Fallen Cannabis Warrior: Mark Heinrich aka Smokin Moose


April 22, 1955 - February 15, 2017

Mark Heinrich was not only a grower, a medical Cannabis patient, an activist, a writer and a caregiver, he was also a much loved son of Harold & Joan, beloved husband of Trisha, loving father of Richard & Travis and brother of Debbie, Grant & Brett. While he suffered from severe PTSD, his final battle was lost to SMA Syndrome.

Mark's Cannabis journey began in 1978 from a failed attempt at smuggling cars into Iran, which landed him in the notorious Sagmalicar Prison in Constantinople (now Istanbul), made infamous for its extraordinarily harsh conditions in the movie, "Midnight Express". It was there, that his nightmares and journey with PTSD would begin. Mark was full of horrors, trying to recover from those five months spent, without trial. "At no time was I taken to court, and at no time was I allowed to contact my Embassy or the Red Cross. Suffice to say I was brutalized beyond anyone’s comprehension, and scarred deeply for life." Read more about his car and eventually hash smuggling journey here: Inside the Mind of a Hash Smuggler - Smokin Moose's Story

Mark did not truly escape prison however for decades. His memories and dreams of his time in prison caused him extreme PTSD. It cost him his wife, his home, his kids, and finally, his sanity. As he wrote, "The dreams came and went with an increasing frequency and intensity. I tried everything from strong sedatives to prolonged sessions of cognitive therapy with a forensic psychologist. It was one step forward and two steps back. There was just no escaping the simple fact that I eventually needed to sleep and that all the therapy in the world would not help. When the lights went out and I fell into the dark, my mind took me further into the dark." It took him to the depths of despair, and led him into a life of poly-drug use in an attempt to escape the horrors of his mind.

Eventually, there came a second fulcrum in his life, this time swinging to the positive.

Shortly after registering on our website and making his first post, we were drawn to the way he connected with members, quickly developing a following of friends and fans. Mark was recruited as a volunteer Moderator & contributing writer for 420 Magazine, launching his career as an official Cannabis Activist. He worked tirelessly with us day and night, first training how to use a computer, then on how to manage trouble makers in the forums and how to source and credit cannabis information for us to share with the world.

Once his training completed and he had established a presence in our mission, Mark went off to to Nimbin, representing 420 Magazine at Mardi Grass, as well as the Aussie Cannabis Cup. He wanted to write articles on what he experienced, as well as doing some networking. He knew Ed Rosenthal would be there, and he had spoken with Michael Balderstone and Andrew Kavasilas, so he was pretty geared up. His own words capture the importance of the moment:

"Mardi Grass proved to be a turning point in my life. It quickly became evident that the answers I was seeking to my PTSD issues were going to be answered. I was sure there had been some divine intervention in my being in Nimbin, because a miracle did occur. I met Mullaway Man, a man of compassion and love, an indigenous Australian who has a true passion for the Cannabis plant. He is a benefactor of several compassion clubs, and what he does not know about Cannabis, only God knows!"

"Mullaway Man and I had a chance to talk about my illness and my dilemma in finding the right medicine for my PTSD. Lucy Charlesworth had previously mentioned to me about Mullaway’s tinctures, and Mullaway explained to me the process of making a tincture. He gave me a small phial to take home with me to trial and see whether I found relief for both my pain and my dreaming issues. I knew that THC was particularly good for pain, and I was curious about the impact it may have on my dreaming.

"When I got back to Canberra, I found straight away that the tincture was the holy grail of medicines for the treatment of PTSD. Not only did it give me immediate and prolonged pain relief for my broken back, it also proved to be a wonderful mood modulator and dream suppressant. I have been using the tincture for nearly 2 months now, and I have not had a single night terror or nightmare since. I now look forward to going to bed, and my quality of life has profoundly increased."

Mark had, in his own words, "Reclaimed the night".

