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I've been lurking around here for awhile and have decided to start a journal. Im a soil grower searching for quality meds for personal use. I try to keep a laid back style of growing. Growing should be fun so pull up a chair hangout :)

This grow is in FFOF with FF trio. Im currently in a 32"x48"x60" tent with 3 QB 288 4k boards from timber. I have 3 9lb hammers from jinxproof genetics, 1 24 K from DNA and 1 unknown purp x GG bag seed. All are around a month and a half from seed in one gal pots
The hammer's are to the left, bag seed is back right and 24k to the front right
The hammer's are to the left, bag seed is back right and 24k to the front right
looking good bud ill pull up a chair rite here and follow along waiting for flowers your starting out nice they look very healthy some of those phones do pretty darn good if you have a laptop you can transfer them onto there and use the photo program to crop and change lighting things like that the secret is to be still both elements you and the plant try and be perfectly still this will greatly improve your pics this one rite here looks real nice so you already have some skill maybe you just don't no it but you do good luck!:)
Temps are around 63 - 67 in tent. RH is bouncing around too. They are growing slow due to the temps I'm guessing. But they seem to be happy
im wondering sometimes those basements stay at a certain temp and don't change much during winter or summer is yours that way if so it might be a good idea to put a small heater in there for about 50 bucks you can get a controller that will keep it rite where you want it and run your exhaust fan to those temps are low they will grow with those temps but they would be much happier at 75 just an fyi bud!:)
I'm in the Midwest. Hopefully it warms up a little soon. I'm not sure if temps will change in the basement though. It's a learning curve here. My first year in this house :) If it stays cold maybe I can get some colorful plants like @Norcaliwood
hey he gets some beautiful colors that's for sure we can learn a lot from woody hes been growing a long time like @conradino23 hes another one we can learn from well its going to be an interesting grow Im looking forward to seeing what those genetics produce im always looking for new things to grow!
So I tried to set up my cloner and my air pump tubing was bad. I must have put it in storage with moisture in the line. It had nasty growth in it. I ordered some 1/4" tubing from da zon. Should be here today. Girls are looking pretty good. The bag seed is showing a little yellow in the top leaves. I'll ad some calmag and keep eye on it
Plants are looking good Dankman hope you don't run out of room
Thanks brother! I went from a spare bedroom to a tiny tent. Life is always a changing. I do think I'm going to be in trouble in flower. The three hammer's are regs. Two I'm pretty sure are female. Thanks for stopping by
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