Momma's Kitchen Serving: Green Gelato, Sex Wax, Alaskan Purple, Red Afro & Kalashnikov

Momma’s Kitchen

Photo of the Month: Dec 2019
Momma's Kitchen is cooking up her next batch!

Most seeds in this round donated by our sponsors... I purchased a little extra as a thanks :love:

Heavy hitters, should be exciting, filled with sticky gooey yumminess, strong fragrance, deep colours! Enjoy Friends!:5:

Serving: Green Gelato


Green Gelato
Green Gelato is perhaps the most deliciously dank hybrid in the whole RQS collection. Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet come together to create our richest, most luscious dessert cannabis strain yet. Treat yourself and the grow-op to the tastiest marijuana you can possibly flower in 8–10 weeks.

Gelato: The Forbidden Dessert Cannabis Of The Gods
Fresh out of the dank genetic oven of the San Francisco Bay area comes the hottest Cookies hybrid ever. By crossing Thin Mint Cookies with Sunset Sherbet, a new era of dessert cannabis has dawned. #33 “Larry Bird” proved to be the magic pot number for Green Gelato—the standout specimen from the best of the best of Cali’s dessert cannabis. Crosses went in all directions in pursuit of the perfect hybrid blend. Green Gelato is the most potent and most flavoursome result of the project.

Gelato (the dessert) is so much more delicious than plain old ice cream. And it’s for a very good reason. Gelato is a connoisseur-grade treat. In fact, in Italy, strict quality standards and specific ingredients must be used to legally call a frozen dessert gelato. We qualify our Green Gelato by adhering to equally professional artisanal practices. Exclusive genetics from the San Francisco Bay area is the only way to make genuine Gelato.

Green Gelato is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid that responds well to pruning and training. Plants grow medium-tall with a very high flower to leaf ratio. Topping, fimming, LST, mainlining, and the ScrOG method are all highly recommended for max yield. Flowers form in tight, small–medium sized clusters rather than long-running colas. Cooler nighttime temperatures late in bloom tend to promote the development of lavender and purple colours in nugs. Indoors, Green Gelato will be ready for harvest after just 8–9 weeks of standard 12-12. Whether you grow organic or with hydroponics, make sure to finish with a thorough flush to release the full fragrance and flavour profile of these gourmet buds.

The Thin Mint phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies is arguably the tastiest. By whisking the sweet, minty biscuit flavour together with the orange citrus twist provided by Sunset Sherbet, the delectably dank Green Gelato is created in a combo of fruity confection. Purple hues enhance the dense, orange-haired buds’ aesthetics. Plus, a loud yet alluring aroma of Kush, baked goods, and forest fruits will bring most stoners close to sensory overload. That’s before you’ve even experienced the effects of 25%+ THC Green Gelato nugs.

You will be shocked and awed without a doubt. In a good way. Green Gelato delights the senses before you have a chance to process the tremendous potency of the near-narcotic gas you’ve just inhaled. Yummy, yummy, huh I feel kind of funny, maybe I should siiiiit doooowwwnn. The mind is charged with a pulse of energy and creativity. And your mood is unbelievably positive too, but the body plays jellyfish.

Green Gelato is not only a sensation among growers, but she is a Soft Secrets award winner — voted “Best New European Strain for 2019”. You can trust Royal Queen Seeds to produce the industry's tastiest strains!

