Spookies' Round 2 Professional Grow - Strawberry Daiquiri


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Hi ya'll. Spooky here lurking the forums about to light a fire under everyone's ass with some new outdoor fire. Firstly can I get a green light on a good seedbank Australian's use. Attitude looks fine. I'm looking for TGA seeds specifically.

Just thought I'd get the ball rolling. Good luck everyone.

Spooks .
Blueberry strains are a bit slow growing and small for my liking from what I know about them but I will keep it in mind as a flavour profile when looking through TGA seeds and if I find a strain I will add it to the poll. If I can that is. Once AussieBlueTHC or Grizzwald gets here and helps me confirm a website we will know what selection is possible further. Sneaky might be able to help. Or someone. I'm fine with Attitude if someone can confirm that they get here.
Imtoasted we could get it pretty big. I've got pics of a locally grown one my friend did who is more set in his ways and it was pretty decent. I will get those for you. We could make it probably bigger than last ones. I can start nice and early and take any strain bigger than the AO so this is important. Plus I'm thinking of ignoring vegetables and doing a spite overgrow. Start a new ton club.
Ohhhh you guys are so cool. I'm going to go absolutely spastic I have a lot of thinking to do. Get your votes in and I'll order the seeds.

Tomorrow I will call horse soil who has my share of guerrilla harvest and make sure he brings plenty of racing horse poo.
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