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Hello people's I'm ready for a new journal. My old one was getting kinda stale.

I've started 30 Solo's with Atomic gold ( 24k gold X Chernobyl ) which is a cross I made awhile back. So far 21 have surfaced out of the 30. I'll hopefully be keeping 24 which is my goal and the most my 32"x48"x60" tent will hold. At the moment they are in a spare room getting sunlight threw a window. I'll be setting up my tent soon.

These are started in Fox farm light warrior soil half full in 16 ounce Solo's. I'll top them off with FFOF soon to add more food.

Please feel free to post anything you want. It's loose here in Dankland. Growing should be fun so keep the positive vibes flowing :D
Is that 2x4 your flower tent?
Hi co and welcome aboard. I'll be in a 4'x8'x71" cube tent for flower. Using 2 - 320 watt R spec diy LED's fixtures. I have everything taken down atm due to hemp russet mites. It's been almost a month since I removed and cleaned everything. I'll be ready to put everything back up soon. Here's type of tent and some old photos

sounds awesome. what size pot will they be finishing in? cool to see an original strain grow
Hey thanks! And :welcome: I'll be vegging them in straight FFOF soil in #1's with real growers recharge occasionally. The they will likely be flowered out in #5's of Subcools super soil with only r.o water. I've had good luck with it in the past. I'm hoping for the same thing now. I have a full batch of super soil that's been cooking since March
Here's the first few atomic gold test plants I grew recently. All were stable and potent. It's what drove me to this pheno hunt. I'll veg 24 plants. Probably half will be male's and culled out. I'd love to sort thew a dozen pheno's. From the test plants I had one that had a strong lemon cleaner smell. It yeilded 38.5 grams in a #1 with no veg. I put those seedlings in bloom tent as sprouts. All had moderately dense nugs with good leaf to calax ratio

Outstanding setup, thank you for the reply. Sorry to hear about them russet mites. Don't know if you tried ladybugs on them they will devour all kinds of mites if you come across that problem again. I currently have them in the garden getting rid of my thrip problem. Last year I had to use them for the spider mites in the outdoor tent. I like that angled top in that tent. I wish you the best I will sit back on the side and watch.
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