LED - Tang Haze x Polar Bear OG

How they looking man?
Getting close... They look fat in those photos, illu... Nice looking buds... Have you tipped them?
Thank you grizz. I guess I just got spoiled on my first grow and they swelled at least double this grow, had my expectations a bit higher. I think I should still pull some ok weight with how long these colas are. In planning on harvesting next weekend when I get back from a hunting trip so they have a week and a half to pack on a bit more weight.
What's happening illu? Hows girls? What'd they yield for you?
Very excited to read your smoke report, looks like some awesome genetics.

Plants are looking bulky!

I also have some questions about your scrog net. I have yet to install mine and am wondering how long I should continue to "tuck" branches after the 12/12 flip.
Mmmmm buds.... Good shit man.....
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