2020 Vision

Good looking Bubba right there.
Thanks Penny! Took down the Cheese XXL auto outside too. Didn’t yield much. Maybe 3/4 oz. may just use that for some oil.
Harvested the Bubba tonight!
I don't have much hard hitting Indica's so that will give me some good bud for the evening or bed time. I also got a Bunch of freebie Alaskan Purple which is a Indica leaning Hybrid . Most of my stash is Hybrids or Savita's though. I get couch lock so easy that most hybrids give me couch lock and makes me want to sleep so it doesn't take much to knock me out. Hell I would probably be out in just a few minutes after smoking some Bubba Kush
Same. A puff or 2 does it for me with a heavy indica. That’s just enough to enjoy a show or part of a movie as I drift off. Lol. Sleep like a rock
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