Zupreme, Star Killer, Rare Dankness 2020 Grow

Time for that weekly documentation again. Not much to report, I fed them some more tiger bloom, budswel and cal-mag. The plants are growing healthy and overall I am very pleased. One thing of note, last week I said I would spray them for preventative maintenance, but I decided to stop. One thing you may notice in the pictures is that the buds are not as fluffy as they once were. Im talking about the pistils. I dont know if it is because I sprayed them last week, but before hand the little white hairs were standing at attention. The buds looked like little pom poms. My crop of little green cheerleaders has seen the pistils not be as vibrant as they once were. Im not sure if this is a problem but Im going to discontinue spraying as I cant detect any signs of pest anyway. Also, I didnt see any signs of hermie so I dont feel like it is pollinated....lets reserve judgment from the photos.

First a few different angles of plant #1 from an overhead view. The first photo makes the plant appear to be very leafy and not have a lot of airflow or room for light penetration. I think the photo is misleading thats why I added other angles.

Zupreme 1 day 29 OH 2.jpg
Zupreme 1 day 29 cluster.jpg
Zupreme 1 day 29 side 2.jpg

Some Close ups of the flowers...i really wasnt concerned about the pistils, as long as she keeps stacking the trichomes.

Zupreme 1 day 29 CU 2.jpg
Zupreme 1 day 29 CU 3.jpg
Zupreme 1 day 29 CU.jpg

One thing to note about this strain is that the 9 bladed leaves really crowd the plant overall. I feel like this plant would benefit from some more internode spacing. I guess thats the results you get from an indica plant.
The 2nd Zupreme sister is growing along nicely too. I guess I should have mentioned, these are both 29 days into bloom. This one seems to have a little more breathing room. Overall, same results as the 1st plant. I like how the view from the side makes her appear less congested.

Zupreme 2 Day 29.jpg
Zupreme 2 day 29 side.jpg

Flower close ups, what do you think?

Zupreme 2 day 29 CU 1.jpg
Zupreme 2 day 29 CU 2.jpg
Zupreme 2 day 29 CU 3.jpg

There you have it! 4 weeks in bloom, looking at another 6 or 7 to go. Thanks for following along for another week.
I guess I should document some info on the environmental conditions. We had another mini heat wave this week. Low '80s around here is considered hot. Temperature never got above 74 F is the grow tents. Changing out the HPS for LEDs is the best move I could have done. Humidity is staying around 55%. I think thats good, but im going to do some research. I had thought that the higher tempertures require higher humidity, but overall a lower humidity during flower will induce more sugar. IDK, sometimes I feel like im just making shit up to sound like I know what im doing
Its that time of the week again! I hope everyone had a great July 4th. I didn't over do it, but just enough weed and wine to have a pleasant, relaxing day. Thought I'd share the highlights of the BBQ for two, just to shift gears a little.

$40 prime grade Porterhouse on the hibachi grill.

T Bone.jpg

Shrimp & Scallop skewers with some basil and garlic from the garden. Washed it all down with the Kingpin from Sparkman cellars. Used some edible flowers from the garden too to give it that July 4th, crimson, white and Indigo feeling. I made some gummy bears with some infused coconut oil, maybe someday I'll document those too.

July 4 bbq.jpg

Anyways....where here to look at the plants. The Zupreme girls are now 36 days old. I planned to harvest around day 65 so I am past the half way point which feels great. I water the plants every 3 days, I ended up fertilizing them today. Modified the program from before. Tiger bloom and Cal-Mag. Later in the week I'll hit them with some of that liquid guano. They seem to be thriving. They are lush with foliage nothing to really note as far as discoloration or anything. They just keep cruising along. I got out the jeweler loop today to look at the trichomes. Clear as day, small little guys, but the plants are frosting up real nice. Here are a few shots of the first girls. Not much going on for pistils, I'll be interested to see how these fatten up.

Zupreme 1 day 36 OH.jpg
Zupreme 1 day 36 side.jpg
Zupreme 1 day 36 CU no 2.jpg
Zupreme 1 day 36 tric.jpg


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The sister plant is doing about the same. One thing to add though, while masturbating the leaves of the plants, the aroma of fruitiness is quite powerful. the real test is going to come at harvest time trying to preserve the delicate terps. Thus far I am impressed with the scent of these girls, cant wait to find out what they taste like. I forgot to take some close ups of the flowers and I ended up putting the pots back in the tent. I ended up taking closeups from under the LEDs which is giving them that purplish hue. The are 100% money green right now. the temperature and humidity has been rock steady. I really couldn't ask for a better growing environment.

From the overhead angle the photo makes it look like a mess. crowded plant with no airflow. The side view shows a bit better spacing but still some room for improvement.

Zupreme 2 day 36 OH.jpg
Zuprme 2 day 36 wide angle.jpg
Zupreme 2 day 36 cu 1.jpg
Zupreme 2 day 36 cu 2.jpg
Zupreme 2 day 36 cu 3.jpg


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I said I wasn't going to do it, but with the Star Killers winding up being males I wanted to get some more content for the journal. Welcome to day 14 of the hydro flood & drain set up. Same strain, these were cuttings from the original plants we are looking at.

These seem to be growing really well in hydro. I flipped at about 5 nodes because I didn't thing they were getting much growth during stretch phase, but these shocked me in the hydro set up. I'll be real interested to compare when its all finished. I do the general hydro line. A few additives to keep it clean and a terp enhancer. Just another peek at my quarantine experiment.

