Supergroomer Grows - Silver Super Haze - Mars II 400W LED

I got them down buddy! I'm eager to see what you ended up with.

Here is what I got. I did not get a wet weight for the bud. I ended with 66g trim that will go to oil. Here are the buds hanging.
Congrats Supergroomer
Nice harvest Supergroomer!:thumb:
I'm excited to read your smoke report once the curing is done. I've got a SSH in my grow but I'm only a little over a month into veg, so it'll be a while before I get try any.

Hopefully I will have enough to give a good smoke AFTER fully curing. Being low on stash, we have started on this already. At this point (and it only gets better) it is a very good smoke. Even with little to no cure time, it is smooth. I find it to be a nice combination of head and body. It hits fairly fast and lasts for a good couple hours atleast.

I am hoping with the addition of my new tents that will hopefully be here tomorrow, I will be able to start growing larger plants. Due to my space, I am only getting about 1.5 oz per plant. If I can give them more room, they will get more light. I would love to get 3-4 oz per plant. Eventually I will get to the point that I have enough of a stash to let things cure properly.
With about four weeks of cure, the SSH is coming into her own. It is a very mellow smoke and fairly strong. I took One hit from my bat, and I was feeling very mellow (not too f'ed up). It has an piney, minty taste to me. I find it to be a nice balance of Body and Head, without couch lock. I would grow this again (and am with the clone I have in veg :))

I have also started a new journal for my Blue Kush if you want to visit. Supergroomer's Blue Kush Freebie :peace:
You have more patience than me lol. No way I could have waited that long before smoking.

It is not so much patience as much as I had enough other stuff to smoke in the mean time. My wife and I vaped some of the SSH last night and the flavor is just getting better. A more floral taste now that is very smooth and mellow with a nice relaxing high. :peace:
Looks healthy as heck SuperG.
Hi supergroomer. how many hours of light and hours of dark do you recommend with leds

In veg I run 18/6. 12/12 in flower. This has worked very well for me. Veg 4-8 weeks (depending on when I have room in the flower tent) then flower till I have about 25% amber Trics with the rest cloudy. If you don't have a loop or a handheld microscope, I would highly recommend the investment. :peace:
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