Blue Angel 2019

Hello, welcome to Blue Angel 2019. I’m new to the site, so I will spend a bit of time introducing my self. I’ve been growing for almost two years, growing indoors (successfully) for about 8 months or so. I don’t know everything, but I like to think I have a good grasp on things. Always room to grow (no pun intended) and love to learn new things.

Oh, I’m also Canadian, Eh!

Last year I built my own grow tent, 32” wide, 2’ deep, and (originally) 4’ tall. I built it out of 3/4” pvc pipe, and furniture grade 3 way elbows. I was in a pinch last year to get it finished, and bought the most readily available product to wrap it with. Space blankets from wal mart. It has its draw backs, yes. It by no means affected my grow as my girls came out marvellous, but it’s flimsy and tears super easily. Now that my tent is temporarily empty, I would like to buy some panda film and re-wrap the tent. Unfortunately I may have to wait, because I modified the tent, and built a platform for the tent to sit on,out of wood. Cut holes in the bottom of the tent so the pots were sitting just “below” the tent. (Will get a lil more into detail about this a bit later) It now made my tent 5’ tall. I have some 6’ 2” pvc pipes and would like to get rid of the platform and 4’ poles, replace with 6’2” poles, then re-wrap my tent with panda film. My problem with that, is that I have no more height above my tent, so for now I will probably have to just deal with what I have, for now. Untill I get into a bigger place and have the room for it. I will also get into why I have no more room above my tent a bit later. For now I’ll show my 4’ original sized tent.


With the door shut^


The top cross brace I hang my light off of^

So, at that time I had it in my fifth wheel (before Snow was on the ground). I then moved it inside. I know right! Smart decision lol :high-five:

So fast forward some time...:morenutes:

I was quickly running out of room, my girls were exceeding my expectations. With only 4’ of room, when I transplanted them into 5 gallon cloth smart pots, there was no room for the light to comfortably hang above them.

I then built a platform for my tent to sit on. Cut holes in the bottom and boom! I now have a 5’ tent (kind of).

So I then, wanted to have two more plants ready to put in the tent when these two were finished. See this is where I needed better timing judgment. I’ll get into that more later.

I germinated two Jamaican mountain kush seeds, and I needed a veg compartment. So I built a grow box, to sit under my tent. Easy peasy! Not, I himmed and hawed, swore, a couple times, built it too big, got mad, broke it, rebuilt it, and Voilà! End result was a (nothing pretty, but it doesn’t have to be damnit! :goof: Lol) grow box made to my exact specifications.

What it looks like with the cover on^


The cover off, friction fit!^

I built the box to be 32” wide, 2’ deep, 16” tall, inside to inside. I built it with wood because I was flipping my other two girls soon(in the tent), and didn’t want to disrupt their 12/12 light schedule. Wanted minimal light penetrating through it. Needed it sturdy for the tent to sit on and it’s light weight as I built it with 2x4’s ripped in half, 1/4” plywood inside and 1/2” on the top.

I then tapped black garbage bag on the outside of tent and platform.

Side view^ left a small viewing window.


Front view^ door off.

So that’s why I ran out of room above my tent.

Now, let me get into my lighting choices, and strains. In the box I have a small 2’ T5 light that my plants love. In my tent I have a 1000W Higrow LED light, again my plants love it. In the tent I had one Green Crack and one Black diamond.

Before they finished flowering, I was running out of room in my grow box. Poorly judge my timing, as I should have flipped my flowering girls earlier or germinated the two JMK later then I did.

Ren on the left and stimpy on the right^
I Topped them at the 3rd internode. LST the crap out of them. They still outgrew the box.

I ran out of pictures that I’m able to post, And will post more after this. I’ll also post my last pictures of the flowering plants before harvest.

So, long story short. Ren and Stimpy turned out to be males. Big waste of time. Oh well :surf:

So this brings me to the present. Also explains as to why I chose Blue Angel 2019 for the name of my journal.

I germinated one Dark Angel feminized seed from crop kings seeds. As well as a Blue Cookie seed from crop kings. I have them in peat pucks at this time, but will be moving them to their first pot tonight, into coco.


An older picture (before they out grew the box.

They were in coco and in a peat puck at first as well. They were both cut down immediately as I did not, want to ruin the Green Crack or the Black Diamond. Had assumptions but didn’t truly know untill I put them in the flowering tent for a couple days.

The Black Diamond finished first, cool fact (actually, it’s not cool at all!) I just finished smoking my last bud of it tonight. Great smelling , tasting bud, with a major punch. Definitely gets you lifted. :rip::cough:

The Green Crack finished last, and is still in some jars curing. If you were wanting to grow a green Crack, I recommend it. I will definitely grow it again. Smells amazing, tastes amazing, looks amazing, also packs a great punch!


