Fallen Cannabis Warrior - Jim Finnel aka User aka Jim Behr

Jim Finnel, a.k.a. User, a.k.a. Jim Behr, Assistant Editor, News Moderator and dearly beloved friend of 420 Magazine, who helped turn this website into what it is today, died on 07-27-2014 at the age of 60 years old.

Father of two, grandfather to three and married to Ramona since 1977, Jim was born in St.Louis and adopted out soon afterwards. He overcame a childhood of neglect, abuse and bullying with the help of cannabis, friends and music. With cannabis, it was love at first smoke and unknowingly self medicating, he journeyed beyond anger and self-loathing, discovering a community who accepted him as he was; a habitual runaway, rebel, poet and warrior.

He served his country in Vietnam, but the music he listened to and the books he read in the sixties taught him that authority was something to be challenged, leading him to develop revolutionary attitudes and ideals that would shape his life forever. Through social activism and internet research, he began learning about cannabis as a cause and got hooked on this site because of our members. According to Ramona, "Jim's favorite way of smoking was his pipe. He felt that cannabis was the answer for so many things. When he was able to smoke, it relieved his pain and anxiety."

On his spiritual journey through life, Jim also connected with his Cherokee heritage. A shaman gave him the name "Bear" and sparked a lifelong interest in his totem animal. He collected bears and drew inspiration from them. He once said, "I found my way to 420 Magazine while surfing and spreading left-wing propaganda. Propaganda is not a bad thing, its actually what we do here. I had never really thought about Cannabis as a cause. I got hooked on the site and members and educated about Cannabis. Its funny how you can use something for 40 years but know so little about it. The news mod at the time saw how I was interested in news and I was asked to become a news hawk. One thing led to another and here I am 21,000 posts later. I love this place and when I'm not able to be here I miss it. It has become a major part of my life. Rob, the staff and members mean so much to me. I hope to be able to contribute for many years to come. I can't wait until we fulfill our mission and Cannabis is universally legal."

Jim was committed to our cause like few others and along with creating valuable content for our community, helped shape our news department in it's formative years. He was happy with his life and filled with love in spite of several medical conditions, the most troubling of which was chronic pain from Hepatitis C and Diabetes.

In the end, even working from bed with a laptop and wireless mouse hurt too much physically. As time went on, he couldn't sit in certain positions and eventually he just couldn't do it at all. He would smoke Cannabis whenever he could get it, but that was not always easy in Missouri. He had recently been preparing for a relocation to California, in order to get regular access to his legal medicine.

His wife, Ramona: "Jim loved everyone at 420 Magazine; the staff, members and readers alike. Working for the cause gave his life meaning and purpose, excelling his quality of life in his last years. To him, working with you guys just might have been the most important thing he ever did."

Founder of 420 Magazine, Rob Griffin: "Jim was my right hand for many long years, helping us create global Cannabis awareness and was a large part of helping pave the road for the "Green Rush" of today. Countless hours were spent not only working around the clock, but also becoming brothers, sharing life stories of everything from A to Z. It sure hasn't been the same around here without him. Sending you all my love and positive energy through the universe, wherever you are, Brother Jim."

Jim requested to have his ashes spread into the mountains of Northern California. Ramona sent them to Rob, who will spread them in the Feather River on a canoe trip through the mountains.

His final wish for this website, was that Jim Behr's profile and posts be changed to his real name, Jim Finnel. We have now complied with that wish and in turn wish him all the best on his further journey through the universe.


Jim's ashes in their final container, before they are reunited with the earth

A small token of Jims physical presence will remain at 420 Magazine

Close to our hearts and always on our minds.

Jim Finnel loved music and here are some of his favorite songs.

Ramona requests that any donations be sent to the Hepatitis C Foundation and/or Liver Foundation.

Jim Finnel, cannabis warrior and dear friend, rest in peace.

My thoughts go out to Jim's family, and all of you here at 420 Magazine who worked with him over the years. Jim was a great guy, and I really liked him a lot. I'm very sad to hear that he has passed from this Earth. Jim trained me as a news hawk, and he was always patient with me, and kind. He really enjoyed working here, and I know he was a big part of it all. He was very knowledgeable about this site, and from what I saw, very dedicated to it as well.
I just don't know what else to say, it's very emotional. May you rest in peace, Jim.

Jacob Ebel

Thank you, 420, for letting me know about this.
So sad to see you go, Jim. Hopefully where you are today there will be no pain. Your life here on earth is to be celebrated and we will never look at a bear again without thinking of you.
Go in peace old friend, you will be missed, but not forgotten. You're spirit will live on through us and the many lives you touched. It's been about a year since I've posted here, but this news brought me out, and made me realize how much I miss my 420 family. . Peace big brother, love Matt, aka GT
Thanks man
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

May you rest in peace my friend...you were a great person that fought the good fight...a true warrior to the end. You will be missed by many, "User" (Jim's tongue in cheek way to stay anonymous - he had his login name set to "User" when I first met him)...Vaya Con Dios brother Jim.

:peace: and :Namaste:
Never had the pleasure to meet Jim but have heard many great things about him. So sad to pass at an early age in life. Rest in peace!
Rest in Peace

I've known Jim for a long time and always considered him a great friend. Jim was actually the reason I joined this forum. I was looking for Cannabis news and wanting to help with the fight. I kind of latched on to his work, followed his posts, and found a home here at 420 Magazine. I say this in tribute to the success of Jim's works as an activist. Who knows how many people he touched with his work or that found their inspiration to make a difference from his example.

Jim was very quick witted, truly disliked conflict, and had a great knack for deflecting tension with his unique sense of humor.

It's difficult to learn about a friiend's passing. The only comfort we have is that Jim lived a great life and will always be remembered.

Our community has lost a truly dedicated activist and a great man.

I'll miss you Jim
I had the pleasure of knowing Jim for some years, working closely with him way back here on 420 Magazine. He was always staunch and quick to laugh.
A true loss to all.
May he rest in peace.

If I'm to be quite honest here, I'm sorry to say that I really didn't get to know Jim as good as some of you or as much as I wish I had, but after hearing his story and learning more about him I'm certainly regretting this unfortunate fact.

From what I can tell, he was very much my kind of person as he so deeply believed in and was so passionate about our cause in which we all share. It is a rare thing for someone to totally devote themselves to this mission and do everything they can to see it out to the end and Jim certainly did that.

It is because of warriors such as he that the stigmas of the past about our beloved Cannabis are now becoming a thing of the past and a new light of hope and change are now shining through the clouds. It takes this kind of unwavering dedication to make changes like this possible and we all owe him and others like him our deepest gratitude and respect.

Jim, where ever you are brother, I know your watching over all of us here and you can rest assured my friend that your commitment and unwavering devotion to making Cannabis awareness reach every willing ear will always remain the top priority of us here at 420 Magazine until the day comes where there is no more oppression and persecution throughout the world for our beloved Cannabis plant and this I'm sure we can all promise you brother.

My deepest heartfelt condolences goes out to Jim's family and friends, I know he was deeply beloved and will always be missed but I know in my heart of heart's that we will all be rejoined again someday and that's the thought that get's me through hard times like these.

Go easy brother, your legacy still lives in us. :rip:


Jimbo, AKA "420 Warrior"
RIP Jim,
He brought me to this site with the news and inspired me to action. Sadly we never met face to face but working with him here was a pleasure. A great man all around who will be missed. This smoke is for you my friend.
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