Two Tents By Twox: A Memoir Of A Monthly 8oz Harvest

First things first, Welcome to my never ending grow journal :)

Let's start with my list of genetics I'm currently running
( This list will definitely change in the future)
Purple Urkle (clone)
Blackberry (Bagseed)
Birthday Cake (Clone)
Viper City Og13 ( Seed from Moxie)
Blueberry (Crop king seeds)
Orka Cookie #2 & #5 ( Blimburn Orka crossed with Moxie Viper Cookies)
Purple Orka Cookies ( Orka Cookies crossed with Pure Urkle)

I'm currently mid grow since i grow perpetual but I want to document my monthly harvests for the 420 community to enjoy and for me to have a reference to look back on. I'm always focused on improving my grows and have experienced a few issues in the past but everything is running really smooth now and I have some time to keep this journal going so let's get started with the Veg tent first

My goal is to hit 8oz a month or more and I've been achieving almost 10 lately but to keep this rotation going I need a veg tent to pump out flower ready plants.

The Veg tent is a 4x2 and is only 4 feet tall and runs a 4 bulb t5. It's home to a cloning dome that holds all my cuttings and young plants. I keep a single bulb 2 foot t5 light above this dome and have been successful at keeping plants in this spot for up to 2 months in a attempt to save genetics. The small t5 promotes slow growth

The next batch of ladies to hit flowering will be 3 CKS Blueberry plants from regular seeds so these could end up male. I also have 3 Purple Orka Cookies from mishap with unstable genetics but the cross sounded so good I decided to give them a shot. They may hermie but I'm hoping the Urkle stabilized them. Only time will tell

I also have 4 purple Ukle and 2 Orka Cookie #2 getting ready for next month.

These are the 3 CKS Blueberrys, they hit flowering in 2 weeks

The Flowering tent is a 4x4x7 with a 600watt HPS. We have plants at different stages in here. We have 4 Purple Urkles and one Blackberry at 6 weeks. The Urkles will gor for 9 weeks and the BlackBerry will go for 10.

Her we have the batch that just Hit flowering. Two Orka Cookie #5s and 3 Birthday Cakes. The Orka Cookie pic is day 1 of flowering and the Birthday cake has been in for a week.

Orka Cookies

3 Birthday Cakes.

Purple Urkles



Purple Urkle tops


I really wanted to get this journal started so I'll go over each strain, equipment, growing tech and nutrients on my next post.. I'm really excited to get this journal going so we will have lots of pics coming soon and a harvest in about 2 weeks... Thanx for checking out my new journal.
Lil late night update.
I wanted to go over the equipment I'm using to keep this grow going so here we go..

I'll start with the tents. Ones a 4x4 and ones a short 4x2. The smaller tent is used for vegging and the bigger tent is my flowering chamber. Both of them are decked out with fans small fans. The veg tent uses a 4 bulb 4 foot t5 and a single bulb 2 ft t5. The flowering tent is using a Galaxy legacy ballast with a 600 watt eye hortilux bulb in a hydrofarm blockbuster reflecter.I also use a window ac to control the temps when needed and it keeps my ambient air in my room at 74 degrees which keeps my flowering tent at a high of 81 degrees with the lights on. It's nice and cold out side right now so I'm not using it at the moment.


It all starts with a Vivo Sun 6 inch inline fan I bought off amazon. Nice fan with a built in speed controller. I run this fan in my veg tent and it draws air into my tent through a home made cheese cloth filter. Once the air enters the tent it's it pulled into the vivo sun fan through a small dust filter and pushed into the flowering tent through a light resistant silver ducting with a black lining.


The Flowering tent has two small fans and a large fan circulating air. This tent uses a 6 inch inline active air fan that draws air through a Black ops carbon filter. The fan pushes the air through the reflector and out the window exhaust blows out right above my ac unit and is hard to notice from outside. To keep things stealthy I also use a bamboo shade on the outside. It's upstairs so window security isn't really a issue.
Crop King Seeds Blueberry:

These 3 ladies will be hitting the flowering tent in 2 weeks and that's good because they are getting too tall. I've been using clones lately and forgot how vigorous these seedlings grow. They were all topped once and have a nice strong structure.


All of them started producing 3 stems per node so I have 3 tops on each of them. Kinda weird but these plants only get weirder. The stems seem to turn purple easy and I've tried fighting it but she doesn't seem to want to be green.

The leaves on all three seem to be experiencing soon weird white marks that make the leaves look crusty. I have a little twisting going on too. My ph seems fine and my other plants are not experiencing these issues so I'm guessing it's either genetics or if doesn't like the 6.5 to 7.0 ph. I hope they snap out of it once we hit flower but I'm not giving up on them, I really want some blueberry.

The Blueberrys are also experiencing some odd yellow blotching. Only a few leaves are being affected and I'm kinda unsure what's wrong. They are in 2 gallon Pots filled with happy frog soil and are being feed General Organic Nutrients... My other 3 plants I grew right next to the Blueberrys are not having any of these issues.

Issues aside they seem healthy so there still on track. These were regular seeds so I have to keep a eye on them once they start flowering, I'm hoping for at least one female..Should be exciting.
Purple Urkle x Orka Cookies

Once upon a time I grew some moxie viper cookies and they hermied all over my tent. In my attempt to turn lemons into lemonade I grew a batch of seeds that I found in my Blimburn Orkas and wow, they were all fantastic. Some were unstable and got on my purple urkle, it wasn't really that bad, I think I found 4 seeds. I was blown away by the Urkle so I figured I would run them to see what happens, so far so good.


I have 3 of them at the moment and I would prefer a Urkle dominate pheno and I'm noticing some interesting traits. One of the 3 has a thinner leaf profile that reminds me of the purple urkles, I think this might be my Urkle dominate pheno. The rest seem to have wider leaves.

