sensi star

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    Happy I have a male Sensi Star
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  8. Sensi Star

    Sensi Star

    Wk 1 flower
  9. Momma's Kitchen

    Momma's Kitchen Serving: Sensi Star, Hawaiian Lights, Black Dreams, Blue Cookies, Cheese, Durban Poison, OG Kush, Cali OG Kush x Haze

    :love:The menu is full and already cooking :love: Black Dreams, Hawaiian Lights and Sensi Star are Non Femenized from seed. The rest are feminized. I do plan on breeding once I get a tent for the boys. I have a Veg room simmering with the other room at week 1 flower. All the strains are new...
  10. Sensi Star

    Sensi Star

    Flower Day 61
  11. JimSaskFarmer

    The SaskFarmers Perpetual: Sensi Star & More?

    Hello all welcome to our perpetual farm some of you may have followed our first journal. Welcome back:) We are not doing anything spectacular here just having fun learning and sharing what we have learned. My wife is registered with Health Canada to grow her own meds for PTSD. We have a Mars...
  12. I

    First Seni Star Hydro Week 4-5

    Basically I had a couple of seeds left over from a grow 5-6 years ago and decided I'd give hydro a crack.. Had roughly 12 seeds to start with and I honestly didnt think they'd germinate concidering how old they were. Only 3 of the 10 I used actually germinated. 2 of them were topped by some...
  13. JimSaskFarmer

    Canadian Legal Grow - LP Genetics From Seed - Organic Soil - Sensi Star 2017

    A little background first. This is my lovely wife's grow i am merely chronicling it as there are very few grow reports for Canadian LP Genetics. She has dealt with PTSD for several years, with the main complaint now being insomnia. At the beginning of February of this year she applied for a...
  14. S

    Clones In Soil - LED - SnarlyWeeds Up & Coming Once Upon A Goodtime Grow 2017

    Hi friends. 2nd grow. Soil from my local grow shop. All I really know is they say it's inert. Nutes from local grow shop, house brand, 3-1-3 for veg, and "The Stuff, Bloom" for flower. CalMag. Tap water. 3 gal smart pots. Various Mars Hydro LED lights 2x4 veg tent, 2x4 flower tent...
  15. E

    My First Scrog Grow - Organic - Blue OG - Sensi Star & Dr. Who

    Whats up everyone, so I have been growing for about 7 years now.I attended oaksterdam university in California, Oakland chapter. I graduated valedictorian of my class and was also featured in high times magazine August 2009 issue. I also worked at a medical dispensary in Sacramento ca for a...
  16. Y

    What's the best strain you've ever come by? Taste, look, smell, etc

    I use to always hear about the white (Widow and Rhino) there both VERY good and coated in trichomes. But my favorites would have to be Sensi Star and Blue Dream for looks and taste. As for the smells, i like any kind of Skunk. For the looks I always love stuff with purple like Grand Daddy Purp...
  17. Smoke2Js

    Sensi Star Clone Outdoors

    Hey Ya'll, Smoke2Js here with another Journal. I have a Sensi Star clone that I picked up at BPG. I have a few picks of her. I veged her indoors on 24 hour Cfls I used Both veg and flower spectrum lights. I decided to move her outdoors a day ago. I live right on the 38th parallel. I am expecting...
  18. T

    TheFeast's 600W Organic Bag Seed/Sensi Star Clone Closet Grow

    What strain is it? BAG SEED & 2 SENSI STAR CLONES Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? BAG SEED=¿?, SENSI STAR= What percentages? BAG SEED=?¿, SENSI STAR= Is it in Veg or Flower stage? IN VEG If in Veg... For how long? 20-32DAYS FROM SEED, 1DAY ROOTED CLONES Indoor or outdoor? INDOOR, CLOSET...
  19. o2much4me

    Which strain would you breed with a female Sensi Star ?

    YOU HAVE A SAY ! Your comments will decide ! Out of the following strains which would you breed with a Female Paradise Seed's Sensi Star ? Link--> The Chosen female is a Sensi Star strain -Bud Pic Link--> Sensi Star on day 50 grown by Be Irie -pic (Sensi Star...
  20. MrAero

    1st aero garden/2 Trainwreck/1 Purple Kush/ 1 Sensi Star/Clones

    Lets start from the top.. 250W HPS and about 4 15 w Flourescents I am running a home made aeroponic system, Aside from a few modifications, the system is great. The 2 Trainwreck and Purple Kush are Indicas, while the Sensi Star is Sativa. Here are a few pics of the system area, the misters...
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