Amnesium Clone #2 - 2'x2' - DWC - Mars-Hydro Mars Pro II 80

Day 21 in bloom

I raise the light to the maximum height. Now it sit around 11"-12" from the top of buds. Should be ok for the rest of the journey! :)
and I've done a refill today, she drink and grow! :love:


Looks great in here! I use the enzymes as well. To help with the foaming I add a little every day until I'm at my required amount. Cuts way down on the foaming :) You've got one happy lady in there! I'm growing in the same size space for flower. Cool to see. Happy growing :)
Ha ha there he goes elevating over the crop to ward off any pest that might even think of attacking his jungle that Weeze put him in charge of protecting wit his life!! Lmfao!! U can tell i smoke to much. Glad to see micky back!!
Day 26 in bloom

Another refill today, still doing great!! :)





I bought a variac this christmas to replace the humming speed controler for the inline fan.
I should have get it way earlier, this thing is fabulous!!! It make no sound! I set the voltage to 50v and the only thing I hear is the little wooch from the air, but only if I put my head against the exhaust!
When I close the door of the closet it's perfect! :allgood:

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