour Diesel.

The pineapple express is the one top right, just topped again today.

Ok the good bits.


Chocolate Haze


My mini auto LA Diva, still has a ok nug growing for it's size.

The rest are whiteberry (sorry bad pics today), I'll photo the others (Crit+,PE,Cheese) when they have nugs.

And some building trich shoots.

I'm going to be keeping simple updates for now since I'm very busy with other things right now but enjoy. Also anyone interested the buds on the whiteberry are DENSE really really dense, more then I expected from CFL and to the point you cant even squeeze them. I'm going to hazard a guess at 16g dry per plant since i'm week 4 of 8 and have great buds. I'm sure this grow won't convince alot of people of CFLs but watch out for my next one it'll be a better test with a bit more understanding of how to get the best outta these lights.

enjoy and keep high!
cfls really do work, ive seen many journals, they do keep plants small and bushy, but what i did to get some of mine to grow a bit was to put them near a window without the cfls and this made them stretch then when back under cfls it makes them bush out like crazy, i tried it with my hermie and i had it on a window sill for 3 days and it stretched loads then back under cfl and the stretch stopped and made it grow like crazy.

thanks for checking my journal out mate, you plants look amazing, i should of saw my grow through with cfls instead of switching but i was using 400watt with cfls so it made sense to switch, but if your getting solid buds with cfls then i wonder if their really is something in this cfl grows, usually the growers that slate cfls are the ones that have used the long flourecent tubes and they do not work as well, but these new cfl type bulbs work wonders and the plants seem to thrive under them.
you see on the pic the trichs are crazy for week 4 flower, I'm going to use CFL to the end and try one more time after but at a much higher level from the plants.

Only time will tell and i can't wait to weigh a bud at harvest because there just as good as any HID grow atm but with more bud branches packed in the nugs.

oooh and my new phone comes tomorrow :circle-of-love: meant to have mental good camera so mite not kick up yellow pics every now and then like my kodak with no exposure/white bal etc

The darker pics above are the most realistic to my lights, really hoping all should look like that from now on, and new phone has real macro mode so that'll be cool to.
I think your oldest plants are 10-11 weeks from seed (from you journal) mine are 7wk from seed (3week from seed vegging then 4 week flower) and 4wk from clones.

So the real nugs are growing on the 4 week flowered clones, very impressive strain really, these are clones of clones from over 10 years ago. fast nug growth lots of bud sites, mite be because it's genetically a very old plant. takes about 7 days to root in the aero cloner but i'm not keeping the strain going.
i think you right, i started mine towards the start of march, i need to start writing the dates down properly, such as dates planted and when i flipped the lights etc as i get lost with all the plants as their all at different ages.

i did veg my 2 main plants for ages because i just couldnt get any height from them, not sure what was going on, possibly the cfls where to close to the plants, id prefer to use clones in future as their ready to flower as soon as you flip as you dont need to wait for them to be a certain age before they show sex, im hoping my super cropping has worked as i took clones when i was around day 21 in flower, so they should give me crazy growth and the one clone is showing that all ready so i should get loads of branches with at least that 1, my problem is ive got that many strains to try i wouldnt be able to keep a mother from them all, so im planning on taking clones from the plants and after i have harvested them ill know if i like it or not then if i want to keep that strain going ill just take more clones from the clones, and if im not to impressed then i can just flower the clones off and not grow it again,

im growing a hermie for pollen so hoping to get some cross strain growing, my hermie is the big bud#2 which grew like crazy so im hoping if i cross that with something then i should get fem seeds and some decent growing plant
You need to google ''Herb IQ'', thats what I use, it makes keeping track of breeding easy, also waterings, lighting, nutes, how old your bulbs are...everything pretty much.

heres how i know how long i've been in flower.

24.0 days since Cheese - 1 has been flowering
24.0 days since Chocolate Haze - CH#3 has been flowering
24.0 days since Critical - 1 has been flowering
24.0 days since LA Diva - 1 has been flowering
24.0 days since Pineapple Express - 2 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 1 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 10 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 11 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 12 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 13 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 14 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 15 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 2 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 3 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 4 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 5 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 6 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 7 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 8 has been flowering
24.0 days since White Berry - 9 has been flowering

10.5 days since Sour Diesel - 1 has been in veg
18.3 days since Pineapple Express - 1 has been in veg
3.6 days since Cheese - 1 has been in veg
3.6 days since Chocolate Haze - 1 has been in veg
9.7 days since Super Haze - 1 has been in veg

keeps track clones/mothers/in flower etc
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