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  1. Photo 2 - BD1.jpg

    Photo 2 - BD1.jpg

    Big Devil XL Fast Version™ - Day 90 (+44)
  2. K

    New grower having worries need help please

    So I’ve been trying to grow plants out doors I live on the east coast one of my plants look different then the others and starting to yellow I changed the soil last night cause I didn’t start out with the right soil I am now using happy farm I’m unsure of the strain moved and ended up mixing all...
  3. DopeLife

    How do you identify the strain?

    Hello it’s me again! How do you identify the strain? Indica? Sativa? Hybrid? ‍♀️ Seeds were given to me and only one sprouted….! As of now she’s growing beautifully (I think!!). Any help is much appreciated.
  4. bushmans-ape-origin-hanfsamen-sativa-indoor-outdoor-420magazine.jpg


    Bushmans Sativa - the perfect southafrican pure Sativa for indoors & outdoors
  5. copperrein

    Copperrein's Sponsored BESTVA LED & Homegrown Cannabis Co Triathlon Of Sativa

    Ohai there! Before I start my normal manic rambling, let me get the details out of the way: I'll be growing 3 plants in a homebrewed drip/kratky system. The system consists of three 5 gallon buckets from my old DWC set up. They hold 6" net pots in the lid and through the bottom I've set 2" PVC...
  6. Transkei Origin Nug

    Transkei Origin Nug

    An individual nug from the Transkei haul, rough trimmed
  7. Transkei Origin Sativa Nuggets

    Transkei Origin Sativa Nuggets

    A selection of early cure nugs from my Transkei lady.
  8. Transkei Bud

    Transkei Bud

    Grown from normal seed in the ground, outdoors.
  9. Transkei Plant

    Transkei Plant

    This plant was eaten by a locust when it first went into the ground. I honestly didn't think she'd make it. Grown from normal seed in the ground outdoors.
  10. Transkei


    Grown outdoors in the ground. Normal Transkei origin seed.
  11. Transkei (Holly)

    Transkei (Holly)

    This is a Transkei origin plant. Normal seed popped on 12th September 2020. Grown outdoors in the ground on the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.
  12. Transkei Plant

    Transkei Plant

    Transkei origin seed grown in the ground outdoors, in Cape Town, South Africa.
  13. Transkei Bud

    Transkei Bud

    Transkei origin seed grown in the ground outdoors, in Cape Town, South Africa.
  14. Photo 14 - ALP2.jpeg

    Photo 14 - ALP2.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 2
  15. Photo 13 - ALP2.jpeg

    Photo 13 - ALP2.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 2
  16. Photo 12 - ALP5.jpeg

    Photo 12 - ALP5.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 5
  17. Photo 11 - ALP5.jpeg

    Photo 11 - ALP5.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 5
  18. Photo 10 - RC.jpeg

    Photo 10 - RC.jpeg

    Raspberry Cough
  19. Photo 9 - RC.jpeg

    Photo 9 - RC.jpeg

    Raspberry Cough
  20. Photo 8 - Carnival.jpeg

    Photo 8 - Carnival.jpeg

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