Some set up pics

Sounds like somewhere in your system is a polarity flip. You could go to home depo and buy a polarity checker. It looks like a 3 prong plug and has some red, yellow, green leds. If your polarity is flipped on a outlet or even a service box or switch. You know, corn is difficult to start indoors and transplant outdoors due to it's ginormous root system - they are notorious water hogs and send deep tap roots fast; you might have a 1 inch stem above the soil line but below it will sent a 5 inch root; also corn needs to be tightly grouped due to the fact that they are wind pollinated. I am not an electrician, so take any info I offer purely as anecdotal and from personal experience.
Thanks Guys.
The 2 WW ladies I did not give nutes until after their burns showed up. They are to small for the nutes now, but I put them in the hydro anyway. Tonight I transplanted both of them into some dirt. I'm going to leave them there are see if they survive. Is what it is, a learning experience. Right now, the chronic is getting half strength seedling nutes. The browning doesn't look any worse. I bought a better humidifier tonight and can get the humidity at 45-65 percent now. I want to give her overnight and tomorrow to see if it makes a difference and narrow down the problem.

Thanks on the Corn info J. As soon as it gets a little warmer around here, I'll get any future seedlings out side as quick as possible. I put the couple I have into some bigger containers for now. And thanks for the electrical opinions. Ill see if I have a Polarity checker in the old mans tool box.
I also got some decoy Tomato plants in. AHHHH YEAAAAA
Hey Cannabis 1

When i first set up my grow tent i was struggling to get the RH above about 35,So here's what i done i got two large trays filled them half way full of water then got a towel,placed one half of the towel in the tray,the other half was out and i had a 7 inch desktop fan,in this pic i just had a damp towel i added the trays after because the heat would evaporate the water slowly and then the fan would blow it over my lil ladies the more water i added the higher RH i got,i eventually got it up into the 60's which i was pleased with :) hope this helps
Thanks VG. That is a great DIY solution! I have been able to stabilize around 50-65 %. Im pleased with out a doubt. I didn't notice any change with my lady, so I changed out the nutes with just plain H2O. Ill let the plants flush for a day or two and put them back on 1/4 strength. The WW ladies have withered and passed. So of the original 6, just my JC #1 survived. Am I going to be arrested for murder?
Hey guys. Man have I had a difficult week. After getting water in my basement, the humidity shot up and inturn it rose in comination with the humidifier in the tent . It caused the temp sensor to shut down my lights 2 days in a row until I fixed the problem. But I had mushrooms pop up around the corn. I cleaned everything so I should be good now.

Next, during the H2O flush, I noticed algae in the res. The nute temp was 82. It is to god damn warm. Im pretty sure that the signs we are seeing on my chronic is some sort of disease, or maybe lockout? I have kept the ph from 5.6-6.2 (for the most part). Sometimes it would rise quicker, but I would adjust it.

And the last, all but 1 of my Hawaiian SH are showing the same symptoms as the ww ladies that died. It has to be the temp I have the roots at. The seed mat is set at 77. Is that to hot? It gets to about 80 in the humidity dome, so the roots must be hotter right?

Anyway, im sure that there is a few things I am forgetting about, Ill post them as I remember.
I have been dropping 4 frozen water bottles 3 times a day now. It has stabilized the temps at 67-72 degrees. Hopefully this will continue to work. Now that the temps stabilized, the pH has also been right in the target area between 5.6-6.2. Things are looking up boys!
I aslo did some pollenating yesterday. Got all my strawberries that flowered and all the Sweet Million Tomatoes. You can see the pic of one of the strawberry flowers that has lost it pedals already and getting ready to start producing. I also saw a small tomato starting today as well!!!!

I also got my mom a rose bush for Mothers Day. I thought it would be a little bigger, but ill bulk it up before I give it to her. Its Mini red roses with gold around the edges. Beautiful!!!

:thumb: LOL, at least I'm not changing diapers!!!!
Hey guys. Couple questions for ya. I was going over my actual numbers journal. Since I changed the nutes to 1/4 strength (Veg Mix), I have noticed a pattern in my pH and PPM. For every 12 hours, the pH will rise .2-.3 and the PPM will rise 100-150.

I drop them slightly by adding fresh water and pH down. Adding the water is thinning out the nute solution, so there is essentially the same amount of water in the res, 15G, but now there are less nutes, not to mention all the stuff the plant has used in that 15 gallons.

Now for the question, Can I add a little more nutes to the res? If so, which ones and how much?
I figure, until my weekly clean out, the nutes will be getting more and more used, so why not add some more?

And another quick question. Look at the ladies in the soil. Does the one on the left look yellow? I think I'm going to leave her and see what happens.
Looks a little light colored; maybe needs some N; or the N is locked out.

Thanks Jam

I mixed some nutes with high N last night and gave both the soil ladies a dose. She looked better this morning, we will see in a day or two if she fully recovers.
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