Read More About Mark's PTSD Battle: The Use of Cannabis Tinctures to Treat PTSD by Mark Heinrich

Since then, with 420 Magazine as his editor, Mark contributed a whole series of invaluable pieces. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of 420 Magazine will have seen articles by him, under the username Medical Marijuana, the most popular being the How to Grow Marijuana - Everything You Need to Know archives, that he helped us recover.

Medical Threads by Smokin Moose:
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Mark's Medical Marijuana Photo Gallery

In 2009, Mark left to pursue his own Cannabis business in Canberra, where he became a grower and caregiver to the community. He worked as often as his conditions would allow, helping others to learn about, and get safe access to, Cannabis medicine.

Friends & Co-worker Tributes:

"Moose was a high output wonder. He did an enormous amount of work in support of the site in the early days when we were super thin on staff. It's heartening to see all his old friends come back to show their love. In my beliefs we only get one round and Moose's time ran out early. I'll always respect the fearless fight he put up on behalf of green medicine and he can rest now knowing he played a great role in the prime fight."​
- Soniq420 aka Keith Lake (420 Magazine Administrator 2006-Current)​

"While I never got a chance to meet him in person, all interactions were very enjoyable. A highly knowledgeable man when discussing all topics - but his specialty was kief/hash. A true warrior in the fight to raise the overall awareness of the benefits of cannabis. You will be missed."​
- 420Cyclist aka Scott Wheelman (420 Magazine Administrator 2009-Current)​

"I met Mark several years ago when I came to 420 Magazine. At the time, I was out of work with a bad back. Like most others, I found Cannabis was killing pain that opiates could barely touch. I stayed at 420 Magazine for educational purposes and the camaraderie--which was all led by Moose.​
Much of the educational material you find on this site originated with Mark. If you've come here and found which strains work best for you, thank Mark. If you've come here and found a community of truly 420 friendly people, thank Mark. He spent hours doing research to increase our knowledge of Cannabis. He spent even more time as a Moderator, keeping the website organized and clean. When I joined as a Moderator, he took the time to teach me everything he knew, which made the job so much easier. All of the Moderators and News Hawks back then were so grateful that he took the time to mentor and support us. He taught us to keep the website a place one could be proud to point others--a legacy that continues today.​
Though Mark's reach was International--the help he gave us was close and personal. He made a poor man's grower feel as big as a guy with the latest light bulbs and fancy nutes. He took the time to listen to us gripe about our pains and pointed us to the best strains to provide relief. He personally tested new strains and ingestion methods to help sick people feel better. He provided genetics and product to those who didn't have access to quality Cannabis. Mark leaves behind a large community of people who were personally touched by his generosity and his labor. Mark left us all a lot better than we were before we met him."​
- MsRedEye (420 Magazine Moderator 2008) & PFlynn (420 Magazine News Hawk 2008)​

"I have to tell you that he was one of the most selfless people I have ever met. He had a genuine urge to help people and was as genuine a man you could find. He was 5,000 miles away but I always felt like we lived next door. I will miss those conversations. I didn't realize how much until I thought about him for awhile. I don't know what other people thought about him, but he always treated me like a brother. I have a feeling that those of you whose life he touched, know exactly what I mean."​
- Boss (420 Magazine Moderator 2008)​

Mark Heinrich & Ed Rosenthal at Nimbin MardiGrass 2008

"He was a good man, it was a pleasure working with him and he'll be dearly missed. My condolences to his family."​
- Be Irie (420 Magazine Moderator 2008)​

"I have great respect for all the Cannabis Warriors and it is with great sadness to hear of Smokin Moose’s passing. My/Our only solace in the time of his passing is he had begun to see that the fight for Cannabis Awareness and Legalization won many battles and has gone further than I ever expected it to in the last 7 years or so. My home state being a battleground won by us. A State I was arrested twice on possession charges 1996/1997 and now it’s nothing. Really blows my mind. Now I need to find a way to move back there."​
- McBudz (420 Magazine Moderator 2008-2009)​

