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Good day all my fellow growers it has been a while since I have been on here. Stalking here and there in a few journals and just keeping it chilled. I finally managed to source my new Mars Hydro 1.8m x 1m x 1m tent which is just great, lovely big space. I put a few seeds in the ground a couple of days back and 4 popped. The strain will again be my mystery outdoor strain which I had grown in my previous CFL journal.

A quick over view of the setup is as follows:
Mars Hydro II 700w panel
Mars Hydro 1.8m x 1m x 1m tent
Big HT125 fan with passive intake which is currently switched out for a smaller biltong (beef jerky) drying fan. Reason for switching out to the smaller fan is that the tent is in my room and makes quite a racket with the big fan sucking away like a hoe
Grown in a 50 coco 50 perlite mix
Biobizz Grow and flower for nutes with calmag and epson salt as additional nutes.

I also have different plants in the tent for a cover story as to why the big ass tent is in my room, have mint, strawberry, etc on the side. Few of them will be removed later on.

On to photos!


The smaller biltong (beef jerky) fan, my fellow South Africans will know the biltong and braai!


The above plant has some issues and was one I started in the CFL box about three weeks ago. Really wasted little one. Any advice on getting her back on track?

This journal will be full of adventures as I want to still do a lot, including making my own colloidal silver, making fem seeds and trying different growing methods.

Keep it airie my friends and thanks for tagging along ✌

Hey pat! A couple minor things I noticed which you may want to consider, you should have the intake at the bottom of your tent and exhaust at the top as heat rises and the light seems kind of high but I honestly am not sure about that one, your seedlings seem a little stretchy which could be because the light is that far away but maybe Mars rccomended that distance....? The 3 week old will pull through, more info is needed if you want peeps to give suggestions like do they get nutes (hope not) temps, how often have you watered her, etc...

Yes the intake is at the bottom right hand corner. The other fan I took out so now ducting be dangling like cherries. Well that distance is about 65cm which is what they gave but I could lower it a bit more or raise the plants if needed. Just don't want to burn them too much. No they have only gotten water for now, will need to get a cheap ph and ppm pen, don't really have money for the more expensive ones. Watering about three to four days apart depending on how dry the coco is

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OK, I thought you said it was a passive intake which would indicate no fan which is why I thought that was an exhaust fan. Don't lower the light unless someone else with more experience suggests it, I am still quite the newb, just something I saw and wanted to mention.
Hey man plants are looking good! Hope this info helps with your coco grow.

Keep your PH between 5.5-6.0

The is a quote from ledrf.
1. Coco holds 30% oxygen when fully saturated.
2. If you let coco dry out, you will get lower yields and most likely nutrient issues because when the coco dries out, it leaves dry spots, where the roots dry up and die. That causes issues.
3. When you water every day or twice a day or ever three times a day, you are replacing all the oxygen the plant used up, thus letting it grow faster. You are also replacing any nutrients the plant used up with fresh nutrients. This is why I water every day with nutrients.
4. You get hydroponic results. Fast growth. Bigger yields.

How to water Marijuana growing in coco - YouTube

This thread has great info if you haven't seen it. I dont use the same nutes but I make it work for me.
How I grow in coco Youtube videos and pics

This is what I'm planning for my next grow.
Coco hydro organic - Easy & cheap - Water daily

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Thanks for stopping by Sara and Bedroom, appreciate the info. I was taking a look at the plants today and saw the seedlings are starting to turn brown on the tips, really not a great way to start. Last CFL grow I started in potting soil which had a bunch of nutes in so plant didn't require anything till later on. I will surely go check out those youtube vids and see what is what. I am also starting to look around for places that will sell me some 999 silver for the coilloidal I want to make later on so will get in touch with them. Will post some more pictures in about a day. Thank you for stopping by

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Alrighty time for some photos, this morning two of the seedlings are starting to show some burnt spots on leaves so gave small teaspoon of calmag, hoping that is fine. I will be buying ph and ppm pen at the end of the month after I got paid.

Seedling on top is showing some brown tips


They are a bit stretched but not too worried since I will up-pot to bigger ones in a short while and just plant it a bit deeper.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Little ones is about a week old except for one that is give or take a day older. I raised them up a little this evening and gave calmag with water again. I will go buy some fabric pots on Tuesday when the shop is open and pot them up. All four has a little bit of root sticking out the bottom too so give it another day or two. Will start giving biobizz grow for the next feeding.



Thanks for stopping by!


Hello Ween, do you think a couple of days more, perhaps by next weekend? I have the intake at the moment circulating some air around making them dance a bit. Am off from work after tonight's shift and want to add another small fan just for a breeze. For some reason I can't seem to find any small desk fans that has a normal plug. All usb nonsense

Hey pat as for fabric pots, some people swear by them. I have a few and wasn't happy with them only because it seemed like a lot of water would run out the sides before the soil got properly watered. Looking great
That does make sense though if the coco has too much perlite perhaps it isn't packed as tight? I used plastic pots for a while now and it is very convenient for just drilling a few holes on the side for training the plant. Will go take a look at the garden store today since I am off from work for two days. Keep it airie my friend

I think you could go a while longer in their current pots but let's see if anyone else chimes in.
I will definitely go a while longer don't want to rush too much. I don't have a set time on how long I want to veg for so no rush though. Hoping they take off in the next few days

Can't believe I am just now seeing this. Wish I could have caught it from the start but hey at least I'm here now!!

Also, that new set up is looking awesome!!

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Hey pat , welcome back can't believe I missed this one. I've got a Mars hydro led too, hanging distance is recommended below
Flower 12-14 inches
Veg 18-inches
Seedlings 24 inches .

You should be able to move your light down a bit which will help with the stretch your Mars hydro won't burn them unless it's really close.

Have never used Coco so will be q back seat reader on this one if you end up using fabric pots you could use binder clips (for holding paperwork together) and just clip them on the sides of the fabric pots. They can stay In those pots for at least another week, keep checking the bottom for the roots coming out the drainage holes. Good you got your cal mag sorted !

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