Diggler420 Tries CO2 Blue & White Cookies, Cali OG Kush Haze, Mars Hydro LED

Tomorrow will be 4 full weeks of flower. One lady is 56” tall and most are 50 plus inches tall. I have been putting stakes in the pots and attaching the stalks to the bamboo. They are now getting a nice bouquet of wonderful smells. I tried to put a tomato cage around some of them and so far that has been a fail. Next time I will cage the og strains because they stretch and really bush out. Here are som Picts.

These ladies have finished 5 full weeks of flower. I cut the nutes in 1/2 because I was getting a little nute burn. This plant got hit pretty hard. Either my ph got a little high or she did not like the full strength advanced nutrients. I flushed her with 5.7 ph water and then fed with 1/2 recommended nute.
The others are looking pretty good. I plucked off a few yellow leaves and there are some with some other discoloration. It must have been a ph issue but I am going to play it safe and feed at 1/2 strength and monitor them.
Here is the rest of the garden.

I definitely got some type of nute burn or a ph issue. I am now feeding at half strength and 5.9 ph water. I have been ph’ing my water to 5.9 but I had mixed an extra 20 gallons of nutes and when I used it, it was 4 days old. I have no idea if the AN lone needs to be mixed and fed the Same day or if it can sit for 4 days and then be used. Not all of the plants are sick. But one really got damaged.
Some Picts

6 1/2 weeks into flower. I went and bought some ro water and tried that with the an ph perfect. It brought the ph down to 5.9. I am using this mix now. I am hoping it works. I have quite a few yellow leaves. Could be nite burn but I am not sure if it was a ph issue. If I can just make it another week or week and a 1/2, I am going to flush. The seed bank claims 9 weeks of flower. They definitely need more time.

Thank you very much. I had one issue mid flower and it did recover nicely. I had bumped my feed schedule to the recommended dose and I will never do that again!
The blue cookies have and amazing smell. I will chop some more today
Hope all is well in your world.

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