Twox - Birthday Cake - Purple Urkle - BlackBerry - A Reveg & More

...Summer 2016...

So..... let's go over what I'm working with this grow.
2 grow tents. Ones a Virtual sun 4x4x7 for flowering and the other is a 4x2x4 G box off of amazon for vegging. The 4x2 has a 4 foot 4 bulb t5 and the flowering tent is using a 600 watt galaxy ballast, eyehortilux bulb and a blockbuster hood.

The ventilation starts in the veg tent and has a 6 inch vivo sun inline fan sucking air out and pushing it to the flowering tent. The 4x4 has a Active air 6 inch inline fan that sucks air through a Black ops carbon filter and pushes it through the hood and out the window. I replaced any 6 inch ventilation outside of the tent with semi light proof ducting. Cooling duties are performed by a 5000 btu window energy star compliant window ac and some small fans in the tents.

For this grow I used 2 gallon nursery pots filled with a blend of fox farms happy frog and ocean forest. The nutrients used for this grow will be General Organics full line with some mollases, Bud blood, Botanicare Silica and some Mendocino bud hardener.

The Strains:
...Veg tent: Birthday Cake clone, Purple Urkle clone, 5 bag seed Orkas,
2 BlackBerry clones, 2 bag seed Kush #1 clones with twelve cuttings of Viper city og IIIX in the cloning chamber.

...Flowering tent: Blackberry, Lemon og, Bubbas gift , #1 & 2 Kush and my Vcog IIIX reveg.

The flowering tent is on day 16 of bloom and Vcog IIIX is on day 2. The 5 Orka hit flowering in two weeks which will give me 11 plants in flowering.

More updates coming soon





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Thanx for the warm welcome Canna.

Let's start with the veg tent, I have it set up right next to my flowering tent and I think it's getting to cold since it runs directly into my flowering tent. I rearranged my plants to hopefully run the cold air under my plants. My plans for this grow is to harvest once a month so veg will be short and I'll fill half the tent at a time. I guess this my atempt at a perpetual grow. I was harvesting once every 3 to 4 months so fresh herb every month will be nice. I have six in the flowering tent at the moment and I plan on adding the 5 Orkas in about two weeks. We will go over the flowering tent tomorrow

Here's the old setup with air coming in from the left.

The new setup.

Here's a shot of the purple urkle. She is a clone from harborside and came frome a nursery called Oasis. She seems happy and was a nice cut with lots of nodes. I'm really excited to grow her. I'll probably get her big enough to cut clones and then she will hit the flowering tent. Last time I had some Urkle was about 10 years ago and I have fond memories of the sweet taste and the purple color. I'm hoping she's a good cut.

Here are some shots of the Birthday cake. She also came from harborside from a nursery named The Bakery. She Is Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie and I also have high hopes for her. She had some yellowing going on when got her and I think the soil might be a little to hot for her. It's a 50/50 mix of happy frog and ocean forrest. I'll give her a good flush tomorrow but besides that her newer growth looks fine.


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A few pics of the Orkas. I grew her on my last grow and I really liked her. She was awhite widow haze cross and was fantastic. I found a few seeds so she either hermied or she got some viper cookie pollen on her. Either way it sounds delicious. If any of them are stable I'll keep them but I've been dealing with hermies lately so if she grows balls she will not be regrown.

Here's a few up the skirt shots.. I topped all of them and some multiple times.


These are clones from my flowering tent I recently put into soil. Two Black berry and two random kush plants I've dubbed octogon kush due to where I got it from. They were both bag seeds and they are both stable with no signs of hermie genetics. The BlackBerry came from a mediocre batch of over dried herb but had a nice taste and nice Trichome coverage. I think i could do better so i took the challenge . I cut 2 clones before I put her in flower and here the are today. There's a little damage that I think is from the drastic humidity change when I removed the from the humidity dome
. I didn't know I should harden them off before hand. Lesson learned. The kush plant was also stable and came from a bag of outdoor mountain weed with a slight purple coloring and a kushy flavor. I was also unhappy with this herb when I smoked it due to the bad drying and manicure. I'm interested to see if I can grow it better indoor. She has potential.



Last but not least is a batch of clones off my Viper City OG IIIX. She was the bomb and I revegged her from my last grow. The donor of these clones is in the flowering tent at the moment so we will get into her tommorow.

