1. E

    First Grow - Feedback Requested

    Hey guys, This is my first grow. I took 4 Lemon Haze seeds from my stash and bought a 300W dual-spec LED and got started on my first grow, in my closet. They grew in a closet environment for 3 months, with heavily stunted growth due to temperatures often exceeding 110'F in the area. However...
  2. 33A7A6B0-784A-4D6C-803C-35015B3DAE27.jpeg


  3. P

    Actual Sativa & Indica Difference

    Came across this article recently. Everything Your Weed Guy Knows About Weed Is Probably Wrong - VICE Was searching for info on an Australian variety i have heard of called Morphet Late. (not sure of exact spelling. Anyway, NOT wanting to start some kind of flame war, but am...
  4. slylikeafox

    Slylikeafox Promix Soil Cali/OG Kush 70% Sativa - 2018

    2 seeds Cali OG Kush + Haze 70% Sativa 2 seeds Durban Poison 60% Sativa 2 seeds Green Crack Mainly Sativa Currently 7 days after sprouting (pre seedling) Indoor Soil Promix 3in pot size plastic and peat pots Mar II 1200w LED aircooled Cabinet temp 72-78c RH 30-65% Media PH 7...
  5. bridgeofsighs

    Looking for recommendations

    I'd like to try autos again this summer. I'd prefer a Sativa dominant. What is a good sativa dominant auto strain? The faster finish the better. I've seen good things about Auto Mazar... :Namaste:
  6. M

    1st time grower

    Hey guys New user here Wasssup So ive been following these threads for advice for a while now..finally signed up.. Ive got my 1st home grown outdoor sativa and need some advice and tips Will post pics below of the sativa Its most likely a swazi strain (im based in South Africa )...
  7. A

    Bag seed - Indica Sativa or hybrid?

    Hey everyone! I ran out of seeds (and money lol) so i decided to go to my bag seed reserve. I've saved some seeds of only the best of the best that I've smoked. Anyways, i was wondering id it's Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid? I think it's mostly Indica with some sativa traits but I've only been...
  8. Van Stank

    Stanks Go Perpetual In 2018!

    Hey 420!!! The new year is upon us and the Stanks have decided to go perpetual. We had a great time on our first two grows but we have decided to change things up a bit. In our first grows, I did most of the growing work and Ms Stank helped where needed and at harvest times. This year, she...
  9. C

    Cannabis and increased heartbeat question

    Hi, I just want to throw this one out to you all, first because I am new to growing my own (I am in week 17 of my first grow and although it was a mess at first due to trying to grow too many plants in a tiny tent all is now OK and flowering/budding nicely) secondly because I have angina with...
  10. wwhateley

    WW's Landrace Grow - Panama

    Hi everyone and welcome to my 4th grow journal! I'm focusing on a sativa landrace this time and I'm really excited to grow it and to try it out. As always, I'm growing a single plant. This time, I will only veg for 45 days. My setup : Seed : Feminized Panama seed by Ace Seeds Lights...
  11. Ian Bastage

    Broken Coast Ruxton 3 - Sour OG

    Strain Name — Ruxton 3 (sour OG) From — Broken Coast Cannabis When — 11/17 Price - $9.25 per gram Type — Sativa Dominant (70/30) 22.8% THC <0.04% CBD Appearance —Some big fat buds that barely fit into the jar. Cured very well. Dry but sticky & it hydrates after it has been out of the...
  12. Crashdog

    Crashdog's Flavor Train - DWC & A Couple Of Dewey's

    So after getting a vape last month and giving that a shot with 3 different strains I was very disappointed. They all tested different but none were enjoyable. So this grow I'm hoping to stick something in my vape that actually tastes good. 4 Strains: Strawberry Amnesia - Mostly Sativa...
  13. Ron Strider

    OR: Sativa Science Club Is The City's First Independent Source Of Cannabis Education

    Not everyone who enters the cannabis industry has time to work harvests, process flower and study the plant on a scientific level. Most new business owners are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and don't have the resources to have a cost-efficiency consultant on retainer. Enter Mary J...
  14. T

    Now or later?

    No frost for the next two weeks so I might wait til Halloween to cut them. Any thoughts? I suppose they're ready now but appear to be primarily sativa, so I might wait so they lose a bit of the psychoactive aspects. Input appreciated!
  15. H

    South Indian Sativa LED SOG Experiment

    What's up guys, So, I've decided to use the seeds from the weed I smoke and try out an experiment. Not really hoping to get great yield, if I do.. then hey, it's a win! So I'm pretty sure this is a South Indian Sativa, or at least a Sativa Dominant strain, since I live in Chennai which is...
  16. T

    Leaves, hybrids and narcotic effects

    Friends, I planted non-autoflowering feminized seeds that were supposed to be northern lights, therefore primarily Indica. Two Great plants gowong outdoors and approaching harvest. That's the good news. My concern is the leaves are def indicative of sativa. If this is a indeed a hybrid, is it...
  17. MackMcMacMac

    Does this sativa plant look right to you?

    Hi! I'm a little confused about this plant and hoping someone here can straighten me out. I'm still a noob. :) I'd ordered Pyramid Tutankhamon seeds, and this is what is growing from one of them. I was under the distinct impression this was a sativa plant when I made the purchase. I've also...
  18. BirdNerd

    Hello and Thanks for being here!

    My name is Camille and I recently have become interested in growing. I only have one plant but have been having tons of fun learning so far. My baby is a female sativa that is 4-5 weeks in bloom. Looking forward to the community! Peace
  19. J

    6wk stretch Sativa - Question

    Hello everyone. I have a crazy Sativa lady who stretched for almost 6 weeks since I flipped to 12/12. She quadrupled in size and is truly a beast. My question, Since this is a first for me, is how long can a Sativa flower? Especially after a stretch that went far beyond what I thought was possible