Solovoodoo's Adventure With Autos - Mixed Auto Strains & Sunshine Mix


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What strain is it? Mixed strains
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? mixed
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Germination
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor 4x4x6.5 secret jardin v2.5
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Sunshine mix #4
If soil... What size pot? Mix between 2 gal, and 3 gal
Size of light? 3 - t5 lights for germ and first few weeks, 600w hps for rest of grow
Is it aircooled? No
Temp of Room/cab? 85-92
RH of Room/cab? 30-40%
PH of media or res? Will be phd at 5.8
Any Pests ? No
Type and strength of ferts used? I have Advanced Nutrients jungle juice three part, big bud, bud candy, sensysime, mother earth super tea bloom, calmax by grotek, regen-a-root, and finally starter solution from grotek.

I have decided that a few of my girls in my current tent/grow have time to finish up before these girls need my tent and hps to give off lovely flowers. So with that being said I have decided to give my DD and candy cane a soak so I can get my first set of autos under way. As soon as they sprout they are going into 3 gallon root pouches where they shall remain for the remainder of their lives. I am also including my line up for this grow that will slowly be added as I harvest the others so this may lead to a perpetual grow for a bit :thumb:





I'm looking forward to this adventure with autos and having nutes from day 1 (didn't have any for the first month and a half of my first grow). As always happy growing!!! :thumb:
re: Solovoodoo's Adventure With Autos - Mixed Auto Strains & Sunshine Mix

Here is some info on the seeds that were purchased through my local hydro shop and Herbies. I am only waiting on pink grapefruit as the original that came with my order got squished :( I am glad though I caught them before pink grapefruit sold out haha. :thumb:




re: Solovoodoo's Adventure With Autos - Mixed Auto Strains & Sunshine Mix

Not much to update as I am not bothering with pics until they break soil, but DD and candy cane went into their final homes. I think I put DD in to early so I let my black Berry kush go for a bath and she has produced a tiny tap so she's still in the paper towel for now. If DD doesn't make it blackberry will take her pot. Once a few of the other girls have been cut I'll let another DD go for a swim
Hell of a line up Solo. Ill be takin a seat up in here too my friend, If ya dont mind. :thumb: :high-five:

I'll be on this journal for a while so I'm glad to have you along for the ride :welcome:

Mini Update

So as precaution Bbk went into DD's pot as I may have planted her a bit early and Bbk has shown herself today I did have to help her get out of her shell but she is well on her way :thumb: I'm happy as I thought my luck with seeds was running out after having a lovely garden in my last journal. Another reason this is being said is candy cane didn't make it :( so Dreams is going to take her pot when she's done germing
Front page seat, I finally made it in time. Solo, those are some great looking genes your about to grow.


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Front page seat, I finally made it in time. Solo, those are some great looking genes your about to grow.


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im hoping so :thumb: i couldnt stop myself from buying its become my new favorite addiction haha :rofl:

Subbed up a couple days ago I think, but hadn't taken a seat yet.

Pass a spliff around already Solo, air is a bit too clear in here. :)

:thumb: we've always got one lit and going around here :thumb: to hard not to when watching the girls grow and having a variety that i will soon be able chose from. :)

Mini Puff

With no much going on in these mini updates i think i am going to call them Mini Puffs haha as your here long enough to get an update but not long enough to finish off the joint as i kick you out for the night. I however am not trying to do so and if possible id love to share my garden with many people and not have to remain behind a username and screen. Anyways on to the Mini Puff Bbk has taken to DD's pot and still no sign of DD so I am thinking she didn't Make it, however Bbk is now loving being under the led light as this is the fastest i have seen a sprout grow her first pair of first leaves. I am not sure if its because its an auto or not but am happy with the results there is however some damage to her as i had to help her out of her shell, I think i am going to have to get them a little deeper in soil as i keep having this issue. The damage done to her was on one of her beginner leaves i swear i know what they are called i just can't seem to spell it right now :rofl: even with the little bit of damage she is looking as healthy as can be i just got to follow up on some sigs to find an auto flower nute program as i heard they are touchy when it comes to nutes. Dreams as i have dubbed her is growing almost twice as fast as Bbk, but now i think she just might have been trying to redirect her self as when she popped out she took two days to face the right way and start taking in all those lovely led rays shes getting. i say almost twice as fast as she has taken a little bit of a stretch to her and is almost three times as tall as Bbk so I will be moving her up and closer to the light if i notice anything when the lights come on today. I am looking forwad to growing out dreams as it is a CBD strain and I was more interested in finding CBD high strains after doing lots of research on them so i went and got CB Dream from the local guy as he likes to keep up on his seed stock. also went and got another CKS strain on top of that one and I went with Northern Lights, I can't wait to start them just waiting on my other girls to finish up so i can start another few seeds. Ah! before i forget i went and got 2 more root pouches as i want to replace all my hard plastic pots with these just so its a little easier to pin the limbs i will be lsting in the future and last but not least after next week i will be the proud owner of a Mars-hydro reflector144 as excited as I am its the wait that is killing me after the wife gave the go ahead to get it so it's been a pretty slow two weeks haha :rofl: well this Mini Puff is over if any more updates come along you can bet ill be here to let you all know about it as always happy growing!!! :thumb:
New lights are always fun. Great start Solo.

