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  5. Lady G2HM

    Lady G - Seedsman Sponsored Journal - Medical Vitamin Weed

    Lady G — CANDIDA & CBD OG KUSH Auto— Seedsman Sponsored Grow Against Alzheimer's & Neurodegenerative Diseases "Seedsman: About Us:love: Our company mission and the aim of all our websites is to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations whilst promoting the need to control and...
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    Acapulco Gold Newty
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    Alaskan ThunderFuck Ms Stank
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    Acapulco Gold Newty.
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    Officially the first day of week 5 I to the flowering period
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    Sativa hybrid last day of week 4 of the flowering period
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    Sativa hybrid last day of week 4 of the flowering period
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    Sativa hybrid last day of week 4 of the flowering period
  13. Momma’s Kitchen

    Indica vs Sativa

    Has anyone noticed a temp difference between Inficas and Sativas? My Blueberry are starting to foxtail but the indices are thriving?! Is that a thing?
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    Switched to flower
  15. dlchobbes

    Sativa defoliation

    Hey all, Been growing for a while and have been a fan of defoliation with indicas, but am a little nervous about doing the same with my new sativas. Anyone have success or failure with this? Bassman59, you listening?
  16. elunex

    First Grow - Feedback Requested

    Hey guys, This is my first grow. I took 4 Lemon Haze seeds from my stash and bought a 300W dual-spec LED and got started on my first grow, in my closet. They grew in a closet environment for 3 months, with heavily stunted growth due to temperatures often exceeding 110'F in the area. However...
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  18. philthegeek

    Actual Sativa & Indica Difference

    Came across this article recently. Everything Your Weed Guy Knows About Weed Is Probably Wrong - VICE Was searching for info on an Australian variety i have heard of called Morphet Late. (not sure of exact spelling. Anyway, NOT wanting to start some kind of flame war, but am...
  19. slylikeafox

    Slylikeafox Promix Soil Cali/OG Kush 70% Sativa - 2018

    2 seeds Cali OG Kush + Haze 70% Sativa 2 seeds Durban Poison 60% Sativa 2 seeds Green Crack Mainly Sativa Currently 7 days after sprouting (pre seedling) Indoor Soil Promix 3in pot size plastic and peat pots Mar II 1200w LED aircooled Cabinet temp 72-78c RH 30-65% Media PH 7...
  20. bridgeofsighs

    Looking for recommendations

    I'd like to try autos again this summer. I'd prefer a Sativa dominant. What is a good sativa dominant auto strain? The faster finish the better. I've seen good things about Auto Mazar... :Namaste: