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  1. End of week 6 veg

    End of week 6 veg

    6 sativa dominant hybrids in end of week 6 veg
  2. End of week 6 veg

    End of week 6 veg

    Sativa dominant hybrids in end of week 6 veg
  3. W

    Sativa or Indica: can someone please help me figure this out, images are below

    They are on their 2nd week of grow from seed, Can someone please help me figure out the strain of these plants Indica or sativa?
  4. BarçaBeachBum

    Cannabis Strains For Focus: Cum Laude By Positronics Seeds

    In this video, I review the Cannabis Strain Cum Laude by Positronics Seeds, Seed Bank in Malaga Spain. A pure Sativa of the finest quality, Cum Laude is the ideal strain for energy, creativity, offering an intense mental high with deep psychoactive effects. It´s ideal as well for...
  5. Ultra-Lemon-Haze-Auto.png


    A great example of the Guy Fieri Phase.
  6. 20190630_142834.jpg


    Forest Dream FD #42 under 315W Full Spectrum LED about to be drought stressed.
  7. BarçaBeachBum

    Cum Laude Strain

    Just got back from my Cannabis Club, where I picked up some Cum Laude. Just wanted to attach some pics so ya´ll get an idea of the Cannabis Scene here in BCN! Plus a bit of Strain Info I found on Cannabis.info - Enjoy & Buenos Humos! :ganjamon: Cum Laude: Absolute Refinement This triple...
  8. neikodog

    Neiko's High Brix Garden Powered By NextLight

    Welcome to my 4th journal. I'm honored and excited to be able to showcase these powerful lights from Nextlight. I am currently flowering in 2, 4x4 tents with each tent containing a Nextlight Mega. For environmental control I run a mini split, stand alone dehumidifier and humidifier. My temps...
  9. ilei

    What strain is this?

    Could someone guess what strain this is? I’m growing it for like 8 weeks now but the seed i used was found in a bag of 12,5 grams of purple pot. So I’m guessing it’s a purple strain but there are like dozens of purple strains so I’m kinda struggling to identify this plant. Can anyone take a...
  10. P

    CFL only: Lemon Pie, few days before harvest

    I’m so proud of this plant. My first indoor growth and im happy with the effects. Some info. Veg: ~6w Flower: 7w Medium: soil Nutrients: 3-6-3 birds guano Lights: cfl 250w duo + cfl 85w Light cycle: 18/6 - 12/12 Grown from seed Training: 2x suppercrop, FIM, LST. Let me know what you think...
  11. NorCAKnowYourGrow

    Indicas, Sativas & Hybrids: Oh My! NorCal 2019 8 Plant Outdoor Grow

    I am an accomplished veggie and herb gardener so why not try my hand at a little ganja? I plan to use the bud for medicinal tinctures, salves, edibles, and a family member who smokes for medicinal use will get the rest. Strains info/pics first, Grow Info below Strains Purple Punch (2), Black...
  12. RETRIX

    Something Wicked

  13. A

    Sensi’s Eagle Bill Gets Its First Grow On 420 Mag

    Spinning up a new journal for what I believe is the first grow of Sensi Seeds Eagle Bill strain on 420 Mag. Eagle Bill (the man) has a pretty incredible legacy that I suspect has impacted all of us, either directly or indirectly, with or without you knowing, at some point in our cannabis...
  14. Auto Super Lemon Haze

    Auto Super Lemon Haze

    Getting more frost than Gucci, lol. Day 40. Auto SLH
  15. Katins

    Katins's Sativa Micro Grow Adventure: Durban Poison

    Hey everyone, so here goes my sativa in a box adventure :) Hopefully it is a female, as the seed is a gift from a friend who got it years ago on a trip to Amsterdam and that is all the info I have got on it :) It is a soil grow, under a single QB120 board in a 2 cubic feet size box. I plan on...
  16. hydro91

    Hydro91's Organic Seedsman Grow Journal 2019: Under Construction

    By popular request I've decided to get the thread underway in preparation for when my equipment arrives. Please be patient as I will frequently update the thread as more items arrive. What strains are they? ~Indica~ -Granddaddy Purple (Grandaddy Purp) -Northern Lights (Pyramid Seeds) ~Sativa~...
  17. hydro91

    Cannabis strain suggestions for chronic pain conditions: fibromyalgia

    Dear 420 forums, Looking for suitable strains to treat fibromyalgia. Someone very close to me suffers from this condition, I've managed to assist this person in weaning off their benzodiazepines in hopes to find a suitable strain to eliminate all if not most of their nerve pain/chronic pain...
  18. hydro91

    5x5 Grow Tent Questions

    Dear 420 Magazine forums, Had a few questions regarding a tent I just purchased. Is my 5x5 grow tent suitable for 4 plants and each one having a yield of 1 lbs each plant or am I pushing my luck with limited space? I plan on running 2 viparspectra V600w led's to get me started. I'm most...
  19. 20181111_101209.jpg


    Amazing Haze Ready to Drop :)
  20. The last 2-

    The last 2-

    Had to share em all!
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