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Wally Duck's Magical Sativa from Papua New Guinea

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I have been in touch with one of Australia's premiere breeders, Wally Duck, the maestro who bred Ducksfoot, and the amazing Cinderella99 X Panama Red.
Wally has just sent me some images of a magical sativa that he is growing out from seeds sourced in New Guinea. I thought you might like to see. In Wally's opinion, New Guinea may hold the Holy grail of strains. It is a very inaccessible country, and is literally still in the stone-age (no pun intended!). The colours are just amazing!




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Re: Magical Sativa from Papua New Guinea

Holy crap! Look at all that! Those are some exiting genetics... Its gonna be cool to see what makes it's way over here from those genes.

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wow i would love to try some of that.
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Nice! I love Wally's genetics. They are all potent big yielders. I can tell anyone out there that if you have the opportunity to grow some of wallys seed, especially the duck, do so. All are some kick ass smoke. I made a friend puke from being too stoned off the duck. It's so strong! And the duck is a huge yielder too. My 6 foot tall by 2 foot wide girl gave me close to 12 ounces by herself. And I was fighting grasshoppers for bud that year too.
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How do you think this strain would be crossed to Tom Hills PTK ?

"Pine Tar Kush"- A relatively unworked Pakistani inbred line.
Lime green pine/skunk, one of my heavier yielding pure indicas.
A very nice smoke of average potency with a rich flavor & chatty high.
Some folk say it taste just like juicy fruit gum. Outdoors it finishes
the second week of October, indoors about 60 days.



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I think it would be great. the indica side might add a narcotic effect while shortening flower times and possibly giving the plant a shorter, wider stature. It truly depends on which phenos you keep and back cross to stabalize the seed as to what traits are kept though.
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