2nd Grow,Transitioning From RDWC To Living Soil


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Hello all and thanks for joining me on my 2nd grow. As the title states I’m new to growing (finishing my 1st run in hydro) and even newer to growing in soil as the bulk of my learning was for hydroponics, but from what I’m hearing and reading soil has better quality and that my friends is what I’m after, quality over quantity preferably both, but if I have to choose it’s quality.

This run instead of using the bag seeds that I’ve collected over the years, I ordered a few packs of fems because I don’t want to wait on sexing nor do I want to go through 4 plants herming during the 2nd week flower again that was possibly genetic related and that I’m currently finishing out on my 1st run.

Germ’d six seedlings.
3 - Jack Herer
2 - Gorilla Cookies
1 - Blueberry

Bag seeds are so tempting lol. Gotta give this zookies a try, it was some dank a couple years ago.

I also added another Gorilla Cookies, Jack Herer and a Wild Thai

Progressing along

Transplant Day

Ran into a few problems between transplanting into MG organic soil to prepare them for supersoil. Lots of yellowing from bottom up, droopy leaves and brown patches. Some lower leaves decayed but the new growth is growing healthy.

1st LST!!!

Everything’s pointing up! (Again)


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Some really cheap soil only because I started this grow so unexpectedly. Def gonna upgrade when all my clones come in this week. I think I'll have to use some cheaper stuff for all these seeds I popped haha
Lol it’ll grow! I’m using miracle gro organic soil until they’re ready for a hotter soil. It says it’ll feed for 3 months, that’s plenty of time for them to mature.
Hope you have enough room for that thai! She's a lanky lady
Yes I’ve heard lol. I’ll train her over a period of a couple months, keeping her low as possible. Got 5 more outdoors preparing for a Guerilla grow, can’t wait to see how they mature out in nature.
Everything’s been progressing.
I topped,supercropped & transplanted into 5 gal over the last 2 weeks ago and had a few to fade to a lime green color. After a week it came to me to rearrange the ladies and see if that would help. I did so 3 days ago and they’ve all gotten their color back.
I gotta have a stable full of perpetual, professional, wonderful ladies of leisure. It takes time to train them up, but it’s worth it because once trained they’re yours and will believe that everything you tell em to do, is for the best.
These girls are in the middle of flexibility training. Every man loves a flexible woman, right? I remind them daily to not be ashamed of what they’ve been blessed with, open up and be beautiful from the inside out. The response I’m receiving back from them is a beautiful thing. Way to go girls!

To keep these broads cool and their hormones from racing, I connected them to flower room #1 that only the best of the best will have the opportunity to enter.
8in fan forcing cooled & scrubbed air into flower room #2

Discharge from flower room #1

To recirculate the air between the rooms I’ve also ran a second ducting from flower room #2 to a Tee in flower room #1, connected to another 8 in fan and scrubber.

After discharging at floor level on the opposite side of the room, it is then cooled, scrubbed and eventually discharged & recirculated back through flower room #2 to repeat the process.
I have four stallions currently on the tracks in flower room #1, but they’ve reached their prime and will soon be on the decline. I’ll pull them at that time and give them a proper harvest, dry & cure. After celebrating their milestones my up and coming stable should be ready to begin their reign.
Harvested my 1st grow on 5-31. RDWC 4 herm’d Fire OG’s.
Found out they’d herm’d around week 3 flower and since it was my 1st grow along with I had nothing vegging behind them, I decided to see it through and went the recommended 10-11 weeks flower time. I. chopped day 1 week 11 as the trichomes said it was time.
I’ve came to the conclusion that the red numbers from the temp controller & humidity controller ultimately got her.
I learned a lot though and got to see the male do it’s thing and jizzle pollen everywhere including on me lol. I picked off so many damn seeds it was crazy. Every night id go in and search for seeds until I couldn’t find anymore ( on the surface). The few others I saw were in the colas and I wasn’t digging that deep into the bud, so I just left those.
I did use Doc’s bud washing that I would recommend anyone reading this to try. My crop wasn’t dirty, but while checking tric’s once I saw my hair & wood shavings from me drilling inside the room, that led me to searching for cleaning methods. I even washed some of those seeds I saw out of the buds. It took me a long as time though. I started hanging lines inside the room at 8p on 5-31 and finally finished at 10a 6-1. I wasn’t rushing and I did stop for about 20min to eat once over in the morn, that shit still took a long time. So take that into consideration. Those are hanging & drying, currently on day 4 @65F/60%RH
Now that the 1st is coming to a close I can focus on these ladies in soil. For the past week I’ve been correcting Mag deficiencies in the soil of all 9 of them. Using 1Tbsp Epsom Salt/Gal and everyone seems to be doing better. One Jack Herer was down pretty bad, looking sad all day everyday, the top leaves had developed interveinal chlorosis also. She was struggling. I also wasn’t watering frequently enough.
The one Jack is perking up and getting her color back

And the yellowing of the lowers has stopped on the others as far as I can tell.

I also had to get a scrubber for this room
(flower room 2). During flower in #1 the smell in #2 was SOOO pungent and at 3-4am it was ever so slightly loud as hell in my driveway. I’ll seal the ducting holes better in the next few days.
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