NizzlyBears 2nd Mars Hydro Grow

Amadeus Forzin

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Van Stank

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Hey guys got busy with work n family but had amazing harvest of one pound and the one purple alien plant is amazing smome for night time very relaxing strain feel it in muscles a relaxing not sleepy stone that lets you go to sleep if you want to but doesnt put you to sleep like some indica dominant strains do. The 3 pineapples are perfect day time weed not too racing at all but gives very strong happy stone that lasts for hours. Turned out better than girls scouts very nicley cured. My wife took pics before chop but they sere so bad quality i will not post them lol. Ill post up some pics of the final product tomorrow and we can close this jourbal oht ive started a new grow and will be changing out my reflectors for 3 more cree cobs for a total of 5 cobs will makes the 3rd journal tomorrow my day off peace n love brothers
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