2020 Vision

Excellent news on the outdoor harvest, but I am sorry that the PuTang is best in name only :(. Oh well, good marketing wins the day!

Why is the grow ending in June (I obviously didn't read back far enough), and LOL on still buying seeds! That's a true addiction Magoo!
Getting married and gonna have a few more youngsters running around. Can’t risk it. Lol. Will probably just do outdoor after that so I don’t have to have it here
The couple people that I know that grew the Putang weren't impressed with it initially. But they gave them a month or two in the jars and they improved greatly. Perhaps all yours needs is a bit more time. I have a couple of the Putang beans but I keep putting off dropping them. Cheers brother!
Thanks Van! I’ll keep that in mind. I actually cracked a hat today and it smells better than it did. It’s been jarred up for about a month and a half or so.
Well congratulations, congratulations, and man that sucks! On the plus side, I get a lot more updates on your outside grow. :thumb:

Nice that someone will still marry you with the new facial growth!
I mean she’d be a fool not to marry this thing! Just check out this majestic thing!
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