LED - Tang Haze x Polar Bear OG

Hows it smoke Ill ??? By the way,my Tang Haze & Brain OG are doing fantastic!! They've been topped and trained. I've got 8 bud sites on each,they'll be a month in veg on the 15th.. I'm thinking about flipping to 12/12 then.. My tent is 4ftx2ftx5ft,so going off the haze stretch,I wanna be safe...lol. I created a grow log/journal,for my grow,but my phone doesn't seem to want to upload the pics.. Anyways thanks for the grow journal,I've learned alot by watching yours and have incorporated some of your technique's,to my grow..
I believe mine showed at about a week n a half, they were also vegged for around 6 weeks. They stretch for a good 3 weeks after the flip. Gps gear is legit, still trying to decide what to pop for my next grow.

GPS is legit,I totally agree!! 2/2 Brain OG Kush's were female... 1 Tang Haze was male and the other Tang,hasn't showed anything.. Starting to bum me out... I'll give her a little while longer to show,maybe 2 weeks.. If not,shes out... On the GPS subject,you should hit up there Black Friday sale,at midnight on the 27th... Pre orders on his new releases & 75% off all PBOG crosses!!! I'm definitely hitting up the PBOG crosses.. Maybe a few of the new releases,too... Keep me stocked up,lol... Now to order another tent and light!! Lol..
Hope all is well in your world.

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