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  1. Dkmg01

    DK'S New Grow 2020

    DK'S New Grow 2020:rollit: Hello all. I am from South Africa and this will be my third grow and this time I am set up much better. I will be growing some branded seeds from Dinafem! (OG Kush & Critical Jack) then some autos from a fellow grower here (Kush Von Stitch) . I might be doing some...
  2. godfather og : Pacific seeds

    godfather og : Pacific seeds

    well... i suppose when u find a hard to get strain, u might come across some immature seeds, in the beginning... they looked extra small, upon arrival. i had my concerns. all 3 popped. this is what #3, looks like. there's life. been a month, already. we'll c. it's alone... don't usually go seed.
  3. northbound train : equilibrium genetics

    northbound train : equilibrium genetics

    had to stall (hopefully) her, in the prop tray, over the mature count n space. no mould, no mildew: whew! the trays aren't set n forget- long term so it's been a juggling act. the godfather og, didn't like humidity, as a seedling and the northbound train and ghost train haze, thrived in it. figures.
  4. buds.jpg


    18 days into flower
  5. Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Very useful chart for those who grow using hydroponic methods.
  6. M

    Few questions about growing in Atami Wilma vs soil, Wilma-specific questions and few generic questions

    I have new Atami Wilma system (large) with drip-feed. I have earlier experience with growing in soil, but never before in hydro. Few questions… - Wilma uses drip-feed system where the roots grow in 20 litre pots. I’ve been thinking of growing in the medium of hydro pebbles and coco coir...
  7. LEDRF

    8 Foot Wide Haze, Organic LED Grow

    Hey, everyone, Happy 420. Me and the wife started a new grow. This Critical Haze vegged for 100 days while we grew some autos. Now she is in flower. This is DAY 1. This is an organic living coco grow. FLOWER DAY 1 Lights: Perfect Sun Max Yield and Perfect Sun Mega. 650w and 540w. -- Max Yield...
  8. W

    Hydroponic newbie

    Hello everyone, New member here... I am also a newbie in growing and hydroponics. I have a set up already and with many failed attempts I have germinated and sprouted some seeds but never got passed that. Troubleshooting I have found that I may have been overwatering the seedlings. Currently I...
  9. M

    Plant leaves showing light brown spots, not sure what it is?

    Hello, I am growing Durban Poison and the plant is showing small brown spots. Plant is growing light green as well. Went great the first week. On day 3 of second week and these spots have popped up. Here’s the details: - DWC -water kept at 68 degrees (although it ran hot first week at about...
  10. Growingasmile

    Twista, Grape Presidential, & 4 Ten Year Old Bag Seeds

    This is the beginning of this journey, ran out of calmag last grow and it's a bit of a drive from here to get some so they started in less than perfect conditions but they're still perfect girls.. one of them vibrates when I shade her lighting each plant is unique and abandoning some stinks, in...
  11. DSCF9788[1].JPG


    This is my home made aeroponics system
  12. 2

    Germinate with bioroot

    Hey guys I'm new to growing... So when germinating will it hurt the seed if I add a drop of bioroot to the water I use in the germination process and then adjust the ph to 6.0 before placing the seeds in it?
  13. niighaag

    Beginner Grower: New Active User On Forum

    Hello y'all! First off I want to say that this seems like a great forum, and i've been viewing it for alot of time without registrated. Here's a little introduction of my life, sit back and enjoy the show. To begin with I've always had a sweet tooth for growing (all kinds of stuff) , ever...
  14. niighaag

    DWC - Nutrients?

    Hello, To begin with, i am a non-experienced grower i have finished 1 earlier grow in my days. An autoflower grow in soil, which i thought was easy. I really picked up fast and learned from my misstakes. And I love growing in general so I tend to read alot about it just for fun. However, to...
  15. 60's Old Timer

    Just Back From the 60's

    New to the site officially, previously was just looking & reading. After 3 healthy soil grows I decided have a go at DWC. Getting my stuff together now. I'll be watching & asking. Glad to be on board from the start.
  16. 20180517_113806.jpg


    Indica grow hamophredit
  17. wearefarmers77

    Elite mixed with other nutrients?

    so i am a first time grower i am using 5 gallon buckets and also a ebb flow system will be posting pictures soon. i started veg in early janurary with clones gifted from a friend. we have been using elite nutrients and also cal mag due to purple stems , also added silica and terpinator all to...
  18. wearefarmers77

    Best way to remove slime root rot from plants

    first time grower im using two diff cleansers 1 hygrozyme and also sm90 to do a little experiment to see any progress. i put sm90 in 3 buckets followed with hygrozyme. and in 7 of them that arnt as slimy just hygrozyme. no nutrients inside the 5 gallon buckets just water ph 5.8 doing a flush. im...
  19. T

    Drip Hydroponics Question

    I have a General Hydroponics Waterfarm grow kit. It is the kind that you use an air pump to push water up to a drip line to feed around the plant. My question: Do I leave the air pump on 24/7 or do I put it on a timer and have it on/off on a schedule?
  20. J

    Hello from this newbie !

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, GOD BLESS. I'm new to this forum and would like to say HELLO and good JOURNEY to all. started 2 years ago with medical marijuana prescription and just receiver my Canadian ACMPR ( GROW YOUR OWN LICENCE) Been in the process of starting a grow room and getting together...
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