Labman's 1st Grow - 4 Strain Auto Hempy With LED - Advice Welcome

Week 4 Update


OG Kush

The group
Nice,, little tidbit,, just cuz, the marijuana plant is near the fastest growing plant on the planet,, some can grow over thirty,, yep, thirty feet high,, :whoa:,, and grow eight inches a day,, incredible plant indeed,,:Namaste:

This is a 4 week old auto that has been vegged under LED lighting. I just started to notice the rust looking spots a couple days ago. Also the tips of a few leaves are bending at a 90 degree angle and pointing straight up, but they are green and not burnt. I havnt really given her much cal/mag in the feed and it looks like it could be calcium to me. I gave a normal/heavy dose of cal/mag+ in the feeding yesterday and hoping it takes care of the issue. She has two sisters the same age but smaller that are not showing any deficiencies. I am using perlite hempy with a little OC+ and FF liquid nutes. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Side note: I dont think that it is fungus. The rust spots do not rub off the leaf at all and the air flow has been pretty good with RH right around 50.
I'll hope with ya. Not the worst thing that could have happen though, just more energy for the remaining branches. Might even increase your yield rather than diminish it.

I broke a vegging early miss (Britney, in our first grow) right above the first node almost all the way through. Two months later she's my biggest plant. They are amazingly resilient plants.
Forgot to post that I was running out of the last of my FF nutes and decided to switch to AN using very similar to atrain's advanced feed schedule. I started about 10 days ago and things are looking pretty good. Got over the deficiency issue and everything seems to be growing quickly and green. The hardest part is keeping the little reservoir full. I have been bottom feeding in my self watering pots. They are 2 gallon pots with about a 1 quart reservoir on the bottom. The bigger two take about 3 liters per day right now so it's a never ending multiple times per day feeding battle. I think I might look into a drip system next run but I am really liking the growth im getting out of semi hydro type hempy style (even with all my rookie mistakes).
Quick Update: Day 47
Was moving the girls around a bit so I snapped a pic of OG Kush while she was alone in the tent. She is 46 inches now, WW is 40 inches and critical is 24 inches. The tent is completely crowded now and it is getting hard to get good light penetration past the crammed canopy. They are really starting to be squashed together pretty bad.

OG Kush
They all started flower pretty late. I have been fighting cal/mag issues with the OG Kush for a while so her leaves are pretty ragged but the buds are filling in ok. Tied her up before this pic cause her branches were flopping all over the place. White Widow is the tallest now at just under 5 feet. her colas are long and starting to fill in a bit now. I think she will probably pull in a pretty good weight.
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