Green Gelato is slightly more indica than sativa and was bred by crossing Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints pheno. with Sunset Sherbert. This has to be one of the very tastiest strains ever and forms part of what RQS term their "dessert cannabis strains" collection. Bred with exclusive Californian genetics and delivering very High THC and very high yields.
Green Gelato can be grown indoors and outdoors and responds superbly to a broad range of manipulations including, low stress training, SCRoG, topping, fimming etcetera to maximise production. Indoor plants grow to a height of between 80 - 120 cm. and producing between 500 - 700 gr/m2 in an 8 - 9 week period of flowering. Outdoors in soil plants will grow rather taller reaching a height of 150 - 200 cm. and yielding 800 gr/plant with norther hemisphere harvests in early October. RQS recommeds that whatever your growing medium the end of flowering should see a thorough flush with plain water in order to maximise and accentuate the full flavour effect. Towards the end of florescence there is a good chance of purple hues appearing in the buds and smaller leaves especially when night-time temperatures are a lot cooler, say 10°C or so, and this looks very striking alongside the orange pistils.
The taste is a blend of Kush, bakery goods and forest fruits with some earthy undertones. THC production is very high at 27% and CBD levels are low. The effect is a mixture of mental and creative energy accompanied by an almost jelly-like feeling in the body. Just make sure there's a couch nearby! You'll probably need to sit or lie down.
BREEDER/BRANDRoyal Queen Seeds
GENETICSSunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
VARIETYIndica / Sativa
YIELDIndoors: 500 - 700 gr/m2; Outdoors: 800 gr/plant;
PLANT HEIGHTIndoors: 80 - 20 cm; Outdoors: 150 - 200 cm.
GROWSIndoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME56 - 63 days
HARVEST MONTHearly October
TASTE / FLAVOURBerry, Earthy, Fruity, Kush
EFFECTCerebral, Couch Lock, Creative, Long-lasting, Physical, Powerful

Serving: Sex Wax


Basic / Breeders Info

Sex Wax is an indica/sativa variety from Holy Smoke Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±56 days) and outdoors. Holy Smoke Seeds' Sex Wax is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.
Holy Smoke Seeds' Sex Wax Description
Our banana sativa regularly holds kilograms, with 4 foot long buds very common. Moulding her with our Strawberry mum is ensured maximum use of the pistol count which swell into massive bracts and monster colas so dense and gleaming in a forest of delightful strawberry and banana crystals. Smelling just like the original Surfers Sexwax where it gets its name it's peaches bananas and strawberries in an explosion on the palate. She's so very tasty and intones such a supreme state where nothing seems to bother you, everything has a golden edge and is great as a solution finder.

She's still active so you can be busy or just to sit and enjoy the sublime state that washes over you these are some of the finest terps we've ever produced!

She truly is exemplary embodiment of strawberry banana bubblegum and a true delight for every garden...exceptional too for those who make water hash, rosins

Sex Wax is the odd-sounding strain that was created by pollinating a Strawberry mother plant with pollen from Banana Sativa. Sex Wax combines the massive colas of Banana Sativa with the density and pistil formation of the Strawberry.
Holy Smoke state that their Banana Sativa has little problem producing kilos of buds with 4 foot long colas often resulting. Crossing this with Strawberry was always likely to produce a real winner but Sex Wax will surprise everyone. It is ready to harvest after an 8 week flowering period and the yields are quite exceptional. There is a lovely display of pink colouration in the small bud-leaves and pistils with this strain.
The aroma is uncannily like the SexWax that surfers use with peaches, bananas and strawberries creating a fruity taste-bomb. The effect is golden, a supreme state of advanced relaxation and a feeling of peace and of being at one with the universe. Waves of joy bathe the lucky smoker/vaper simply healing your cares and worries away. The rich terpene profile is enticing for those of a concentrate and extract bent.
GENETICSStrawberry x Banana Sativa
VARIETYIndica / Sativa
GROWSIndoors, Outdoors
TASTE / FLAVOURBanana, Peach, Strawberry
EFFECTRelaxing, Soothing, Stimulating , Uplifting

Serving: Alaskan Purple

Alaskan Purple has some fine heritage having been bred by crossing Purple Alaskan, Kush and a Brazilian sativa strain. Highly vigorous strain, adaptable to assorted cultivation techniques, great yields and displaying lovely purple colours at maturity.
This 3-way hybrid strain is a great addition to the Seedsman range of feminized cannabis seeds. Alaskan Purple is a highly adaptable strain which lends itself to so many different techniques whether grown in a SoG, SCRoG, LST, super-cropping, apical topping or surprise the neighbours with its sheer size outdoors!
Flowering indoors takes approximately 9 weeks after which a yield of around 550 gr/m2 should be obtained. When grown outdoors in the northern hemisphere yields should be in the region of 1700 gr/plant with harvest time occurring during the first half of October.
Both scent and taste are reminiscent of sweet berries with some floral notes too. This is a potent strain with a high THC content and Kush power. It is relaxing for the body and a long-lasting effect which is lifted somewhat by the presence of the Brazilian sativa genetics which add a cerebral, psycho-active note.
GENETICSAlaskan Purple x Kush x Brazilian Sativa
VARIETYMostly Indica
YIELDIndoors: 550 gr/m2; Outdoors: 1700 gr/plant
GROWSIndoors, Outdoors
HARVEST MONTH1st half of October
TASTE / FLAVOURBerry, Flowery, Fruity, Sweet
EFFECTBody, Cerebral, Long-lasting, Relaxing, Strong

