Wally Duck's Magical Sativa from Papua New Guinea

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I have been in touch with one of Australia's premiere breeders, Wally Duck, the maestro who bred Ducksfoot, and the amazing Cinderella99 X Panama Red.
Wally has just sent me some images of a magical sativa that he is growing out from seeds sourced in New Guinea. I thought you might like to see. In Wally's opinion, New Guinea may hold the Holy grail of strains. It is a very inaccessible country, and is literally still in the stone-age (no pun intended!). The colours are just amazing!


wow i would love to try some of that.
Nice! I love Wally's genetics. They are all potent big yielders. I can tell anyone out there that if you have the opportunity to grow some of wallys seed, especially the duck, do so. All are some kick ass smoke. I made a friend puke from being too stoned off the duck. It's so strong! And the duck is a huge yielder too. My 6 foot tall by 2 foot wide girl gave me close to 12 ounces by herself. And I was fighting grasshoppers for bud that year too.
How do you think this strain would be crossed to Tom Hills PTK ?

"Pine Tar Kush"- A relatively unworked Pakistani inbred line.
Lime green pine/skunk, one of my heavier yielding pure indicas.
A very nice smoke of average potency with a rich flavor & chatty high.
Some folk say it taste just like juicy fruit gum. Outdoors it finishes
the second week of October, indoors about 60 days.

hey guys , i hate to dissapoint ,
but the first two pics were mislabeled ,,
must have been some confusion between myself and mr moose ,
they are in fact thai those first two , the last one im a bit unsure of ,
but ill add what i know definitely was png ,

kinda glad to see those pictures though as ive lost the originals of them ,
its been a hard decade or so lots of things lost ,
but thankfully i never lost my freedom , despite feeling like it while i awaited the outcome of some court cases..

anyhow here the png ,
this stuff was strong too ,...

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