LED - Tang Haze x Polar Bear OG

The Haze stretch is real. Went away for the weekend and came back to this. I'm about 17 days since I flipped so I hope it's about to slow down since im running outta height.

Looking awesome man...
So I was just looking through my last grow and it seem's like my plant is quite a bit behind where I feel it should be at this point. I believe I'm coming up on 6 weeks since i flipped. Maybe I just got a longer flowering pheno but I hope they start to fill out and bulk up a bit faster. I looked up some of the genetics for the Polar Bear OG = OG #17 x (Hell’s Angels’ OG/Biker Kush) x The White/Triple Kush , With the Tangerine Haze being the Devils Harvest Krew cut. They all seem to be in the 9/11 weeks range.
You forgot to mention swelling has occured , lol.... Looking mad ill, illa, lol... Wicked...
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