Green Crack^
Can also post more pics if interested.

So now this brings me to my two new ladies. The Blue Cookie and the Dark Angel.


That was taken last night I do believe.

And tonight I dropped them into some small pots with coco and perlite.



The dark Angel is a bit older then the other. Tomorrow when I have some more time I will look to exactly when they poked through the soil. Germinated, 24 hours in shot glass of water. Then paper towel in a sandwich baggy, left open. For another 12-24 hours. Then to the peat pucks.
Round two is official! Nice job on the first ones they look all gooey, and I love homebuild stuff as you may have surmised...omg it's the best. You should link this on your sig. Cheers @Backlipslide , luck on the grow!
Click on your name in the top black line next to the alert icons, click on signature, there's a add link button in there, should pop up a box that lets you put the text of the title in it, and below that should be the actual URL of your grow which is https :// (with the space removed after the https I put in so it didn't show up as a link)
I gave my girls their first dose of nutes last night.
I also was introduced to a website, that reviews a bunch of different strains, in a high depth detail. I found Blue Cookie. It’s a bit of a read, but it’s a good read. Here is a link to the article.

Blue Cookie Review
Update: a day late but better late then never.

I put my two girls in the big tent last night, under the big light. Dropped my light to be 16” above the top canopy of the plants.

I noticed today that it’s running way too hot. I never set the fan back up at the top last night, to extract air from my tent pulling clean air through the holes I cut in the bottom of the tent. My tent is still set up with my fan/carbon filter set up. Don’t need it for veg, so tonight I will take out the hose and put the fan back up top of the tent.


So the tent was running at an extreme 33 C was the highest the hygrometer said it got it. It was 31 when I got back from work yesterday. Got rid of my hose for my carbon air filter. Hooked up the fan and set it upside down in the square I cut out of it, didn’t even tape it, just left it. By the time I went to bed it had already lowered to 26 degrees. Today it said 24.6 when I got home from work. :high-five:

Snapped a couple pictures to see the growth just from a couple days of being under the new light.



Puffs, inhales and passes
My ladies are doing great. Lots of growth, short internode spacing. They have a few brown spots on the tips of a few leaves. I know why, my watering schedule is off. I watered them, put them in my tent, it ran way too hot for a day, got the temps dialed in, then watered again maybe one or two days apart.

Browning leaf tips are as common as they are challenging to diagnose. This physiological condition can be caused by tainted water, erratic watering (too much, too little, or a combination of both), overfeeding, or a combination of all of these.

I will let them do their thing, dry out, do a bit of a flush, then proceed to the feeding schedule that I am used too.



It’s been a while since I posted. A while ago, the plants looked to as if they were having a nutrient lock out problems. I noticed the plants roots through the bottom holes of the pot, made note that I needed to uproot soon, thinking they were having a lock out problem, I waited till the pots were light(er), then gave them a good flush of clean water.

After the flush^


After the nutes^

Then a day later I checked on them after work, they were looking worse. I should have listened to my self when I first said they needed an uprooting. My last plants, as soon as I noticed the plants telling me they need more room, I uprooted right away, this time I’ve waited an extra two weeks or so after them telling me their not happy. Bad mistake, but ohh well I guess, these are the cards I’ve been dealt, at my own expense lol. They will get transplanted today, at some point.




These three photos are a day after giving nutrients.^ Thursday March 28/2019

I will post photos after transplanting.
Well they've definitely put on some weight but they sure are fighting you all the way this time eh BLS? FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Go GREEN!
Well they've definitely put on some weight but they sure are fighting you all the way this time eh BLS? FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Go GREEN!

Yeah man their lil warriors! Probably fight me the entire way! :laughtwo:

My fault for ignoring them telling me they were ready for transplanting lol :passitleft:
Well I had a bunch of left over Coco sitting in a 5 gallon bucket. Not as much as I would have liked, but it’s a bit bigger of a step up. This way it gives me lots of time to re-hydrate a larger amount and give it time to drain. Also gives the roots more time to define its self before being dropped into a 5 gallon cloth pot.


The blue Cookie had some serious signs of being root bound^


I cut the sides down for easier feedings but mis-judged how much coco I had left over. So I cut the sides down even further after taking the pictures. Leaving the handles for easy transportation.


The dark angels roots weren’t as bad as the blue Cookie, which is kind of funny, how the dark Angel sprouted from dirt before the blue Cookie.


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