Toast's 2016 Indoor/Outdoor Grow Journal

THE LAST OF IT: I harvested the last 6 little clones today and here they are:
There's 1 EF, 1 PR, and the rest are PK's. We got a hole lot of rain, 2 in's or so. I am glad it waited for me to get the crop in, for once. It was truly a good grow. I didn't get the bulk that I needed to last all year. But what I did get is the BOMB. So up next is Awesome Bud Porn and Weight. Have a good one. TOAST
Thanks for the nice words AngryBird. All right here it all is:
In grams - SSH - 380, BWOG-OG - 93, BWOG-GDP - 85, SLH- 89, UDC - 104, JDS - 335, PR - 425, EF - 1008, PK - 1266, JD - 1269. For a grand total of 5054 grams, or 180.5 ozs, or 11 lbs 28 ozs. In addition 6 lbs of super high quality debris for the making of the WAX. Next comes the BUD PORN. C-U-L8-R TOAST
Incredible! Ahhhh........ Satisfying, isn't it? I'll await the bud porn now with the rest of the appreciative crowd. :battingeyelashes: :love:
HAPPY TURKEY DAY those who celebrate. Thank you every one. This year went pretty smooth. Even though I missed my target weight by 1/2 a pound, that should get me through. Radogast: The Seal-A-Meal bags keep it fresh and not all dried out and crumbly all year long, so it may look to professional but it's more about practicality, and I don't like crumbly bud. Yesterday I was asleep and there is a knock on my window and it was my buddy Omar. He came by to give me 4 beautiful seeds of some yet to be named, California Laboratory Super Bud that he swears is the BEST BUD I HAVE EVER SMOKED. LOL. Any way he has a real hard time cloning so he brought them to me on the condition I have 4 big healthy clones for him come spring. No problem. Now I'm looking forward to seeing if this new strain is going to live up to the Hype. YOU ALL, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY AND WEEKEND. Thanks again every one. Your good words are truly Heart Felt. TOAST
Really enjoyed your journal. Nice work. Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace, Hyena
Happy Thanksgiving, man.
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