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Tropical Australia - Strains & Seedbanks


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Hi all, glad to be here and thanks for having me! I love the cannabis plant for a multitude of reasons.. I've smoked for almost 25 years, though only recently did i decide that basically I'm tired of dealers, tired of spending all of my hard earned on weed, tired of buying the same "hydro" that seems to be everywhere, that looks and smells good but doesn't really get you stoned. So I, probably like a lot of others here have spent the last few months researching all I could find on growing. I've lurked in many a forum/thread/journal, researched cultivation, growing mediums... You get the drift. My wife has even given me a cautious green light lol, reckons it might be good for me. I should add that I've been a complete drunk for many years, and after finally finding that hidden strength to just walk away from alcohol this really is a new start for me. I live in tropical North Australia, so while it brings challenges in the growing department, I know that i can grow outdoors year round if I know what I'm doing and have the right strains. Which brings me to the important part - strains. At the moment I' m growing some bagseed and treating it as a learning curve. Not expecting anything other than to learn a few things. I have had a look into a few seedbanks, though I'm not keen on getting a knock on the door so want to stick with something within Australia. Southern Star Seeds is one seedbank that I'm leaning towards. Strain- wise I obviously need to keep things sativa dominant. Can anyone help out wifh some advice on growing in this environment (outdoor/guerilla), better strains in terms of mould/heat resistance etc. and seedbanks here in Oz? I guess ideally I would want something quick flowering, yet strong and decent yield... Any advice or help in this regard would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again and I'm looking forward to sticking around.



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re: Tropical Australia - Strains & Seedbanks

Welcome Tropiclimber :welcome:

I see you have already tracked down some Aussies in the Australia forum. They can certainly help. Many of our sponsors sell seeds & they have some very inventive ways to package them so don't write them off completely. Again, ask the other Aussies.

Thanks for joining.

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