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Hello all,
This is my fourth indoor grow and first time to publish my garden. I have had great luck ordering seeds from crop king and got my last order very fast.
4- white widow
4-Durban poison (only 3 popped out of the ground)
4-super silver haze
4-cali og kush/haze
These are female photo period seeds that popped on January 16th 2018. I germinated the seeds in a paper towel and then planted in 4" pots.

No nutrients for the first two weeks. I will be using general hydroponics flora series to feed these girls.

Soil is sunshine mix no 4. I love this mix because it drains very well and I can control the nutrients that are delivered to the plants.

I am growing in a 4'x8' tent with led lights. The seedlings spent the first two weeks under a 600 watt led light and were transplanted into 5 gallon pots on1/30/2018.

I Welcome any and all comments and want to share my grow with this community that has helped me perfect my gardening skills.
I will upload some pictures today.

Day one on 1/16/2018

Today is the two week mark , 1/30/2018. I am transplanting from a 4" pot to a 5 gallon pot. On of my pots is a 7-8 gallon and I am going to save this one as a mother plant.
Good morning everyone. Today is day 17 and I am giving the girls their first taste of nutrients and topping them.

I mix into one gallon jugs of water.
2 cc of micro
1 cc grow
1 cc bloom
1 cc cal mag

Temps at at 86 f in the tent.

Then top them.
I have a full pot of water sitting in the tent. The fan blows over it and it adds a little more humidity to the room. With out the water, it is around 20% and just having the water in the tent, it has placed the humidity at 42-46%. This cold front has really dried the air out.
Have a great day and I welcome any advice or comments. My other growing experience has been with auto flowers and this is my first photo try.
Day 20 of veg. The pots are light, so I gave them a drink.
Per gallon of water, I mixed:
4 cc of micro
3cc grow
1cc bloom
1cc cal mag.
Here are some pictures of the girls. Also, I want to see how they respond to the nutrients. If they look good tomorrow, I am going to start lst.
Thanks for looking and please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve this grow or if you have any questions.
Also, topping the plants was successful. I did have two that look mor FIMed instead of topped. Now I understand the name fim. They actually look pretty good and I wish that I had missed the top on more of the.
I am using sunshine mix no 4. I spent a lot of time breaking the bale apart and making sure there were not any clumps or chunks of soil media. There were a few small pieces of sticks that i discarded.
I like to make sure my soil is going to be perfect for my plants. One time I used some potting soil from Home Depot. It had a lot of small chunks of bark and other little wooden pieces. The plants were really stunted and I ended up starting over with some better soil. I know there are a lot of important environmental factors in growing and I am now sold on investing in good soil that grow suppliers sell. They are all more expensive than soil at Home Depot, but they are really geared towards growing cannabis. I thought I could save money on soil and learned that a good growing medium is very important.
Thanks for reading and any input is more than welcome.
Day 23 and the girls had explosive growth and responded very well to the topping stress and me bending them. I got some better lst coated wire. It was bought at our local grow shop and made for lst. The pipe cleaners are not ridged enough. They did not need any water but I plan on feeding them tomorrow until I see runoff. Here are some Picts.

The plants to the far right are the white widow and are still smaller. I went ahead and tied them down too.

I fed the girls today with full strength gh. Here is the ratio per gallon.
5 ml micro
5 ml grow
2.5 ml bloom
2.5 ml cal mag.

I also did some more lst. The plants are looking good and on track. I am still in the veg stage and lights are on 18 and off 6.
Day 30 of veg. I did not need to water today because the pots were still heavy. I performed some more lst on them. I am not sure how long I am going to veg them. My previous grows were with autos and they would be blooming by now, if they were autos.
Here are some pictures of them today. They look a little funny because of the lst.
Also, any thoughts on topping them again? I guess I could but I am not real sure.

If you have time I would top then again. I heard you cant top too many times but if you topped one top once I dont see any issue if you top all the new tops that showed up after the LST and first toping. And by the way your plants look great. much better than mine. similar size but the foliage seems very healthy and thick.
Day 31 of veg. I have them water today.
5ml micro
5ml grow
2.5 ml calmag
2.5ml bloom.
I am guessing that it will take about 3-4 days for them to dry out. I have them about 3/4 of a gallon each. Hopefully next week I can start the transition to bloom. They seem to be growing normally and I have not seen any issues yet. I did not tip today. I am going to let them spread out a little more.
Is there a rule of thumb on how much time from the last topping or FIM, to when it would be ideal to flip to bloom?
Here are some Picts of the girls.
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