Update day

So i have finally managed to find a camera but its not very good haha its off of a cheap tablet i got from a resell shop so i guess you get whaat you pay for haha. Dreams has done some growing and has shot past Bbk almost tenfold only difference that was added was subculture M to the soil did some math and put in about 1.5 tablespoons and mixed it about. With me having done that and seeing how much growth happened i did the same to my second DDs pot i forgot to mention i just did another DD as both Og kush have been cut down and are curing. Bbk has gotten full color to the damaged begginer leaf that had been damaged when i had to help her out but she is looking as good as ever i cant wait Bbk was the one i was super dissapointed with in the beginning as i thought i had killed it :( but seeing as she is on her way i must of done something right :thumb: pink grapefruit is in paper towel as the wife wanted me to start that one next and went in with DD but DD is on her way and already in her pot.


Blackberry Kush

i have also made a few small purchases as i wanted to try a new two part still with AN just there sensi grow and will be getting sensi bloom in the following few weeks as i dont need it right away. Northern Lights got added to the seed list as well as a few more root pouches. After finding out i cant get the led light i wanted i found twilight groups giving away free led lights and managed to get one while they still had stock and got myself a 200w. I wish i could of gone for the mars hydro reflector144 like i was going to but with limited cash right now i had to get what i could with what i had but i am still chugging along at a good rate :thumb: and with that this update has come to an end. I will keep my collection growing and eventually one day i wont have to worry about nothing other then when were they watered? :rofl:
Looking good! Got a good gene pool to play with :)

Just gonna put my deck chair here, grab a cold frosty one have a :roorrip: and watch this grow unfold
Update day

Well not a whole lot to report other then they have just gained a little growth in the fan leaves, still no sight of dd but i think i am starting to see something popping out. Pink grapefruit went into her pot so just going to wait for her to show up to the party :thumb:

Blackberry Kush

Update Day

New lights have finally arrived yay! :thumb: not much to update as they are still pretty small but everyone loves pics haha :thumb:


Blackberry Kush

They look so lovely i cant wait for them to grow up so excited
i didnt realize i didnt post the pics of the new lights so here they are



Bigger one is a 150w x 1w led light the smaller looking bulb is a 36w par light both from twilight groups :thumb:
Update Day

I managed to find a fixture for the bulb led and hung it yesterday so i got rid of all my t5 lights and am just running led lights now thanks Twilight groups for the opportunity to try out an older version of your lights all i had to do was pay shipping i believe jason said there was a few more available and just to contact them heres a link to the sponsor to see if they have any more available.

Blackberry Kush


Why a revolver you ask? Info below haha :thumb: but she just broke ground

I have finally found out why i havent been having luck with seeds lateley and found my cloning mat that keeps the roots warm was still on i guess i forgot to unplug it and it was cooking my poor seedlings how i found out is revolver has been the fastest i have ever germed a seed as she went from cup of water to paper towel to pot within 30hrs as her tap was way longer then suggested length. With that info being found i hope all my seeds are as quick as revolver was
How's thing going Solo? Been a few days since we've seen the girls!


I will have an update on the girls today I have been quite dissapointed with my light mainly the new 150*1w as the whole board went dark and no longer lights up. With all of that going on I went to my hydro shop and got a 400w HID ballast and a 400w MH bulb as i have had most luck qith them so far. With that being said the girls will be in color again. I will be putting the 36w PAR light and the working 300w led lights away for now until i can afford to spend the money on the leds and yes i have been in contact with them to get the light fixed but it made it worse. Anyways update will br coming today :thumb:
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