The Hog's Breath


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Very pungent Sativa with creeper, uplifting high.

The taste is fresh and foresty with some ugly sour taste, interweaving throughout. I use the word 'ugly' very loosely, infact it's pretty much, a good thing.

:surf: (check me out, surfing on those trichomes. LMAO)

P.S the blue hair was also a creeper high. (rofl)
those are some tasty looking buds! i can smell em from here...

Great pics, thanks:rollit:
looks amazing, makes u wish there were scratch and sniff computer screens lol
I just got some and I can't stop smoking it. Everytime I come down, I go right back up. It is truly an amazing hi...Thanks Buddy!!!!You know who you are,,,,:tokin::cool:
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