Some set up pics

Thats a good idea Jaam. I actually do have some strawberrys growing in there right now, and have a few giant pumpkins seeds that just germinated. But I think I should add some more veggies in there. My father saw my ladies this morning. I told him they were beefsteak tomatoes!!! lol. He bought it, but when the time comes, he will see that the "tomato" plants wont be producing any tomatoes! LOLOL
FWIW, it may have nothing to do with your ballasts, I know you do not use the same brand, however I thought you might be interested in - AM Radio interference from a Solis 1000W ballast. However unlikely, it is possible that if your cable line runs near your ballasts something like this could be happening.
Thanks CH. I posted in that thread. Maybe they can help as well. Ill fire up my radio when i get home to see if the ballast are broadcasting any beeps. If so, what the fuck am I going to do? Maybe Build a Farday Cage around them?
Im reading stuff from all over, and it seams that the ballast must be the problem. And I have to fix it soon. If im leaking RF, the fcc will clamp down on me. I guess Comcast showing up is better that the Cops and FCC
If the ballasts are causing the issue, I would contact the manufacturer as they may be able to repair/replace the ballasts if they turn out to be defective.

I can see it now - The latest in cannabis grow protection, the Cannabis Farady Cage that will protect your grow from all forms of electrical interference, both sending and receiving, plus as an added bonus the copper wire is coated with a nice cannabis green soft plastic to further protect your plants from harm. Available at the low price of only $999.95, get yours today!! ;) ;) ;) ;)
LOL, I can see it!!!!!

I actually found a site that sells rolls of RF blocker. 100 foot by 4 feet wide is $1350!!!! Holy crap!
OK, so I had the same thing happen to me. It turned out to be that I had moved a tv and did not disconnect the cable from the wall outlet. It was just lying there on the floor like a huge antenna. I unscrewed it from the wall and the interference stopped. The Comcast guy thanked me and left. That was over a year ago. Should I have offered him a bowl? :rofl:
LOL, That was a close one CK!

I'm taking the day off so I can be home tomorrow when this dipshit shows up. Ill get up early and search for any loose wall outlets and connections or random cables laying around. Plus Im going to get some brass screen and box in the ballast. If that doesn't work, the guy will be checking every room in my house.

I have come to the conclusion that i cannot hide this garden. The more I try to conceal it, the more suspicious it looks. So If he traces it to the basement and finds the garden, all he will see is fruits, veggies and a couple flowers. But then the fact is know that there is an indoor garden at my house. My pops has no idea i'm growing, so his "innocence" will be more convincing than mine. The garden will be used for food also, but then i will probably be put on a raid list.
Holy crap, I just had a thought.
I was tripping the breaker that the garden was hooked into. I switched to a different outlet and now Im not tripping any breakers. But, the out let I'm plugged into now is right next to my cable hook up. And I'm now remembering, sometimes with that outlet, when i plug or unplug, and turn my closet light on, my cable will flick or cut out and back on quick. Maybe that connection is somehow drawing feedback from the garden power cord plugged in like 6 inches away.
Oh ya, I forgot to add that I had a small plant about 6 inches tall growing on the family room where the cable was lying loose. I had not moved her up to my grow room yet. He could not have missed her. But he did not say anything. The reality of the situation out here in Colorado is that it is a very rare individual that does not use cannabis, or has a close friend or relative that does. I think that over 90% of the people out here are very pro pot anyway. We made it legal after all. :rofl: :thumb:
Thats funny as hell CK! i wish it was like that around here. Soon I hope.

Apparently, my pops has to call and schedule an appointment with the cable company. So I have a few days to try and fix my problem. I called Hortilux this afternoon and got ahold of Manager. I explained my situation and he said it was the first time he had herd anything like it. The ballast is new to the market and is actually still being tested and evaluated by the FCC. He said I could return them which is god, but im going to keep them up and running until I figure this out. I checked all of my cable connections and ouutlets, and they are all good. There were no stay wire laying around like a big antenna either.

It is what it is, if they trace it to the ballast, then they can find a way to deal with it on their end. I don't have any intentions of turning them off of hiding the garden.

Anyway. My Chronic is lookin good. The WW Ladies are doing fine, and another Chronic is sprouting up. I have also started 4 Hawaiian Skunk Haze. They were some of my free seeds, but they are not feminized. Ill have to keep an eye on those ladies. My Northern Lights isn't doing so good. She looks weak and dry. I sprayed her down and put her back into the dome. We will see what happens....
I also got a few strawberry bushes into the hydro and had a few stalks of super sweet white corn come up.
Oh, I didnt get my CO2 controller yet, but i have it pumping a little into the garden right now. I figured why not. And look at the smaller of the two WW. It only has one small leaf on it. Whats up with that?
I've grown corn and when it survives the hot, dry summers and squirrels around here it can't be beat. Back when I was a teenager, I once grew some popcorn, Orville Redenbacher's to be precise. I planted 12 kernels right from the package and harvested a dozen or two ~6" long cobs which I dried, shucked of the kernels and made popcorn and it wasn't too bad either!
I plant to get them supercharged in the tent, then move them outdoors. They are going to get a little to big to keep inside. I started the corn in RW just like the ladies. I planted 20 with 4 that have sprouted already. With them being under 24 hours of light, and now with CO2 being injected into the atmosphere, they should be getting big quickly.

And a side note...
Its not popping corn CH, but I think I might get a few to grow! And thats true Jaamzhow. I can use them as cover for the girls. Atleast until I get them outside. I was also debating wether or not to grow a few girls in some dirt. I have never tried, so I figure this would be a good time to try at least 1 or 2. Maybe with the Hawaiian Skunk. They are regular seeds, so I might end up having a male on my hands. If so, I might use him for breeding purposes...... Im gettin ahead of myself here, but its a thought....
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