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How to make your own signature


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Hey, welcome! :ciao: I’m Backlipslide, when I first found this site and decided to make a grow journal to share my experiences past and present. I had no idea how to make a signature underneath my posts to notify others about my journal. Luckily this group of members here, are nothing short of a big family. So it didn’t take long for me to learn how to do it, but it was almost embarrassing, having to ask that question. So that brings me to this post and why I’m making it. My goal is to help others, and If it only helps one person then it makes me happy, and that’s one less new member trying to figure out how to do it. I might add I’m doing this off of my phone not a computer, but it couldn’t be too much different then this.

So you start out with being on your journal, you then copy the URL link of your journal. (Website name located at the top of the page)

You then click on your avatar at the top, (if you haven’t gave yourself an avatar yet, then you can do that as well) locate and click on the signature option. (It’s circled in the picture)

You’ll find your self on this page next (picture below) click on the icon that is circled in the picture.

The picture below shows you your next step.

You will then paste the copied URL of your journal in the spot I have an arrow going to in the picture.

The spot that I have circled in the picture is the text you want it to say when displayed (for instance: John Doe’s super amazing coco grow! 2019)

You can make it as silly or as serious as you like it to, but that’s completely up to you!

Good luck!



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Well done !

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I’m glad you put this here , I always forget what I did to get there 12 weeks later . I guess it’s a case of getting old ! Reave fixed it for me the first on the first signature. I went back to Teddy’s in the helpful links the last three times !
Question,does anyone know how to do a signature on an iPhone ?

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