Serving: Red Afro


Indica-SativaMostly Indica
Regular - FeminizedFeminized
Strain TypeHybrid
Strain: Red Afro
Strain Type: Mostly indica, 25 % Swazi – 75 % PCK
Type: Feminized
Flowering times: 65-75 days
Yield: High yielder indoors and outdoors
Bouquet: Red fruits, floral, kushy, hash
Effect: Starts uplifting, inspiring, gets you relaxed after
Developed by: Locals, African Herbman ( SA ), aeritos ( SP )
The idea was to make a shorter and more compact Swazi based hybrid
(South Africa area). Goal was to form a more sturdy, fast and better
yielder plant that would fit indoors. Red Afro has proven itself successful in achieving what we planned, adding lots of colours to the mix. Bloody red to more purple and intense dark buds are easily found in some large and heavy branches formed in flower time.
You’ll feel delighted with the first up and being high and not heavy in mind or body. Enjoy Red Afro all day long ! The fruity, floral and hash intense background will make you not to stop grabbing Red Afro buds.
Red Afro is a cross between an African Swazi plant with a Pakistan Chitral Kush. The rationale for this was the quest for a Swazi-based strain that had an altogether shorter, more compact, structure and faster flowering time. The result is a great success; Red Afro produces large, dense colas with dazzling red and purple colours at maturity and which delivers very good yields both indoors and outdoors in somewhere between 65 - 75 days flowering.
The deliciously enticing aromas include red fruits with floral notes and a Kush, hash-like background taste. Its effect is immediately uplifting which slowly evolves into a more relaxing experience.
GENETICS(Swazi Polokwane x Pakistan Chitral Kush ) x Pakistan Chitral Kush
VARIETYMostly Indica
GROWSIndoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME65 - 75 days
TASTE / FLAVOURFlowery, Fruity, Kush
EFFECTRelaxing, Uplifting

Serving: DOPE SEEDS, Kalashnikov


Dope-seeds Kalashnikov female seeds produce a sativa dominant cannabis strain based on the classic AK47 strain produced by serious seeds. Our Kalashnikov seeds have been in-bred to produce a very uniform cannabis strain which gets to around 1.2m in height and packs on tons of buds. The effect of Kalashnikov is incredibly strong and she is renowned as a one hit wonder.

Kalashnikov is a sativa dominant, vigorous, easy to grow strain that delivers a long-lasting cerebral high as well as a relaxing buzz. Kalashnikov is a refined version of the classic Serious seeds AK47 which was first created in 1992 and is still winning cannabis cups to this day. The genetic make-up of this strain contains South American Sativa, Mexican Sativa, Thai sativa and Indica Afghani. Plants are of medium size and indoors will generally reach around 1m in height and will have a solid main cola and good side branching. Yields can easily reach 500g per m2 and outdoors this can reach as much as 600g per m2 with plants getting as high as 3M tall. The rock hard buds are covered in resinous crystals and threaded with dark read hairs. This strain does not produce too many leaves so trimming can be an easier task. Flowering times for this sativa dominant strain are very good and you can expect to be cropping out after 8-9 weeks. The smell in the growroom can be quite overpowering with earthy, skunky aromas mixing with occasional diesel notes. While Kalashnikovs aroma in the grow room is earthy the smoke holds a variety of more fruity and floral flavours. Kalashnikov is a very reliable strain which will continually reward the grower with big yields of the highest quality bud with little effort or care required. She works well indoor and out so this coffee shop classic should be in everyone’s collection.

Pack Size
1 Seed


THC content
Very High (over 20%)

CBD content
Unknown / Low

Greenhouse,Grows indoors,Grows outdoors



Flowering Type

Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani

Indica / Sativa

Breeders Yield
500-550g per m2

Breeders THC

Breeders Height

Flowering Time
8-9 weeks

Earthy with citrus notes

Knock out, super powerful

All information was collected from respective sites.

