The Quest For Midnight Sunshine: Dabber Begins Breeding Bodacious Botanicals

Hello 420 family!

It's time I begin the next leg of my growing, growing adventure!

It has always been a dream of mine to design and develop my own personal hybrid strain offering a little piece of everything sweet cannabis has to offer.

And that dream has FINALLY become a reality for this dabbing daddy!

The first part of the cross I intend to incorporate is a strain called LILLY.


The info regarding this strain is quite inconsistent from what I have found. All I know is she packs a very distinctive fuel/ tobbaco taste initially and finishes with a sweet vibrant flavor many relate to pina colada, hence it's nickname. Flower time is supposed to be quick... arctic bowl had some go 16 weeks though, so again inconsistent info.

I recently was gifted some regular seeds that are a ATF Durban poison cross. They should give me a quality male to pollinate the Lilly with. They Indica qualities can hopefully decrease flower time and incorporate the ATF into this Alaskan inspired hybrid I plan create!

I am currently running strawberry kush and if there is a strong colored pheno I desire I probably won't be able to resist adding it to the mix, to bring some color to the strain. Although the DP and Lilly seem to color nicley in late flower, so hopefully the initial cross will contain a good color.

Lastly I should be getting some white widow to potentially cross. I am unsure if I will want to incorporate this strain as of now, but I will grow one out and see what she has to offer.

That's about it for now...

I have a clone of the strawberry kush, vegging and waiting to be reversed. And here in a few weeks we will drop the ATF x DP in search of a quality male. And a few weeks after that, if the Lilly cutting I took DOSENT root, I will bug Arctic bowl for a Lilly bean.

Just wanted to have the journal up and running for when the fun starts here for the new year! .... New Year, new goals, new crosses

I'm here! Looking forward to seeds :).

Up for another sub. You got this
Long time no see guys! Well this will be a bit of a journey. Not sure how often ill update, but I don't want to have to pay for seeds for a good while and this will help me do that! And maybe come up with a cool cross in the process
I'm here for this one! Sounds awesome. Quite the cocktail :)
Hey Budz!

Glad to have you. And a happy Friday to you!

Yeah it should be an interesting go...

Not much to report at the moment as my other journal is in full swing at day 26 of flower. I'm waiting till flush then I will pop 4 regular ATF x Durban poison seeds and select the best male for breeding to cross with the Lilly strain. And we will progress from there
Well I ain’t going to miss this one Dabs! Looking forward to this brother, time to get my learning on!! Now, if we could con PW outa some of his ATF pollen AKA MTF we could save a lil time :rofl: Pssst, hey Dabs, I’ll distract Penny with a Moose in my front yard and you sneak a lil of that pollen he has stashed eh? :rofl: too funny.....I can see Penny sharpening his blades up while looking out the window at this moose saying, yup, steaks here, burger there, roast here :rofl: and Dabs doing his full on Ninja sneak into the pollen stash lmfao.

Blessed Buds our friend and be well :passitleft:
have been here the whole time, subb'd in TMD, I'm ready to learn...:circle-of-love:
I will be doing a lot of learning here also . Basically just glad PW is here to direct me! This journal may be a slower one and likely require multiple full grows to complete, but should be fun! I know you are looking for a great strain to medicate with and hopefully we can learn enough together to make that happen
Hey guys if the Malawi ever goes into flower I'll be hitting it with ATF. I'm hoping to get a quicker flowering Malawi going. Nearly 100% Sativa .
Would love to see that penny. Should be really great! It's what inspired me to do the ATF x DP with the almost pure sativa lilly.
Sub'd for this one Dabber! Sounds like a very interesting journey.
Hey DD!

Great to have you along. Should be a fun little adventure! I think I'm going to run all the DP and ATF in smaller pots. 1 gallons. Oh snap just realized Arctic bowl has a ton of air pots! I'll text him and see if he can grab me 4 or 5....

Good news is there will be lots of seeds to be grown
Get Litt UP!
by PW...hahahaha
He's the guy TMD...
count me in...
my CS arrived...
I got 4 seedlings now...
Crosses fingers...
I have a really great idea to isolate my branches too...
Hope it works...
I'm all brain for your grow train...;0
PW...MOVE THAT BUZZ...hahahaha


Not sure my home made CS is gonna cut it but it's been great practice!
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