So far the growth has been fantastic. Zero issues with these 3 no yellowing, no crusty leaves. Spacing is definetly not as tight as the Urkles but that might be a good thing, my Original Urkles grow very slow.

I hoping for a stable keeper so wish me luck..
Flowering tent update.
Today was a watering day for all my plants in flower so I wanted to share what I was using to water. I really dislike moving my plant's during flower due to my flowering tent being stuffed and it's a pain to drain the drip pans so I've been using a few tools to assist me. Watering still takes way to long, usually a hour to a hour in a half. I use a two gallon deck sprayer and a syphon pump to get in to the tight spots in my tent. The deck sprayer is a life saver. I can get to the pots in the back withe ease and drain the pans is still a chore. The syphon pump works well though and rarely clogs. I us a binder clip to hold the hose in the drip pan while I pump.


Everything is going good in the flowering tent, we're getting close to harvest. The purple Urkles and Blackberry are at 7 weeks exact and are both developing thrips in the bottom soil. I've had this issue for a while now and I noticed that some of my pots have no holes in the bottom. Some do but a lot of the still have the plastic stuck in.. I'll have to re drill them to try to end this thrip issue. No marks on the plants though.

Birthday Cake Kush week 2

I love the buds that come from this strain but she is so much work to grow. She's needs support on every branch due to her thin structure. About week six she starts flopping really bad. I find buds I didn't wire to the plant hanging upside down if I don't stay on top of her needs. She stretching more than usual too so this should be fun. I have 2 or 3 poles in each pot and a bamboo fence to keep her off the wall. Her buds come out really nice and flavorful though, so worth it.. I have some left from my last harvest that I'll post later...


Purple Urkle. Week 7
This is with out a doubt my favorite strain that I've grown so far. She has a fantastic smell that reminds me of fruity pebbles cereal. Rock hard buds and sweet berry taste.. lots of frost too. She has a very indica high and smokes really smooth. She's a very slow grower in veg though. Her nodes stack real tight and it takes her awhile to stretch out her branches. So far I have been LSTing the top and she bushes out real nice.. lots of popcorn buds on her lower growth , I thought I removed a good portion of the bottom but I guess it wasn't enough.. I'll deflate more next time too..


I let her go 9 weeks so she can ripen and change color. She usually doest start purpling until week 8 but I'm using some purple maxx and cold air to push her color out more.

Blackberry OG.
I've grown her a few times now and she's always frosty with a tart berry smell. She's a easy plant to grow, very little support is needed and she seems happy with anything I throw at her. She has a nice yeild too but to be honest I'm getting kinda bored of her so this might be her last run for awhile. I want to let her go 10 weeks because I usually go 9 and I want to see if the extra week helps at all. I should get another update in today so I'll have some dry bud pics for everyone... until then, happy growing

Opps, missed one
Orka Cookies #5.
I have 2 of these ladies in flower right now at week 1. They haven't really started stretching yet but I've grown them before and they turned out really sticky and stinky. They should be easy to grow. Nice strong structure and very little training is needed. Both look great and I'm expecting a smooth life for these two. They are both Blimburn Orka crossed with Moxie Viper Cookies. I haven't seen a seed in a few grows now so we will find out if she's stable... should be fun

Blackberry nugs.

I had a nice harvest off of her but I didn't let her veg long enough. Nice sweet smelling nugs with tons of frost. Nice large yeild too. Really dense once she dries up. I'm hoping to get some nice buds off the one I'm currently growing.





Birthday Cake kush

One of my favorite strains right now. Growing her isn't easy but she smells and tastes so freakin good. The cookie Flavor comes out strong with a lemony taste and a sweet cherry flavor on the exhale. The colas are small but the buds turn out fantastic and have a real stink to them. I have 4 more clones ready to go once I have space in veg...




Blackberry Rosin..
I made this tonight out of some bubble hash and a flat iron. I use a unbleached coffee filter as a screen and it turned out super tasty. I pressed at 160 degrees and the quality was definetly better than my 180 degree presses.. I've wanted to try some edibles lately but I love having dabs in the evening.


Oops! I broke a Blueberry

I was trying to pull the two tops part a bit and split the main stem right down the middle. This is a first for me so I just taped her up and added some support to let her heal.. She has less than 2 weeks left to get ready for flower so I hope she/he heals and doesn't die..

Well, the Blueberry I broke isn't dead yet so that's good. The crusty one still looks crusty and the shorter lighter colored one is probably my happiest Blueberry..

Seems like a pest got into my grow room. Her name is Roxy and she loves eating leaves while my back is turned, she must have snuck in while I wasn't paying attention.

Purple Urkles in early veg. They're growing slow but they are stacking nodes really fast,.... They will hit flower in about 5 and a half weeks

Blackberry clones.
I had a couple Blackberrys out growing the cloning chamber so I cut a couple clones in a attempt to save genetics. I use clean scissors, rapid rooters and clone x... Seems to work well for me since they always root

Birthday Cake clones getting ready for Veg..
One important aspect of a perpetual grow is you have to be 3 steps ahead. These 4 ladies wont hit flower for almost 2 months...Always thinking ahead.. :)

Blackberry roots with a rapid rooter... I hate throwing away plants but I needed the room

Some purple urkle eye candy... I'm so excited to harvest these ladies, 10 more days :)
OK, you've def got my attention! Got room for one more in here?

There's always room for more.. My first journals were really lonely so the more the merrier.. I take lots pics during and after harvests so It will start getting good soon..
Subbed . looking great man

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Thanx. This grow went really smooth

Mate, Roxy got taste!!

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Lol, she's such a picky eater I was shocked when I found out she had a taste for the good stuff. :)
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