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I have a General Hydroponics Waterfarm grow kit.
It is the kind that you use an air pump to push water up to a drip line to feed around the plant.

My question:
Do I leave the air pump on 24/7 or do I put it on a timer and have it on/off on a schedule?

They do not talk about a timer that I can see.

I would run it 24/7 if it was me.

I also would be running z7 water treatment in all water put in it to keep it all clean and to protect the roots from rot and other bad things.

When filling the system with a nutrient solution it is best to mix the nutrients in a
known volume of fresh water. Then pour into the WaterFarm until the water level
reaches the white line on the Drain Level Tube. The system holds approximately 2
gallons of nutrient and will sustain small plants one to two weeks and may only last
a few days with larger plants.
Pre-rinse the clay pebbles. This will prevent dust from clogging your system.
To prepare a
seedling or a plant for transplanting, remove all soil and/or organic material from
around the roots. Plants must be sturdy with established roots before transplanting
into the WaterFarm. Choose seedlings because it's more difficult to successfully
transplant older plants. If your plant has been growing in soil or peat moss, gently
remove the plant from its pot and carefully rinse as much soil as possible from the
roots before transplanting. Although this method of transplanting from soil to
hydroponics is somewhat risky, as soil may contain disease organisms that proliferate
in the rich hydroponic solution, we have had success using this transplant method
and encourage you to try it. You can avoid these problems by starting plants from
cuttings in one of our RainForest Systems.
Abundant light, proper temperature and adequate ventilation are crucial for fast
growth, healthy plants and higher yields. Place the WaterFarm in a warm, well-lit,
well-ventilated location, such as an outdoor garden, sunlit window, patio or
greenhouse. Keep your WaterFarm away from areas where the inevitable dripping
that occurs during filling, draining and pH adjustment could cause water damage.
If you plan to grow several small plants in the WaterFarm, place your
plants just outside the drip ring, near the drip holes. If you prefer a
single large plant, place it in the center of the drip ring. Gently add
Clay Pebbles around the plant roots until thoroughly covered.
If white salt deposits form on the clay pebbles:
1. Try using a milder nutrient solution and topping off with plain water only.
2. Occasionally drain your system, refill with plain water and run the pump overnight.
After the overnight rinse, empty reservoir and refill with fresh nutrient.
If plants are not growing well and you suspect "hard" water:
1. Use FloraMicro Hardwater in place of FloraMicro.
2. Try distilled or purified water. You should see a significant improvement in plant health
and growth within one week.
3. Collect rainwater for use in your WaterFarm.
If nutrient solution stops flowing from the drip ring:
1. Check to ensure that pump is plugged in and reservoir is filled with nutrient solution.
2. Disconnect air line from the air inlet and check whether the air is coming through (put end under
water and look for bubbles if you are not sure). No air flow could mean that the pump is broken and
must be replaced or that the air line is loose or blocked. Try cutting an inch off each end of the line
to provide a tighter fit.
3. Blow into the air inlet to check whether it is clogged, and rinse the pumping column in hot water.
This type of clogging is usually an indication that you have hard water or too strong a nutrient solution.
4. Check whether emitter holes in the drip ring are clogged. To clear, dis-assemble drip ring by pulling it
apart at the tee, rinse drip ring and tee in hot water and clear the holes with a toothpick
I used the water farm system years ago and I always let them run 24/7. I also took the upper basket and drilled the holes out a little bigger to allow more room for the roots to grow into the lower chamber.
I used the water farm system years ago and I always let them run 24/7. I also took the upper basket and drilled the holes out a little bigger to allow more room for the roots to grow into the lower chamber.

You used the same general hydroponics Waterfarm system, did you have the air pump on max 24/7 or did you lower the pressure on the pump that comes with the kit.

I like the idea of drilling the drain holes larger. Makes it into a DWC when they get larger huh?

I'm also thinking about putting a large air stone in the reservoir. Any thoughts?
Back in the day it came with just a standard pump that ran 24/7. I bought extra pumps and had air stones in each module by running a the line in the column which was tight but it will fit, and had one in the reservoir and controller.
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