1. onbailcuz

    Has anyone tried Swift Grow Organic plant super food?

    Sup Gromies a little while back when I had just started my grow my uncle told me about a product that another very experienced grower had told him about called Swift Grow, he told me this guy reakons its "the duck nuts" he said to my uncle that he noticed a massive increase in the quality of...
  2. iPhone for scales level

    iPhone for scales level

    True light hanging using iPhone
  3. Praying Upwards

    Praying Upwards

    Praying upwards after overwatering earlier in the week
  4. HiKitty18

    So confused!

    I've been growing outdoors in the ground for six years. I really try to keep it simple but every year I'm forced to keep learning. :/ This year I'm more confused than ever. I started with 22 seeds, seven strains. First issue was two male plants from "feminized" seeds from Seedsman. Quarantined...
  5. Y

    Growing medium

    Hello, i've been looking at growing mediums and normally i use promix potting soil but i figured out there is also promix organic vegetable and herb soil i was just wondering which one would be better, pictures will be below, thanks :)
  6. CannaTech3D

    CannaTech3D: Hello 420 Fam! Need Grow Tent Accessories? We Got Your Back!

    Hello 420 Friends! We are so proud to be a sponsor for 420 Magazine! It is great to be here and we are very excited to introduce our products to everyone on this great platform! As of right now now we have 3 products ready to ship. Grow Tent Fan Mounts Grow Tent corner Shelves Grow tent...
  7. djdmaze

    Anybody grow buds like this

    The hard dense tight compact buds. Is it strain? Does this specific grower only pick tight dense strains? Is it more method/skill? I grow hydro and I get fluffy dense crystally buds but hardly ever super tight like this. I also wonder is it simply the trim job? Any thoughts? Any hydro growers...
  8. S

    Please help me: just learning

    aku s Is my plant normal and okay? Because I see there is a little yellow color on the contyledon leaves.
  9. 4

    Possible bugs?

    Hey guys, first time grower and noticed that my leaves have developed yellow spots as well as one of the leaves has a hole it it just after some recommendations as to if I need to bug spray it or if it’s ok? I’m growing outdoors in a pot
  10. Partook of Seedsman's Black Friday promo. 2021 is going to be fun.

    Partook of Seedsman's Black Friday promo. 2021 is going to be fun.

    I think 1/2 of why I like growing is all the cool freebies and strain art. Stupid question: can I clone off the Rudeboi and Alien and not violate any rules, unspoken or other? Does weed have creative commons and copyright type shit?
  11. T

    Recommended dist from plant with this lamp?

    Hey! Im not a pro on lights and such - or growing generally but 5 months now, wich is a good - bad, and fun prosess. I love to learn and never think i know enough. Thougts on my question about distance when using this lamp? :)
  12. parrajara

    First Time Grower: Help Making Sure Everything Makes Sense! Detailed

    Hey folks, Please note post is unfinished, but I've been trying to finish it for a few days and haven't had the time to. So I plan on coming back to update it as time permits. I have provided all of the details that I think are relevant to the current stage that I am in, but if there are any...
  13. johnnystackz

    Johnnystackz's Second Grow: Dosipunch, Wet Betty, Molten Lava, White Linen, 3 Bears OG, Indoor 2020

    Welcome to Johnnystackz Second Grow! Welcome again everyone! So I have sprouted about 10 babies with 3 not germinating to well so here are 7 successful sprouts that I'm going to try to stay consistent with and make sure there is a good sight of daylight from the start. As of right now I have...
  14. J

    New grower, need help with a seedling: does it look healthy or stressed?

    Hi guys, first ever grow. I’m not sure if my seedling looks healthy or a little heat stressed. The temps went up to 29 degrees this morning and I am paranoid that the leaves look a lil turned up? Currently it’s under a 300 watt day light cfl at around 8 inches away with an oscillating fan...
  15. Liam300

    Cultivation license

    What’s up guys, I’ve been growing for a little while now. It really has become my passion and I enjoy every second of it. I want to eventually get a cultivation license to start up a small farm. I was wondering if anyone has some experience or knowledge on the topic. I’m deciding on where to...
  16. S

    Heavy smoker, newbie grow

    Hey everyone. So I’ve decided to start growing as I am such a heavy smoker that it’s going to be better for me in the long run. I prefer a heavy hitting indica. I’ve ordered and assembled this hydroponic tent (yep I ordered it when high and didnt see the dimensions ) I have 600w LED lights on...
  17. 4

    Breeding Charlotte's Angel

    Hello I'm new to the breeding gang. I was wondering how would one go about breeding Charlotte's Angel into just about any strain without having THC levels dropping unusually low. Or would just breeding F1 be sufficient? Again, I'm totally a rookie to this whole thang.
  18. Growwithme420

    Gorilla Glue Autoflower

    Hey crew! I just wanted to share a grow with all of you. Items used: 2 Fem Gorilla Glue Autoflowers by Autoseeds. 4x2x5 tent Electric Sky ES180 Promix HP 4 Gallon pots General Hydroponics full Flora Series Time Lapse footage is from a Brino TLC200 Pro Total grow time was 79 days from seed...
  19. M

    LED Lights

    Hello. I have been using x2, 600 watt HPS lights in a 1.2x2x4x2m tent. I have purchased a 4000 watt led light with 100 leds. How many lumens does this light give off, because i cant get a clear answer from anywhere and how many do you think i can fit in my tent. I was thinking around 8 of...
  20. WalterGamer8

    Question about watering from a brand new grower!

    Hey guys :) Im about to start my first grow in my closet in 4 days when my seeds come in. I’ve researched everything and a spent a lot of time and money for the resources and everything. I was just wondering how much water do use to water plants during the seedling, vegetative, and flowering...
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