Amnesium Clone #2 - 2'x2' - DWC - Mars-Hydro Mars Pro II 80

Day 63 in bloom

Last night was the harvest! :)

This is her just before cutting.


Here's the top buds after washing.


After a manual trimming! :love:


For the popcorn buds, I use my trim machine! :cheer:



This is it! big buds, on the right, trim in center and popcorn buds on the left.



Not sure what it will give me dried, it should be good.
The buds on the top of the plant are nice but the lower leaves was pale and the buds very little. 2' from the light is too far, the light cannot penetrate very deep.
Maybe I'll add more light for my next grow! :)
Congratulations on a great looking harvest Weezze. Looks like some real good smoke there.

Whats your strain choice for the next grow?

Thanks! But after 2 days the buds has shrink a lot! :laugh:
My next grow will be my 3rd seed from the Amnesium pack, she's doing good right now.
But I'm thinking of buying some new seeds, not sure what strain, there's too many choice!! :)
19.6g of popcorn buds, it will make good oil! :)


26.7g of buds


30.3g of buds


That give 57g of buds, but they shrink a lot.


Still it will be a lot better then the weed I'm smoking right now. I ended my last batch of Amnesium so I had to buy some. Supposed to be California Orange, but it's not cured properly. :laugh:

That's it I guess, it was my 3rd grow with this strain, 1 seed and 2 of her clone.
There's a new seed that I'm growing, from the same strain but maybe the pheno will be different! It will be my next journal! :cheer:

Thanks for watching! :love:
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