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Hey guys. Just wanted to post some of the pics i have taken while putting my grow room together. I am a little farther along than the pictures show, so I will take some new pics tonight and upload them.
I first picked a good spot in the basement and cleaned it out. Next I build a wooden floor to elevate the tent off the cold concrete. My tent is 10x5x6"10. The floor I built measure 10'6"x5'6"x6 inches tall. It fits onto it very nice. I have approx. 2-4 inches between the top of my tent and the basement ceiling. Next I lined the exterior walls with some IR Blocker. I will wrap the whole tent after I'm finished building the 2 false walls to hide the grow room. As you can see from the pics, I wrapped one of the window with the IR Blocker, sealed the window with bolted in plywood and cut out my exhaust vent.
After getting the tent set up, I connected all the Intake, Exhaust, and Light ducts. I have 3 inline fans. One for the main intake set at approx. 350 CFM, one for the exhaust set at 400 CFM, and a separate closed system for the lights at 400 CFM. I like to have the exhaust pulling slightly more air out of the tent than the intake puts in, to create a negative pressure in the tent. This helps with controlling the smell big time!
Next, I hooked up all my yo-yo's,my Digital controllers, and my CO2 tank. I also build a home made Trellis table to control my girls. I also made the table to be able to add another level of trellis nets incase the buds start getting to heavy. I don't have any pics yet, but ill get them up...
Thats it for now. I received my Superponics Hydro system today, so I will be putting it together tonight. I also orderd my Light today, so should be gettin those within the week.
Stay Tuned for some updated pics and more story to follow.

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Very nice and clean set up. Is there any cold air coming from that door to the left of tent?
Thanks for the compliments guys! Im the kind of person that if Im going to do something, I do it right! With the amount of cash I have spent over the past couple weeks, I could have bought a pound to last me a year!

I took some pics of the net system and the Hydro unit tonight. I'll follow this post with the updates.
Here we go guys. The net system fit over the Superflow pretty well. I might have to adjust the height a little though.

Building the Net system was pretty fun, and not to hard.

All you need is:
16- 1/2 inch x 6 feet long pvc pipes
12- 90 degree 3 way connectors
4- T-Elbows
8- Small screws
1- Trellis net that is 10 foot x 5 foot

The pics are pretty self explanatory in their descriptions. The Pipes can be cut to any length to fit any grow, or to adjust the height as your babies grow.

The Hydroponics is a Supercloset Superflow 20 plant system. I got it all together and ill do a test run tomorrow to make sure it works.

Man I love being able to talk about my grow! Keeping myself tight lipped around people is killing me!!!
I know what you mean. Not having other trusted growers around to talk to sucks. I can not wait to see how your log scrog works. I was thinking of making a 10'x5' scrog but decided to do two 5x5.
Oh, and CO Finest, there is no cold air coming through that door. The main cellar door that is up a set of stairs is sealed very well. It is a constant 60 degrees with 40-45% humidity in the basement. Which actually reminds me, I have a question for you guys.
Right now, my two intake fans are drawing air directly from the basement. It stays a constant 60 degrees down there with the windows closed. I have a window I can open within 2 feet of the fans if I wanted to get some fresh air, but the temperature would not be constant. i.e cool at night, warm in the day.
Im not to worried about the quality of the air, I am using CO2 to help my ladies flurish and the humidity is always around 45%. (Is that ok?) My main concern is that I want to use the ventilation system to control the temperature.
What is the better route to go? Draw air from the basement with the window closed or open? Constant 60 Degrees with 45% humidity or Fresh air which is not stable in temperature or humidity?
I would never bring in out side air unless you run a hepa filter. I never trust anyone around with throwing plants out side and they get a male then the next thing you know your girls are all knocked up with nobody to pay the child support. Wind can carry the pollen several miles, an insect can also carry pollen several miles
OK. I was leaning in that direction, but you sealed it. Ill keep the window closed. I have bug screens on the fans, but i'm going to build a filter box or something to be sure to keep the critters, dust and pollen out.

Also, I Bought the Method Seven Grow room glasses tonight. The MH and the HPS pairs. They look like they work great to balance the color in the room. For me, being new to growing, hopefully these help me see what my ladies really look like so I can raise them properly. Ill post a follow up on those when I get them
Sorry that is a sore subject for me. One of my fellow growers did that and he started seeing seeds developing on his whole crop. Come to find out his neighbor close's to his house about 1/8 mile away was growing too and had a male. He wanted to keep it and just put it out side. That took out every plant my buddy had even his mothers. Just a heads up on fresh air from out side.
Hey do you mind if I post a link of your forum on the D.W.C forum? I would like some of my friends to come here and check out your setup.
That's insane. Great work!!! Can't wait to see those results!! Subbed.
I love the clean build. The scrog being so long has got my eye. I was going to do a 5'x10' scrog but was thinking it would be to weak. so I cant wait to see his up and running .
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