"He was easy to work with, and he always had great suggestions on how to phrase your words, to get your point across, without sounding harsh. If I had a problem or needed extra help, he was always available to talk on the phone or in chat. Even when he wasn't feeling his best, he was still willing to do what he could. He was knowledgeable and a great person to chat with. He was very intrigued with our trimming scissors, so we made sure to send him a pair! He was ecstatic when he received them and thought they were the neatest thing ever! We had sent him a gold pair that looked like a stork! It was an honor to know him. May he RIP with fields of green."​
- Alaska Lady (420 Magazine Moderator 2008) & Matanuska Valley (Husband/Contributor 2008)​

"Inspirational, persistent, caring and compassionate, those are true qualities for a cannabis warrior: Mark definitely had all of them. He was skilled communicator and was very respected in the community. Mark was literally on the other side of the world but his kindness and words of wisdom were felt thousands of miles away. Thank you for your friendship and fight, you will be missed. Go Habs go!"​
- DaHui (420 Magazine Moderator 2008)​

"I started out at 420 Magazine with not a clue what to do. I posted my pics. Moose was always there. There to help me, because I really wasn't sure what I was doing. He was always supportive and there for me every second of my grow. God bless him. Anything I needed he was there for. One of my favorites to chat with. He's one of the good ones. I pray he is in comfort. I will miss him."​
- Ms. Fox (420 Magazine Moderator 2008)​

"I first encountered Smokin Moose when I was only had basic knowledge on growing vegetables and a few ornamental flowers just trying to learn the basics of growing Cannabis and Mark helped and guided me many times to the information I was searching for on how Cannabis was being grown by Medical Marijuana patients themselves over years. It was Mark and other Medical Marijuana Activists who helped me learn real knowledge on how to grow Medical Marijuana that has lead to inspire and allow me to pass on this information to 420 Magazine members newer to growing plants or Cannabis specifically making medicine Medical Marijuana themselves as well. Mark's gift of knowledge has in turn touched many more lives than I believe Mark was even aware of over the years. Mark's lose to our Medical Marijuana community is invaluable and a personal one as well. Carry on the torch!"​
- John C (420 Magazine Product Reviewer 2008-Current)​

"Feeling the need to expand my marketing skills beyond the local farmers market, to present our Hemp Root Body Care products, my first place to join was 420 Magazine. That's when I first met Mark Heinrich. It was exciting to be able to chat with someone across the world. In June 2009, Mark offered to help pass out sample of our Therapy Cream, to folks in his area who needed it. That's when we got real close because in July Marks' Home was raided by the Australian Federal Police and Samples of Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream was confiscated. After a long trial and 4 months of scrutinized testing, the Feds deemed that the Cannabis root healing cream, was negative of THC and returned the personal supply of Hemp-EaZe back to it's rightful owner. This was a significant step forward for Australia and Cannabis activism in their country and quite a sacrifice for Mark, I am grateful that he was able to go free. Mark and my husband would chat online all the time, we felt as if he was a distant member of our family."​
- Darcy Stoddard (420 Magazine Sponsor Hemp Eaze 2008)​

Mark's Brazilian Haze Cola that he grew himself in this journal
Smokin Moose's White Widow Grow Journal

Notes From Smokin Moose:

"You know guys, 13 months ago I could not use a computer. I stumbled on 420 Magazine by chance, and have now been here a year. The first thing I learned to do was cut and paste, and that was a laugh in itself, for as soon as I 'cut', my stoner memory lost the 'cut' part into the ether. I could never find it again to 'paste' lol Well times moved on and I got caught up in the passion of bringing Cannabis awareness to the world, and was given the privilege of being a Moderator on an international public forum. That was a huge thing for me, only ever having pushed a pen before. I saw Rob Griffin's dream and believed in it feeling I had something to offer from my years of growing Cannabis, so I decided to come out from behind my avatar, and make a personal commitment to stay at 420 Magazine for 12 months. Now, in stoner's terms, commitment can sometimes be overlooked, yet it is a fundamental for success in life. I hope others can find it in themselves to commit as I have, so we can have a louder voice as we take our message to the world. I have just recently committed to a further 12 months here."​
- Mark Heinrich aka Smokin Moose (420 Magazine Moderator 2008) - Cannabis & Commitment

