When should I harvest this special case?


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Strain - Bag seed
# of Plants - 1
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Blooming
Bucket Size - 4 Gallon
Lights - (1) Really huge CFL
Nutrients - General plant food
Medium - Store bought plant soil (Black gold)
PPM - ?
PH - ?
RH - ?
Room Temperature -70 to 84
Solution Temperature -65 to 69
Room Square Footage - 15' x 15'
Pests - None Known

Problem: I don't know where to go from here

Hello fellow forum readers:
First time posting but I have been reading for a few months.

I always save the seeds I may find in my bags but very seldom do I get any, I wondered if the seeds were any good so:

In late march 2009.
With out knowing anything I went ahead and germinated a couple in a wet cotton ball inside of a shot glass and left it by the window sill.

One of them actually started growing

May 5th.
I potted it in a 1/4 gallon terracota pot and left it by the window sill facing south west-ish in the kitchen (lots of sun)...

June 17th.
After what I assume to be light root bound problem, I repotted it again into a 1 gallon terracota...

August 19th.
I learn it's a female Sativa. I've let it go dry accidentally a few times but this plant just kept going strong!

September 15th.
I "fimmed" the top, I fimmed a whole bunch of branch buds too , I know it's getting time to re-pot again but I didn't want to fim after repotting to avoid too much stress...

This might've been a bad move I know, but doggone it I really wanted to try this "fimming" thing.

Late September.
I realize my plant is root bound, It needs constant watering and it gets a little spindly. Things are super hectic so I just continue watering often for a couple of weeks until...

Please note:
This grow was done casually and reading about it as I went along, I didn't have any artificial lighting up to this point, I had no intentions of getting serious about growing but I did care for the plant.

October 17th.
I re-pot to a 4 gallon, there was very little soil in the old pot, most of it was roots. I gently spread the ball as per instructions found here and re-potted with new soil (black gold)

I also bought a simple reflector type, clamp anywhere fixture ($9.99) and a big ass CFL with 55 watt 5000k (Satco S7339 55W Spiral Pro Series 5000K CFL 55W 120V Spiral E26 Medium Base Professional Series Hi-Pro Eco-Friendly 5000K 10,000 Hour Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) - 300W Incandescent Equivalent) $13.99.

The orientation of the sun changed a lot and the plant wasn't getting direct light more than for 3 hrs. a day. My plant was taller than the window and it wasn't getting enough light at the top.

Also bought regular old "schultz" plant food, used sparingly since the soil was brand new and I did notice a little bit of "burn".

Fast forward to Today.
My plant seems to be doing great, with the new lamp it started to shoot so many new leaves and branches new off of old branches!.

I think I won't be ripping dead leaves in the future since I did notice way fewer offshoots from those particular nodes that had their leaves torn off due to dryness.

It Needs watering about once a week

Soooo sticky

It hasn't been a smelly plant until now, but it's not too stinky. Mostly at night, ah but the smell is so sublime and fruity!

So here is my damn question already:
The plant doesn't seem to be ready for harvesting, probably due to it's very late planting. Can you guys have a look at my pics and give me your 2 cents? When could I harvest it? what if I run out of winter and this damn thing isn't ready?




I'm gonna go ahead and say I should wait a little longer, a week at least.
Though I was hoping to get the head high, harvest earlier kindda high.
Unless somebody suggests otherwise.

Here's my best shot at photographing Trichomes at night.
I'll take more pics during the day and see how different they look






I can tell you that plant is furthur then only a week away from harvest.

The hairs have not even begun to turn and the trichomes are still perfectly clear.

I suspect the slow growth was due to being root bound for a time coupled with the weak/erratic lighting. If I were to make an educated guess, I would say that plant has at least another 2-3 weeks until it finishs up. :peace:
Thanks guys,
Very, very, very much
You know when you need to know sumpthin real bad?
You can't even friggin wait for people to answer your question?
That's me right now.

I'm going cRaZy with all the stuff going on right now and my GF's folks are coming down from Montana for the holidays 20th-29th (that's like 20 days from now until they leave)... he is a LEO... higher ranked even. I was so worried I almost cut it down last week maybe I could salvage something. BUT, somebody offered to babysit her for a week... whew.

LOL Screwnuts, dude!
I've been flushing since October 17th when I re-potted to a 4 gall.
I fill a container with tap water that sits semi covered for a week until the next watering, anymore plant food causes light burning (good soil?)

I just wanted some kind of corroboration, I've done soooo much reading my head is tender, but none of that reading and picture gazing has anything to do with window sill plants. I know it may seem idiotic to do but it's only costed me about 60 bucks so far and after I move I will have my choice of closet to choose from. I'm positive the wisdom will come in handy then.

Does my "FIM" job look ok to you guys? I think I did it way too late, I just wanted to see it's effects which were awesome.

I tried taking more pics but Señor Sun didn't come out today:(
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