I ended up defoliating quite a bit after the pics were taken. Usually I wait to week 3 but this garden needed some work. kind of difficult to see any details under the LEDs. I guess I just want to show the side branches and how much these guys stretched in hydro.

More to follow...

Flood and Drain Day 14.jpg
hydro day 14 cu 2.jpg
Hydro day 14 cu.jpg
Last post for now...As if the Star Killers going male on me wasn't disappointing enough, my next lineup didnt give me much to work with. Between having a few not germinate and the abundance of males, looks like Im going to have to get more Zupreme cuts ready.

I had a total of 6 plants from regular seeds, (3 sugar tits, 2 chocolate Thainapple & 1 Tip Top Magoo) only the tip top magoo ended up being a female. I cloned all those plants before flowering, had 6 cuts each of the 3 chocolate thainapples, but all for nothing. I ended up trashing the 5 plants and about 18 cuttings. Before I trashed them all though I thought maybe I should use one of these males for a breeding project.

Both the sugar tits and Chocolate Thainapple are sativas. Right now my current moms are all indicas. Zupreme, Double Black, Blue Ox, Tip Top Magoo and Spumoni. The spumoni shows sativa traits for long internode spacing and I knew she wouldnt fit in the chamber for completed growth cycle. What I want to try to accomplish is adding some internode spacing to the Zupreme, Double Black and Blue OX.

I took a cutting of the strongest sugar tits I had and put him in the chamber with a cutting each of Zupreme, Double Black and Blue OX. Truth be told, although I take up a lot of space with my hobby, I dont really have enough room to run a true breeding project so after I get the seeds out of this one, its a big ask to hold the mothers and fathers to accomplish the back cross. This project might get trashed at some point, but for now, i'll give it a go.

New crosses to include
Zupreme Tits
Black Tits
Ox Tits

This was acting on an impulse so I can get into more detail another time about the breeding chamber, but you just get this tease for now.

The anticipation of the offspring is going to keep me entertained for a bit. Thanks for following along. If you read the very first post, by now you can really see I wasn't telling a lie, I am all about wasting money on dumb shit I dont need.

Breeding chamber day 1.jpg
Breeding chamber day 1 no 3.jpg
Breeding chamber day no 2.jpg
Its been a little while, I didn't do the usual weekend updates cause I lost my phone cable. Were back in business now though so lets check the progress.

Photos were taken on Tuesday, day 52 of flower cycle. The plants remain green, there is a little bit of discolor towards the bottom, but that is to be expected as we reach the end of the life cycle. I am looking at about 2 more weeks before chopping these down.

Here is some pics of the first plant filling in nice

zupreme 1 day 52.jpg
zupreme 1 day 52 side.jpg
zupreme 1 day 52 cu.jpg
.....and the second plant. I am going to stop feeding them and just go with clean water. It has been hot this week but the change I made earlier this year by swapping out the HPS for LEDs has been a game changer. The garden did get up to 85F at one point but overall I was able to vent it pretty well.

zupreme 2 day 52 cu.jpg

Zupreme 2 day 52.jpg

Zupreme 2 day 52 oh.jpg
Ok its August, to quote late '80s Australian rock band Midnight Oil, "The time has come" Today is the day to chop and begin to dry. It might be difficult to tell from the photos of the trichomes but I bet I could have taken these down a day or so earlier. As it is, today is day 63 of the bloom cycle and there appears to be plenty of amber. Seeing as the hysro garden still has about 3 weeks, after testing this crop, I might try to harvest some a little earlier and less amber trichomes overall. But for now, I cant go back in time, it is what it is.

Zupreme trikes.jpg
zuprme trikes 2.jpg

Sorry for the grainy photos, I is a cell pic of the computer monitor because the scope refuses to take pics.
I was surprised, although there were a few nugs that were kinda larfy at the bottom, for the most part I was pleased with the development of the under growth. This time I split the plant into branches and hung to dry. I pulled some fan leaves and left others on. I'll wait 2-3 days before removing the remaining fan leaves. After that I let it dry for another week to 10 days before trimming the sugar leaves and put into jars or paper bags, depending on the conditions. The end is near, I cant wait to spark this up

zup upside down.jpg
Lets put a bow on this grow journal and wrap it up.

I forgot to follow up after drying. I got just over an ounce per plant from the original soil pots and about the same from the hydro rock wool cubes. The hydro definatly grew with more spacing and allowed for better light penetration and better developed buds.

I started to dry by seperating the branches and removing fan leaves. I already had quite a bit of the foliage removed. I was pleased as the room stayed about 70 degrees and the humidty at 50ish %. Now I got to admit. This drying and curing is where im lacking. As I understand, the buds should go in jars at 62% humidity. But also they should dry on the stem until they snap off or the smaller stems also snap. That never happens for me. If I leave them on the stem until they snap off, when I put them into the jars they are closer to 52%. IDK, but the 62% seems a bit to wet, I think its best when they are about 57%.

Also I cant seem to get them to tighted up like little rocks. You remember that scene from slapshot? "Fucked the barmaid, she had nipple hard as little rocks" I have heard that wet trimming could help. Im not sure if I should dry them longer or just be patient and wait out a longer cure. It does seem my older stash will firm up, but not quite like what I have seen in the past from other growers. Whats the secret?

Here is some photo proof
2 for grind.jpg
after 3.jpg
I much perfer to dry and then manicure. It makes for a prettier nug as sometimes the leaf can nestle just right and its not as sticky to contend with. However, i did end up with a good amount of scissor hash.




after 2.jpg
Having some technichal difficulties with the photos loading. I'll have to come back to finish this another time.
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