Seems like just yesterday, we were working together, creating Cannabis awareness to the world. Mark was my best friend and right hand man for 15 months, how do you prepare these words. Although our working relationship ended back in 2008, our friendship carried on to date. Just before he got sick, we had developed a plan for him working in our news department, posting news from Australia. It breaks my heart that we didn't get the chance to accomplish what he called, his "coming home". I am proud to see the training we invested in him, blossomed into taking activism to the next level, a true Cannabis Warrior. He carried the torch far and wide, all over the globe, helping others til the end. I already miss him dearly and will think of him every day.

We have lost a wonderful man, a great warrior and a dear friend to us all, for which we are truly saddened. We thank you for your service, commitment and friendship, Brother Mark. You now join the ranks of Fallen Cannabis Warriors; Jack Herer, Franco Loja, Josh Williams, Peter McWilliams, Michelle Rainey, Sister Somayah, Eagle Bill, Ronnie Smith, Ranger Danger, Tod Mikuriya, Jim Finnel, Tim O'Donnell, Howard Marks and many more. We will continue our collective mission, until the last man and woman is set free from possessing our beloved plant. Your contributions to our mission will remain in our archives, continuing to help others in need of Cannabis, for many years to come. Sending you and your family all our love and positive energy through the Universe, wherever you are. :love:

Rob Griffin & Everyone at 420 Magazine

Rest in peace comrade!:rip::rip:
There are those who do, and there are those who do MORE. Having LED a life such as this man has, many could not have done half of what Mark has done to further the cause of ending prohibition and increasing positive awareness within the world. A genuine loss.

my sincere condolences to Mark's family, and to his friends who were lucky enough to be touched by him.:Namaste:
I first encountered Smokin Moose when I was only had basic knowledge on growing vegetables and a few ornamental flowers just trying to learn the basics of growing Cannabis and Mark helped and guided me many times to the information I was searching for on how Cannabis was being grown by Medical Marijuana patients themselves over years. It was Mark and other Medical Marijuana Activists who helped me learn real knowledge on how to grow Medical Marijuana that has lead to inspire and allow me to pass on this information to 420 Magazine members newer to growing plants or Cannabis specifically making medicine Medical Marijuana themselves as well. Mark's gift of knowledge has in turn touched many more lives than I believe Mark was even aware of over the years. Mark's lose to our Medical Marijuana community is invaluable and a personal one as well. Carry on the torch!
See Mark in this amazing documentary at 31:17 :circle-of-love:
..A Life Of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana - Full length documentary

420 thanks so much for mentioning that film project. Mark did so much that is unknown to so many. It may surprise you but Mark hooked me up with Helen Kampalos who produced the film. My hummingbird images are also in the film. We miss you Mark...DD
I'm so saddned to read Mark has past away. He and I meet at the forum of Treating Yourself canada. We called eachother Friends although we never meet in person. I will now play the cd he send me. Mark I will miss you my Friend.
What a story/ life.. Sounds like moose (Mark) was a overall genuine legend. And from what I gather, he always will be. Sad I came across this so late. I didnt know how to turn a cpu on in 2008 tho. So... but LH&R and R.I.P Mark. You where a good man with a heart strong as steel.

R.I.P Mark.

Unfortunately I didn't know anything about Mark untill this thread. I will read about his works. Im sure Mark was a truest amazing person, Rest in peace Mark, you and your family will meet again someday.
Although I never got to enjoy meeting him & learning from his expertise while he was here; I have to say his tribute is heart retching. All the shit he went through brought tears to my eyes.
I have read a few of his threads & they are top notch! Thank You Mark ! RIP
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