Few questions about growing in Atami Wilma vs soil, Wilma-specific questions and few generic questions


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I have new Atami Wilma system (large) with drip-feed. I have earlier experience with growing in soil, but never before in hydro. Few questions…

- Wilma uses drip-feed system where the roots grow in 20 litre pots. I’ve been thinking of growing in the medium of hydro pebbles and coco coir. Compared to growing in soil of about 40-60 litre pots, how does the yield compare if other variables remain about the same? Am I better off growing in which type of setup? Even though I already have Wilma, I’d like to know is this really a better alternative given the fact that root space is critical for big plants..

- If I end up growing in the Wilma system, do I need to add perlite to the medium and what sort of mixture ratio should I have with perlite and without perlite?

- How does one change the water in this hydro system? How often the water should be changed? Do I need additional supplies to change the water?

- Is it true that the water gets aerated without air pump or air stone in this system?

- Should I use air humidifier inside or outside tent?

- I have root rioters (similar to rapid rooters), coco-coir and hydro pebbles and all sorts of nutrients (Growth Technology’s Green Fuse Grow, Green Fuse Growth stimulator, Cal-Mag pro, Coco Grow & Bloom, Piranha to provide fungi to prevent root rot in advance, some Rhizotonic..) needed. How do I go with growing these from germinating them to them sitting in the Wilma pots? Earlier I’ve just germinated them in a glass of water, planted them in a small pots of soil and later replanted them to larger pots back when I grew them in soil, but somehow this hydro in itself makes this surprisingly complicated given the fact I need to provide the exact amount of nutrients with right pH and EC from the start and as I’ve never before used these mediums, I’m bit of overwhelmed of how do I all this correctly. Any links to guides or written guides here are greatly appreciated + all sort of tips and “what to avoid” are welcome as well.

- Do you have better recommendation/tutorial for some other medium than coco-coir/perlite/clay pebbles? Maximal yield is what I’m seeking. I know there other variables than growing medium for maximizing yields, but hydro part is what I’m struggling with.
Which one of the Wilma Systems do you have? Wilma produces both drain-to-waste, and recirculating systems. I'd only recommend the drain-to-waste systems for coco/perlite grows. They are much easier to maintain than a recirculating system. You only have to adjust the pH once - when you mix a new nutrient solution. This is the method I use, although I don't have the Wilma. I don't worry about EC. I accurately measure the amount of water and nutrients I add instead.

I'm not sure how large you want your plants to get. My plants are in 11l caged grow bags, and allowed to reach 2 sq ft (0.2 m^2) of canopy. I harvest about 60gm from each, under a not-too-good grow light in a 2' X 4' (60cm X 120cm) tent. My substrate is 70% coco / 30% perlite. The perlite adds extra dainage and aeration to coco, which I think helps the plants. I use the General Hydroponics' Flora Trio, and supplements.
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