Harley's Airpot Grow - White Widow - Liberty Haze & Lucy Under LED

ive tried ken estes gdp a couple of times but i only bought single seeds i all turned out female, so the best male was used for pollen, it all works out in the end but id of loved to of had a fem to sample the buds, been wanting that strain for a while but would be best if i bought 10 seeds to make sure i got at least 1 female, its all id need as it would be cloned or revegged or both

I got 3 seeds I sure hope one is a girl:peace:
no problem about the labeling, i can tell which is which becuase of their structures! let them finish fattening up properly, at least 70 days from pistil! :thumb:
Wild guess....1-2 OZs a plant dry which would be 1/4-1/2 pound dry for 4 plants.

i hope not 1 oz..thats how much i yield 12/12 from seed per plant under a 150 watt hid..i do let them fatten up though and become fully mature.
@b.real, you get an oz per plant 12-12 from seeds, what strains are these you get them yields from, its hard to hit 1oz per plant 12-12 from seed, most sog grows are 12-12 from seed or clone and they dont hit 1oz per plant.

thats some going if your hitting targets like that, nice work
Well I got all the seeds to pop check it out
I chopped two the trics were 50% cloudy I got 5 Left. 3 white widow, a Lucy, and Liberty Haze that are two more weeks from finishing:peace:

OOO I see, I thought you only had 4 plants cause only counted four in pics....Was too lazy to look back to see plant count. Reconfigure my estimate for that lol. Excited to see how trimmed out buds from these plants look.:goodjob::high-five:
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