1. crazy horse

    Short Malawi Gold Journal-Crazy Horse

    this is just a quick journal for people to check out some malawi gold(african buzz) my smoke report should be interesting!, im only a few weeks away from chopping her, pics soon! :ganjamon: oh ye... her name is wee malawi G lol
  2. M

    Manic's First with CFL's

    Hello everyone, this is my first real grow that I've started here so let's see how it goes. I have 10 little plants that I've started from seed, in the next couple weeks some are going and some are staying, but in the end there will not be this many plants budding here. Of These 10 plants...
  3. F

    When should I harvest this special case?

    SOIL GROW Strain - Bag seed # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Blooming Bucket Size - 4 Gallon Lights - (1) Really huge CFL Nutrients - General plant food Medium - Store bought plant soil (Black gold) PPM - ? PH - ? RH - ? Room Temperature -70 to 84 Solution...
  4. T

    Tom5436 Indica Pre 98 Bubba Clone/ Sativa Cannalope Haze grow journal~ 2009

    Strain: Pre 98 Bubba:ganjamon: Indica, Indoor 7 days since purchased from PCC in Santa Barbara Current Stage: Veg Age in Stage: 7 days Soil: Fox Farm Pot Volume: about 4 cups Light: 150 watts Light Distance: 12" Light Times: 18-6 Fans: Two computer fans (until the batteries died after 6...
  5. H

    MJ vs. Concentrate Effects

    I know the very basic differences between a Sativa and an Indica experience, and have found the mind high from Sativa much more suitable for my needs. I am not very experienced in the field of concentrates, though I have tried a few types of hash, and I was wanting to use an alcohol solvent...
  6. 420

    Sativa OG Kush aka Skywalker OG: Legal Medical Marijuana Grow

    I was invited to a Legal Medical Sativa OG Grow here in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to be able to take pictures. Please light up and enjoy the show...;)
  7. TrichomeFiend

    The Hog's Breath

    Very pungent Sativa with creeper, uplifting high. The taste is fresh and foresty with some ugly sour taste, interweaving throughout. I use the word 'ugly' very loosely, infact it's pretty much, a good thing. :surf: (check me out, surfing on those trichomes. LMAO) P.S the blue hair was also...
  8. M

    Mr Zongs 1st Indoor Setup Orange Kush

    This is my first grow room setup.. so bear with me on this one.. The setup is a 6'X3'X8' space with a 1000 watt super hps hortilux bulb, an oversized hood, temperature controlled, a 250 ballast, an intake and outake fan, as well as a wall mounted fan,, black and white paper, milar Now for the...
  9. Smokin Moose

    Wally Duck's Magical Sativa from Papua New Guinea

    I have been in touch with one of Australia's premiere breeders, Wally Duck, the maestro who bred Ducksfoot, and the amazing Cinderella99 X Panama Red. Wally has just sent me some images of a magical sativa that he is growing out from seeds sourced in New Guinea. I thought you might like to see...
  10. Smokin Moose

    Creme De La Creme Cannabis Photos

    I invite all members to post their favourite bud or plant shot in this thread. I am after your favourite image, that you feel best represents your love of the plant, or a personal growing achievement. I will start this thread with an image that is my most special pic. Please add ONE image each...
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