A pic of the mother VCOG IIIX before I cut clones

That's it for the veg tent so thanx to anybody checking out this journal and up next is what I have in flower.
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I was concerned about your birthday cake. I see you have decided to flush. I'll post a few charts for you. I'm thinking the soil is probably missing calcium and magnesium, but check out the charts and see.




The last chars is an extra I added. Not that you need it, but it helps to reference it from time to time. I hope these help. Please look at them before you flush. You may need to add to them, not take away. Have a great day bud!
re: Twox - Birthday Cake - Purple Urkle - BlackBerry - A Reveg & More

Thank canna... Cool charts, Very Useful.The Birthday cake clone already had these brown spots when I received her from the club and I thought the same thing.. I Added 5ml cal/mag to here first watering and I doesn't seem to be spreading. The cooked tips were kinda there but not as bad so I'm guessing the ocean foresut in the soil might be too hot still. I'll keep a close eye on her. Thanx again
Veg tent update.

I transplanted my five Orkas in to two gallon pots today and watered the urkle and the BDay cake yesterday. I didn't end up flushing I just used more water than I usually do. The clones were feed cal mag, silica and Bio root. The Orkas got the same. All seems well and the clones fresh growth looks great , I've noticed Urkle bushing out a bit and the BDAY cake got taller.

Viper city og IIIX Reveg :
I grew this plant on my last grow and I liked it so much that I wanted to try to reveg her. At first I just left her by the window to keep her alive until I was done drying in my tent. Once I was ready I removed a nice amount of the root ball, re potted and hit her with the nitrogen. These pics are her after about 7 weeks with 12 clones missing from her lower branching and I cleaned up a little bit too. She's sitting pretty in the flowering tent at the moment.

There was a little bit of growth on the left to but it was definetly not up to par with the right. I used the left side for clones.. amazing plants, I'm still in awe just looking at these pics

Zoomin out just a Lil bit

Just a Lil more

So purrty...

Hopefully she makes lots of this... this is a nug from my last grow
Blackberry kush:
She was a bag seed but she seems stable so far. She was a slow grower and I wish I would have vegged her longer. She's been fussy lately. Her bottom leaves are a nice green color and her top fan leaves are light green. I transplanted her into pure ocean forest a couple weeks before flowering and now I think that the darker growth may have been a effect of the high nitrogen in the soil. The upper fan leaves may be light green but she seems happy so I'll continue feeding her full doses . I cut two clones from her right before flower so I'll definitely grow her again. She is the smallest plant in the tent and she looks like she may be the smallest yielder too.


Flowering Tent:

The Flowering plants are moving along well. Tomorrow will be ther 3rd week of flower and they are all budding already. TheThe Lemon og from moxie, the bag seed bubba and Octogon kush #2 all hermied about a week and a half into flowering. I searched every branch and picked of any male pods with tweezers. I'm planing another search party tonight after I water. I killed the clones I cut off the hermies so I will not be growing the 3 again . I'm on a search for stable genetics.

All 6 in the tent. Notice how light the BlackBerry is in the middle

Bubba's gift budding up nicely. Untopped

Lemon og.. also untopped

Octogon kush, LSTd.

Group shot
Veg tent update:welcome:

EverythingsEverything's going well in the Veg tent today. I watered the BlackBerry clones with cal mag and silica today, the other two didnt seem like they needed any water yet. This little tent filled up fast and I'm going to enjoy the extra space once the orka come out next week.

Birthday Cake update:happy-birthday:
She's getting tall fast and her stalk seems slender when compared to the Urkle. She also has a sideways growth going like she's begging me to super crop her. I'm not sure if I should let her keep growing or bend her stalk now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
All her fresh growth looks nice and green so overall I'm happy with this clone so far. She's sounds delicious too


Purple Urkle update

She is getting bushy fast. She is also getting tall but she has a nice stalk so I'm not really worried about the growth. Her lower growth seems to be taking off and I hope she will be ready for flowering in 5 weeks. Fingers crossed. I'm also thinking about picking up some purple Maxx to use on the Urkle.. Should be fun



