1. hazeluv69

    Choice between the fan on: high humidity, or fan off: low humidity, flowering please help

    Hi I’ve ran into an issue during my mid flowering, I know ideal humidity range is like 40-60 , so that’s why I am asking the following question kinda - to explain my issue , if I have my oscillating fan on My humidity rises a lot and I need it down & if I leave the fan off the humidity is...
  2. Stunned

    Long term storage and RH

    Hi everyone, A couple of questions regarding storage of your harvested crop. So, you've harvested, you've air dried, it, trimmed it, cured it ect. You're 100 percent finished........ Now what? If you've grown just for yourself, you may upwards of 15, 16 or more ounces to store. Whats the best...
  3. L

    Cheap DIY fully automatic E&F with no electronic timers or mechanical pumps?

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to get some feedback on my first ever hydro plans. Im in the final weeks of my first MJ grow in soil and its going pretty well. I have decided that I want to try a hydro grow next time around. I think I have come up with a cheap, easy DIY, fully automatic ebb and...
  4. triumph2134

    GSC Mainlined Grow Journal - 2018

    Welcome to my first grow journal of hopefully many! Been growing for a bit but we can all use as much advice as possible right? I want plenty of :volcano-smiley: from my girls. Lets keep this simple! ANY ADVICE IS WELCOMED ADVICE. Keep it classy.:Namaste: Strain: Girl Scout Cookies...
  5. L

    European Grower Here With A Second Indoor Grow!

    Good evening everyone from southern Spain ! Nice to join this community ! I look forward to your advices and expertise. Second grow here and first try with autos. The first grow with photos (Critical + and Critical Widow) have been a good learning experience but the yield was...
  6. MackMurder

    MackMurder's First Grow - Moneymaker Strain - DWC Hydro Tent - Grow Plan & Equipment

    Hello to the forum. I've been doing heavy researching for months. A friend of mine did 3.7lbs dry on 2000 watts in a grow tent. He's got 20 years. I'm not expecting that. But I'm setting myself up for success and elimating any room for failure. In sure I'll have some. I live in a place where...
  7. Mariano Gomes

    First grow shopping list 5 x 5 hydroponic LED tent help

    So this is what I came up with researching for a week I need to cut costs though so any suggestions for different products btw I live by the equator so our problem here is heat and high humidity. P.S. I copied and pasted this from amazon sorry for the stuff with underlines and different colors...
  8. T

    Drip Hydroponics Question

    I have a General Hydroponics Waterfarm grow kit. It is the kind that you use an air pump to push water up to a drip line to feed around the plant. My question: Do I leave the air pump on 24/7 or do I put it on a timer and have it on/off on a schedule?
  9. Dave Groomer

    Arizer Air II Portable Vaporizer: 420 Magazine Review By Dave Groomer

    Is there such a thing as the perfect portable vaporizer? Nothing I have used comes close until I tried the Aizer Air II. I have owned several portable vaporizers in the past. Some of them had limited temperature settings. Some were cheaply made and broke easily. Some had very poor battery...
  10. E

    EndItAll's Ongoing Organic DIY Adventure

    Since my grows are overlapping and I can't be bothered to keep starting and stopping journals, I'm just gonna go with an ongoing journal of whatever I have going on. For those of you just joining my ravings, here's the important details. Main overhead lights: -1x 200w (actual watts, not...
  11. M

    Ventilation for LED set up

    What type of ventilation set up would i need for a 10x11 room running 5 1200w full spectrum LED lights with about 26 plants? I understand that the light emitted from the LEDs produces about 90% less heat so I'm figuring it would be more for just circulating the stale air into fresh air. Any...
  12. J

    Power Outage

    So yesterday evening not more than 5 minutes after my lights were set to go off, a storm knocked the power out. Well since I am doing DWC I had no air bubbles. I went to go online to look up what to do in this situation but my phone died once google loaded so.... damn. It was out for about 3...
  13. J

    Quiet air pump

    Hey guys im wondering what air pumps are quiet yet put out a decent amount of air for a 2 - 5 gallon setup with a 15 gallon resevior? Right now im running a commercial air pump rated at 950GPH air pump. I have a 5"round stone in each 5 gallon bucket and three 4 inch regular aquarium stones...
  14. H

    Questions regarding winter grow room temp control

    I started my first grow last May and ran through the summer, harvesting a couple of weeks ago. The temps here (Oregon) were 70 - 90 but my grow room which is in my shop stays cooler than the outside temperature (70's to mid 80's). This worked great for the summer months. The only issue that...
  15. B

    Bucket ventilation question re LED light fan

    Hi, In a bucket with passive intake (through a hole with dust filter on), inline 4" fan out with DIY carbon filter that air is being pushed through, does it matter if the LED (eBay 150W) is also pulling air out the bucket? A lot of sites say to reverse the fan so it extracts, but this one...
  16. Y

    1st Grow White Russian 1.20mx1.20mx2.00m 600W HPS

    Hello to all members, growers and smokers, I just recently bought my setup which is: - Tent: 1,20m X 1,20m X 2,00m m=meters - Lamp/reflector: Agrolite 600W Hps - Extractor: 2, one for sending cold air in the lower hole and one on the top taking hot air out, with a probe and...
  17. improvise

    LED Maintenance!

    Hello community. While my flowering space has some downtime i thought i would give it a deep clean rather than a quick once over,i have two 300w leds each with 3 small fans for cooling inside,as i took them down something was rattling about inside and decided to open them up to see what it was...
  18. D

    Natural Sunlight Indoors

    Hello, I want to build a mini Grow House, about 2m x 2.5m I live in a very hot region (Southern arizona). Temperature can go up to 50c on summer The grow house would be well isolated. I would like to save some electricity, so I would like to use Natural Sunlight as much as I can, so, I...
  19. B

    Is this air flow correct?

    Is this correct for air flow flow ?? does it matter what side the light is pointing ?
  20. Ron Strider

    Can I Smoke In My Apartment

    Of U.S. adults, 15.1% are smokers, but 16% to 33% have a smell sensitivity for which smoke can be one of the triggers. With a growing divide between smokers and nonsmokers, apartment living can be at the crux of the debate. E-cigarettes are a newcomer to the conversations about smoking, and...
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