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  1. copperrein

    Copperrein's 1st Hydro/3rd Ever Grow: Blueberry Cookies x2 Winter 2020

    First, the stats and goals: 2x Blueberry Cookies fem (purchased in January 2020 and frozen until now) Started in rockwool cubes Nov 20th, 2020 50/50 Indica Sativa Starting as seeds Indoor 2x4 Hydro Spider Farmer SF2000 Veg 3 x 4 ft, Flowering 2 x 4 ft Full spectrum LED using Samsung LM301b...
  2. IMG_20201013_083931.jpg


    Thank you seedsman for these discountinued beans I ordered while back.
  3. IMG_20201013_083959.jpg


    White og fem seedsman thick Buds .
  4. IMG_20200924_163752.jpg


    White og fem seedsman
  5. IMG_20200924_163910.jpg


    White widows fem seedsman
  6. IMG_20200919_130448.jpg


    White widow fem seedsman lock out gone ...
  7. 49581411-5CC6-4C3D-95F0-F3C2F0EE5D5A.jpeg


    Hmmmm she lookin good! Tuesday...
  8. TheKindWay

    TheKindWay: Cream&Cheese 1:1

    New member grow! My caregiver and I have been growing for one year and are excited to share our net grow. Cream & Cheese from Seedsman. Seed start 8.27.2020. Up pot on 9.8.2020. Mix soil medium, Mars Hydro light for veg cycle, first plants in a new grow room (used tents while homing the craft).
  9. Greenhouse


    Day 37 flower
  10. Amnesia, sister glue, critical mass, bcg

    Amnesia, sister glue, critical mass, bcg

  11. IMG_20200830_165912.jpg


    White widow clone I cleaned up for him
  12. Feeding Mega Crop

    Feeding Mega Crop

  13. White Widow- Seedsman

    White Widow- Seedsman

    White widow transplant from germination. She popped off her shell and was up and running in a matter of hours. Strong genetics I’ve seen thus far.
  14. Dr. Seedsman 30:1 CBD germination

    Dr. Seedsman 30:1 CBD germination

    Ready for transplant. Great genetics right off the bat.
  15. Alaskan Purple- Seedsman

    Alaskan Purple- Seedsman

    Popped a little bit. With a little humidity and heat this seedling came right out with no issues.
  16. Alaskan Purple - Seedsman

    Alaskan Purple - Seedsman

    Seedsman Alaskan Purple
  17. White Widow

    White Widow

    White Widow popped out of her shell
  18. White Widow

    White Widow

    White widow popped out of her shell
  19. Germination Station

    Germination Station

    Bean Germination Seedsman- White Widow Alaskan Purple 30:1 CBD
  20. Greenhouse


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