Orka update: All is well and these five ladies are ready for the flowering tent. I'll cut some clones off them this week and they will start their flowering process next week.. I topped all of them differently so flowering should be intersting. That will make 11 plants in my 4x4... I might have went a Lil overboard.. oh well

Blackberry and Octogon Kush clones.
There all doing well. The Blackberrys took off quicker than the kush and hopefully I'll be trans planting these next week once the Orkas are gone. I'll cut clones again before I flower

Viper City OG IIIX cuttings
1 week old and there not dead so I'm doing ok. They were perky yesterday so hopefully they root soon. The last batch took almost 2 weeks before I noticed roots.. my 6 favorite will hit the solo cups and there other six will be donated to some of my fellow growers.
Update: I'm waiting for lights on in the flowering tent so I figured I'd post a update. I watered everything except the Orkas today. They all got a feeding of cal mag, Bio root and silica. I'm running low on space in my veg tent and I'm noticing all this extra space above my light. I'm thinking of adding a shelf above the light and using two single bulb 2 foot t5 fixtues. One for clones and one for solo cups. Not sure how I want to do this yet but I really want the cloning chamber off the floor.

Group shot

Purple Urkle: She's doing well and still bushing up. I'll let her get a little taller before I start bending her. She's on track to hit the flowering tent in 5 weeks.

Birthday Cake: I had to bend her today. She keeps getting taller and taller so I figured it's time. She's also on track to hit the flowering tent in 5 weeks.

Blackberry and Kush Clones:
The Blackberrys are growing fast and they will not be topped this time, they didn't seem to like it very much this grow and I would like to focus on the side branching to get her bigger and bushier. The kush clones haven't quite took off yet but there doing good.


Veg tent:
Look at all that space up there.... I need to find a way to utilize the extra space..
Almost 4 weeks into flower and I'm noticing a few yellow leaves on the two kush plants. I try to keep them green through the grow but I'm working with a new soil which I don't like. All of the plants in flower are using Ocean Forest and I'm having a hard time reading the plants.
Everything is budding up nicely though so I'll continue on my mission until my next update.

105 outside and I'm holding good Temps still... not bad for a small window ac.. I have it set to 72

Bubba's gift growing fast. She's a 7 week strain so she has about 3 weeks left.

Blackberry... She growing just no very fast.. she's got a little bud action going

Lemon og also budding nicely. I hope she turns out better than my first grow even though she was the bomb. Her side branching is amaving. Every branch is at canopy level.

Octogon kush... She was slow to start budding we even with the bud blood. She's a picky ass plant too. She has signs of heat stress and nitrogen toxicity. Her leaves are turning yellow were I bent her but the rest of the growth looks fine... She has potential.. she has a little nute burn too... I will not use 100% Ocean forest ever again. I'm mixing it with happy frog from now on
Veg tent update... the 5 Orkas hit the flowering tent yesterday so I have all kinds of room again. Everything seems happy and just needs to grow. I transplanted the Kush plants to 1 gallon pots and I also potted all 12 of the Viper city og. All twelve clones rooted so I was definetly happy... they are not the prettiest clones but there alive. I think I burned them when I decided to add cal mag and silica to my spray bottle. I also found a spot for my cloning chamber

Right after transplant and watering... Sorry they are a little droopy.

Orka clones

VCOG clones

Rapid rooter root porn

A little crispy but still alive... I only need 6
Veg tent update

They are still kinda ugly but they're alive..

Birthday Cake still getting trained,she's kinda weird due to here stretchy side growth bud I'm still bending her stems to keep her short and get her bushy

Purple Urkle doing just fine. I bent her top today but her side branching is amazing. She's growing kinda slow but she still has about a month until she hits flowering.

Blackberry clones got there tops bent today too. The Octogon kush is to the left, she's starting to take off

Flowering tent update
I have 11 plant in my 4x4 and it feels like to much. Everything seems to be growing well except these bags ed kush plants.. I'm struggling to keep them happy. The two kush are getting a lite feeding tomorrow. The Bubba's gift must have been Pollenated by my Viper cookies because I can smell it on her.

Bubba's gift x Viper cookies
She's growing fast



Lemon og
Looking good..



Her nugs are small but she might be frosty


Octogon kush
Nute burn and yellow leaves....

Viper City OG revev
She started flowering quick. Very little stretch this time

Orkas 1 -5

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