If you have grow any of these strains, I'd love to hear your experiences, helpful hints, and most of all your company :love:

It's my birthday month so I thought I would like to try my strains I have been waiting to try. Looking forward to those colours and aromas.


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Momma’s Kitchen

Photo of the Month: Dec 2019
Welcome you guys! @Modest grower let me know how your doing? Should be fun.

@The Celt Yes of course! Jump in anytime, ask away or just sit back and relax. I think I may do a giveaway for this journal. So lucky you jumped in the beginning :love: It's in play in the background of my mind right now lol but I'll try to make it fun.

Momma’s Kitchen

Photo of the Month: Dec 2019
*Note: I place my seeds in a germination row of what my guess is for the strongest to the weakest looking seed. I then number them according to how comes up first. First one up gets #1. Helps me stay on top on my attention to them, I believe.

I just germinated:

Germination Date: May 01, 20
Strain: Green Gelato
# of Seeds: 3
Noticeable traits of seeds: Color: (2) dark, (1) light Texture: Solid Colour Size: Small- Medium

Germination Date: May 01, 20
Strain: Alaskan Purple
# of Seeds: 3
Noticeable traits of seeds: (2) Medium brown, smaller (1) Paler, larger Texture: Light Marbling

Germination Date: May 01, 20
Strain: Red Afro
# of Seeds: 3
Noticeable traits of seeds:Colour: Tan Size: Medium Texture: Solid

Germination Date: May 01, 20
Strain: Sex Wax
# of Seeds: 3
Noticeable traits of seeds:Colour: Dark Size: Small-Medium Texture: Soild

Germination Date: May 01, 20
# of Seeds: 3
Strain: Kalashnikov
Noticeable traits of seeds:Colour: (2)Lighter/medium Size: (2) Medium (1)Large Texture: Marbled

Modest Grower

Well-Known Member
So far so good with the Alaskan Purple for me. I picked the one that looked the best to me being larger and mature. Soaked for a day and paper towel for a day and it was good to go. I'm hoping to get some clones outside maybe even this year if possible.

Momma’s Kitchen

Photo of the Month: Dec 2019
Germination: May 1, 2020

Germination heat pad
Egg creates
Soil pods (fabric shell)
Luke warm water (well)
Spray Bottle with water
4 inch dome lid
Label sticks
Black Sharpie Marker

1. Soak the soil pods in luke warm water, until saturated.

2. I organize material ahead of time and place my seeds out in an order that I want to plant. Healthiest/Strongest seed to weakest.

3. Write out my the name of each strain on the labels sticks, then # sticks for each plant. ie: Sex Wax #1, Sex Wax #2 etc...
(I # so I can follow the strains and each phenotype when I clone, to a record the lineage)

4. Cover the base of the tray with perlite. Place egg creates on heat mat.

5. Lightly mist the perlite with water.

6. Place the labels in the tray on the left side. The first strain will be placed beside the tags till the next strain then, repeat. Ie: Labels, pods, labels, pods, labels pods.

7. Place the seed flat bottom down in the warm wet (not dripping wet) pod, with the tip up or as best it you can. Lightly cover the seed with some of the soil. Place in tray beside name tags and 3 markers. Repeat until all the seeds are planted.

8. Lightly mist the inside of the dome with warm water, place on tray. Make sure sealed.

9. Place tray on egg creates, on heat mat.

10. Use a blanket to cover the tray to create total darkness.

** Do NOT lift blanket to look at them for 48/72 hours**

11. If some HAVE sprouted, then remove blanket cover and place under light.
If they HAVE NOT sprouted, then return to darkness and wait another 24 hrs to remove blanket.

**Do NOT remove the dome, ONLY the blanket**

12. Record dates of Germination & Seedlings

Momma’s Kitchen

Photo of the Month: Dec 2019
If indoor...Dimensions (L x W x D) of grow space? (veg room) 10x10x10; Bud room 10x13x10
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Pro Mix
If soil... What size pot? pods, 1 gal, 3 gal
Is it air cooled? Window AC
Type and strength of ferts used? Mega Crop

I am trying to source more Mega Crop. I am down to about my last 2 mason jars full so kinda getting nervous. I was thinking of using Greenhouse Nutrient Feeding line as my back up plan. Has anyone ever tried it?
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